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Yesterday, my friend Bandy told me about an app on Apple's app store ® (and don't you forget it) that was basically propaganda from a hate group focused on "fixing" broken gays. I couldn't believe that Apple would clear something so ridiculous for its ever so proper and non offensive app store ® so I went over and downloaded the app. Yep, he was right. It was all that and more. Jesus can save your gayness. Didn't matter that these same people also believed that Jesus MADE them that way in the first place, but who am I to argue religion with lunatics?

Of course, I immediately signed on to the petition to get Apple to remove the horrible piece of crap.

Today I got this email, which made me happy:

Dear PsychoSensei,

Amazing! After more than 150,000 petition signatures from members and saturation media coverage, news outlets worldwide are reporting that Apple has pulled an iPhone application launched by Exodus International that claimed to help "cure" gay and lesbian people.

This is a huge, public victory against the dangerous myth that gay young people can and should be "turned straight" -- a falsehood that contributes to the plague of depression and suicide afflicting these kids and young adults. Our friends at Truth Wins Out, the organization that started the petition on, are absolutely thrilled.

Apple did the right thing because an incredible 151,125 members -- including you -- stood together to demand it. We spread the word on Facebook more than 55,000 times. And together we attracted the attention of media around the globe, including CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and hundreds of newspapers and blogs.

It's simply amazing. Thank you for making this victory possible.

- Eden and the team

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