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Hiya folks. We've made it ok through the storm. Power out, but if you sneeze too hard our power goes out. The generator is working pretty well. FIOS is up. Cox Cable is not. 4G LTE is up. Given the hell along the coast, and NYC...we're considering ourselves very lucky. Raw sewage is pouring into the Pautuxent River. I'm still able to work, as work from home is a fabulous benefit. Very sorry for the folks who are flooded.

We haven't seen the feral black kitty for a bit. She demanded to go out. I thought she was going to go out and come right back in, but she disappeared. Hopefully she's fine. Recalcitrant Child couldn't get home last night as Georgetown Pike was closed with down trees, so her father put her up in a hotel for the night. She is emergency personnel for private ambulance dispatch, and they are a backup for 911 so she's doing work for the greater good. Go RC. The dogs are fine. The parrots are fine. The fish are fine. We don't know if we can get out yet, but there's no need at the moment. We have ample food, water, generator power for part of the house, trees down but luckily not hitting the house as yet. VERY pleased that we have redundant Internet access today. The cable went down at the same time the power did. We're hearing reports of lines down at Old Dominion and Georgetown Pike so that could have taken the cable. Thank goodness for FIOS and generator backup.

The only real mess I'm going to have (so far) is that the power went out in the middle of a wash cycle on a front load washer. When I can finally get that door open, it's going to be...uh....rather disgusting likely. But it's just pillow and I can trash them and get new ones.

Today will be check in to make sure everyone else is ok. A small amount of work (not much coming in right now), and maybe some more cleaning and organizing.

Hope everyone else is also ok.


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