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That is significantly scary. Think of the ramifications. Think of the other governments of the world who would love to emulate that behavior.

This scares me, it seriously scares me.

CDT Statement on Egypt Shutting Down Internet Access

Washington, DC -- Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology
released the following statement in response to the news that Egypt
had cut Internet access and mobile services throughout the country:

"In a stunning and highly counterproductive step backwards, Egypt has
shut down its official domain name servers and telecommunications
network, completely cutting off its people from the global
community," said CDT President Leslie Harris. "This action is
inconsistent with all international human rights norms, and is
unprecedented in Internet history. Egypt's actions will only fuel
unrest and make peaceful resolution of grievances far more

Director of CDT's Project on Global Internet Freedom Cynthia Wong
said: "Egypt's actions demonstrate how vulnerable mobile and
Internet access companies are to pressure from government to take
actions that directly harm human rights. While we appreciate that
some companies involved have acknowledged their role, events
unfolding across the region underscore how critical it is for
companies operating in these risky environments to have robust
strategies to push back on government demands inconsistent with rule
of law and respect for human rights."

- 30 -


Brock Meeks, CDT
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It's Astounding
Scope is creeping
Crashes, take their toll
But listen closely - not for very much longer
We're losing job control

I remember, breaking the software
Dreading, those moments when
The blue screen would hit me, and the testers are calling
Let's Break the Software Again!

It's just a shift to the left
Registry pointer's not ri-i-i-i-ight
Curses rise to your lips
Testing's going all night
It's segmentation faults
That really drive you in-sa-a-a-a-ane
Let's Break the Software Again
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Can anyone help the [ profile] dogpooh today for maybe a couple hours to help move stuff out of Jack's garage so that they can proceed with closing this week? It's in Lake Ridge. Please please?
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He was my first "minion" I could call my very own, that I didn't have to share with anyone. His desk was outside my office, and I would yell in a silly sing song voice "oh engineeeeering coordinatoooor" and he would come half running hair flying everywhere, screeching to a halt with a start, his calm voice in direct contrast with the chaos before me would say something just as silly like "what is your wish, mistress" or something as silly.

Richard worked with me at InterCon, and was the go to guy for ordering stuff, putting stuff together, writing stuff, or doing other stuff that I didn't have time to do when I was VP Engineering. We lost touch after InterCon became no more, but he was one of the "fixed points in time" as the Doctor would say, and I always thought I could hang out with him again sometime.

Alas, that is not to be. I'll let others speak of the rotten 2 months he spent in the hospital and what series of medical catastrophes finally claimed his life, but for me he'll always be my engineering coordinator, and someone I will dearly miss.

Fly free, Richard. You will be missed.
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In the meantime, please use my gmail email if possible. Both my home server AND are busted in different and unrelated ways. You can also use my work email if you know it. Perfect timing I tell you. In the grand scheme of things, it could be worse :-)
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Thank you all for the well wishes and offers of assistance. It will take time. He was the most special creature I've ever had the honor of taking care of, and we will mis shim tremendously for the rest of our lives. It was unexpected and shocking, which makes recovery that much more difficult. Time will help.

For those wondering, it was congestive heart failure.
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We are not ok. I'm not coming out for awhile.
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Tonight. 7:30. House of Chaos. Be there!
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Feral Cat: MEOW!!!!!!
Wes: mutters something
Feral Cat: ME-OWWWWWW!!!
Wes: Here's your food now SHUDDUP!

Gotta love Mondays :-)


Sep. 3rd, 2010 03:54 pm
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My absolute favorite law professor, and the man I had for three classes, Contracts, Administrative Law and Law and Religion, passed on August 26. . I found out today. I've had several "famous" professors, Ken Feinberg of the 9/11 victims fund and now the gulf coast fund, Sam Dash, Watergate Prosecutor that G. Gordon Liddy loved so much, but Steve Goldberg was my absolute favorite. He had a heart attack at age 63.

I was a first year in Contracts class when Professor Goldberg called on me. I pretended I wasn't there. About a week or so later he called on me again. I still didn't say anything. I really didn't feel like being grilled by the contracts professor in front of the class of 120, and was a bit...chicken shall we say. Another week went by and the third time he said, "Now I KNOW you're here....and I'll just keep calling on you until you answer, so why not just get it over with?" So the little squeak came out of the chair in the back row (I always tried to sit in the back) "yes?" He asked some innocuous questions, then said "See, it wasn't so bad, was it?"

Not much happened in Admin law, and he did call on me a few times and I actually answered. My favorite class, by far, was Law and Religion, where our small 10 person class had basically a weekly one on one with Steve. It was always a very vibrant and dynamic discussion, and everyone had to think (including the Professor). I was pregnant that semester, and was doing a study on First Amendment freedom of religion vs. state interest in protection of a child. During my research, I found that there were about 125 forced (as in court ordered) C sections per year, despite the mother's refusals. I was rather upset about this, and I remember Steve being concerned that this might upset me in my condition, and perhaps I might need a different topic :-). I did keep the topic, and got an A on the paper.

After graduation, as we were all walking to the parking lot, Steve caught up with me to congratulate me on passing the 3 years of doom. It was pretty easy to catch me, as I weighed over 200 lbs and could barely waddle :-). I thanked him and asked him why, after working so very hard first year, my grades were mediocre. Yet during my last semester I didn't go to class much (one class I went to opening day and last day), didn't do any real homework, yet made the Dean's list. He leaned over and whispered, "Don't tell the 1Ls, ok?"

My last memory of Steve was when I called him to ask whether or not he would mind being a reference for me for getting into GW's LLM in litigation. He said he not only remembered me fondly, but would be delighted, and mentioned the paper I wrote back in 1991. Wow!

He wrote three "non straight law" books, "Bleached Faith: The Tragic Cost When Religion Is Forced into the Public Square" (2008), Seduced by Science: How American Religion Has Lost its Way (1998), and Culture Clash: Law and Science in America (1994).

Professor Goldberg, you will be very missed.
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Much will depend on how wiped out [ profile] dogpooh is after taking a practice test that takes 4 hours. UGH!
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No House of Chaos TV Night Tonight. That is all.
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This is a seriously great house. If there is anyone you know looking for a lovely Great Falls house under the 2010 assessment, and want to help one of my best friends in the process, please check out this handy link. It truly is a beautiful home. And when the listing says "media room" it's a state of the art theater that is utterly wonderful.

It is worth a lot more than 799k but the market is so pathetic in that price range that it hasn't moved. Please pass it on.
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This morning, a small green feathered creatures looked at me earnestly and said, "I'm a BIRD!"

Well, all righty then!
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"It's 5 minutes before showtime. Where is your audience?"
"He's in the bathroom"

That is all :-)
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No TV Night, but you can see the ladies of the Rude Mechanicals, and [ profile] calvinthedeeple in Two Gentlemen, I mean NO Gentlemen, I mean One Deeple of Verona at the Warehouse theater at 10:30 PM. Yes it's late, but you can duck out of whatever party you've ducked into and come see the show.
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The COFFEE ones. That is all.
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Official notice of no tv night on Friday, July 16th due to One Deeple of Verona that you should come to see at 10:30 PM at the Warehouse Theater on 7th st. NW in DC. Yes, you should be there :-)
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Today's bout of ADD includes:

  • 11:41 TONIGHT! Opening for Two Gentlemen of Verona at Cap Fringe. See Calvin the Deeple and MEEEEE #
  • 18:05 8:30 PM TONIGHT! Warehouse Theater, DC. Two Gentlemen of Verona by the Rude Mechanicals. See Calvin the Deeple starring. #
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