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Having searched for ages for a hallway runner rug, which is easy to clean and looks nice in our modern apartment, my husband and I came across SÖFTEN flatwoven cotton rugs (EUR 19.99 each, 80 cm x 150 cm). I wanted more than just to put two rugs one after another, which would not stay put in a busy area.

hallway runner rug

At the end I decided to sew two of them together with nylon thread by hand. As a result I had one long hallway runner rug, which worked perfectly in our hallway.

hallway runner rug

This could also work in the kitchen. If I ever wanted to separate the rugs, it is just a matter of cutting off the nylon thread. The carpet is secured by STOPP underlay to avoid it slipping.

hallway runner rug

This double carpet can even be washed in a domestic washing machine. One could also make a longer carpet, but then the single carpets would have to be separated for washing.

hallway runner rug

~ by Alli, Vienna, Austria

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hallway runner rug

Make a very affordable hallway runner rug using the cheapest IKEA rug available — the SIGNE flatwoven rugs, which goes for only $3.99 each. Three of these would set you back less than a meal in town, and you’ll end up with a sweet runner if you add a few embellishments. See how to hack one.

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Preparing for the Moon and Mars at Potrillo
This volcanic field is a planetary analog—a place where scientists and engineers can test their instruments and techniques before sending them off to otherworldly environments.

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IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / Storage Table

IKEA items used: 2 x Gloss White Lack Side tables

I became the owner of a Raspberry Pi late last year which was going to be used for casual retro gaming. I like my AV setup quite neat, so wanted somewhere I could keep the Pi whilst it wasn’t in use, and away from my toddler’s hands! I’d seen the LACK hacked for storage a few other times, but was inspired by an old hack I’d seen years ago whereby the LACK had a sliding top. Due to the space it was going in, I needed a hinged top to make the contents accessible.

In addition to the LACK tables, I also used:

  • Wooden batons x 8 (about £8 at my local timber merchant)
  • Gas dampers (50NM) x 2 (approx £4 on eBay)
  • Small door hinges x 2 (about £1.50 at my local timber merchant)


  • Soft self-adhesive fabric (£5, eBay)
  • Shadowfoam (about £25)
  • White gloss spray paint (One can, local shop, £4)

I started by taking the wooden batons and drawing around them on the underside of both tables. These are to strengthen the table top as the innards were coming out. I measured an extra 10mm over on what was going to be the bottom table as I wanted a slight overhang once the batons were pushed in to place. Once marked up, I cut the square out very carefully with a sharp Stanley knife. It’s important to keep the edges straight as these will be on display when the table is open, but it is also important to keep the section whole as you’ll be needing this later on. Once cut out, remove all the honeycomb filling making sure that the surface is as flat as you can make it.

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Storage Table lack-hack-3

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Storage Table

Once removed, cut your batons to size. I squeezed some wood glue all around the innards of the table and pressed the batons in place (the wood I purchased was the exact fit for the gap — I did a trial on an old LACK a few days before so I didn’t mess this one up!). I did the same for the other table top, but as you can see from the picture, this one has the slight over-hang. Once pressed in place, I squeezed loads more wood glue into the centre and put in the piece of the table I’d cut out (this is to strengthen the table top). I left it over night with weight on it to ensure it glued properly. I did this to both parts.

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

I then took my door hinges, measured them equally apart and again, used the Stanley Knife to cut them out. Because the frame inside the table top is very narrow, it’s important to make sure that the batons that you put in are pressed right against the inner frame as the hinges will screw into this.

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

I then attached the legs and one of the dampers ensuring the table top with the overhang is on the bottom. As you can see, there is a slight cutout for the damper to slot into when the top is closed. When happy, I added the second damper, and drilled/countersunk/screwed the batons in place, but on the base only as this is going to be covered.

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

I then took the self adhesive fabric and covered the surface of the bottom table, tucking it underneath to make it look neat. I then added the Shadowfoam, by tucking it under the overhang of the bottom table (this is why the cutout on the bottom table was slightly smaller). I then added my Raspberry Pi and accessories and cut them into the Shadowfoam. Once I was happy with how it looked, I removed the top and sanded/sprayed white to match the exterior. Once dry, I reattached and put in place.

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

IKEA LACK Raspberry Pi Case / DIY Storage Table

And there you have it, one storage table for my Raspberry Pi, hidden away from little fingers! If attempting yourself, it is important to make sure you reinforce the table top using the part you cut out as the table top isn’t as strong as it was (in one picture you can see I used some white hardboard that I had knocking around as I accidentally chucked my cut out away!).

~ by Daniel Moore

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Posted by Marcus

This week sees Titan release the final issue of the "Wolves of Winter" arc in the latest installment of Twelfth Doctor.

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Year Three #7

Writer: Richard Dinnick
Artist: Brian Williamson
Cover A: ​ ​Claudia Ianniciello​ Cover B: ​ ​Photo ​ ​Cover C:​​ ​Andy Walkeralkerkerr

New companion Bill Potts has joined the Twelfth Doctor on a brand-new adventure, taking them to an island in the Atlantic in the 9th century CE. Caught in the middle of a stand-off between a group of Vikings and Ice Warriors, Bill and the Doctor had to ensure the mighty battling forces united against an even greater threat – a sentient disease-carrying Flood!
Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover A (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover B (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover C (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 1 (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 2 (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 3 (Credit: Titan )Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 4 (Credit: Titan )

Telos: The Dæmons of Devil’s End

Sep. 16th, 2017 04:08 pm
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The Daemons of Devil’s End (special cover) (Credit: Telos Publishing)
The Daemons of Devil’s End (Credit: Telos Publishing)
Telos Publishing have annouced the release of an official tie-on novelisation to the new Doctor Who spin-off drama White Witch of Devil's End:

Telos Publishing is pleased to announce that this November they will be publishing the official Tie-In Novelisation to the new Doctor Who Spin-off Drama WHITE WITCH OF DEVIL'S END, being released on DVD by Koch Media.

The original Drama follows events in the life of Olive Hawthorne, the White Witch of Devil's End from the 1971 Doctor Who adventure 'The Daemons'. Six authors have supplied the tales, and they are being presented by Telos in two different paperback editions:
  • First is a limited edition A Format paperback, designed to look like the old Target Novelisations. Art by Andrew-Mark Thompson.
  • Second is a B format paperback, with cover to match the DVD release.

Olive Hawthorne is the sole guardian of the sleepy village of Devil’s End. She protects the world from the incursion of demons, vampires, aliens and all manner of otherworldly creatures. But she is getting old … and they keep coming...

This is the story of Olive’s life. From her earliest days, through teenage years, middle age, and now old age. Tales of her adventures with monsters and evil … forever battling against the forces of darkness … and forever seeking to keep the world safe.

Written by Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, David J Howe and Sam Stone, and edited by Sam Stone, The Dæmons of Devil’s End is the story of one woman’s exciting and emotional life.

With a Foreword by by actress Damaris Hayman and an Afterword by producer/director Keith Barnfather.

The Dæmons of Devil’s End is based on, and expands upon, the Reeltime Pictures drama production White Witch of Devil’s End, released on DVD by Koch Media and available from www.timetraveltv.com. It also spins off from the 1971 BBC Doctor Who adventure
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I’m over the moon excited about this — a new app from IKEA that allows you to preview 3D versions of IKEA products in your home setting. You get a life-like rendition of the piece in your space, down to size, lighting, shadows and fabric texture. See it at home first. Without all that cart manoeuvring, flatpack hauling, mind boggling assembly. (And what!? Your partner doesn’t like it? And you now need to reverse the entire freaking process.) With this app, you see it first. Albeit virtually. But still. Without. All. That. Sweat.

Just a few days ago, IKEA announced the launch of IKEA Place, an augmented reality (AR) application that can potentially change the way we shop at IKEA forever. No more second guessing whether the piece that looks great in the catalog will fit into your space and style.

ikea shopping fail
Lets do away with #shoppingfail

“IKEA Place makes it easier to make buying decisions in your own place, to get inspired and try many different products, styles and colors in real-life settings with a swipe of your finger. Augmented reality and virtual reality will be a total game changer for retail in the same way as the internet. Only this time, much faster,” says Michael Valdsgaard, Leader Digital Transformation at Inter IKEA Systems.

IKEA Place lets you envision it in your home before you buy it
IKEA Place lets you envision it in your home before you buy it

From sofas and armchairs to coffee tables, all of the products in IKEA Place are 3D and true to scale so that every choice is just the right size, design and function.

Looking at the demo video, the app seems easy enough to use. You scan your room, browse the range of IKEA items and then select a product to place in the space. Tilt and turn the item to set it just right. And you can share the photo immediately too.


IKEA Place is built on Apple’s new ARKit technology, and boasts a 98% accuracy in scaling products to room dimensions. More than 2,000 IKEA products will be available in the app at launch, and in the future, the app will play a key role in the launch of new product lines.

The products in the first release will focus on larger furniture products for the living room: all sofas, all armchairs, all footstools, all coffee tables and top-selling storage solutions that can be placed on the floor. Some of the most recognized IKEA products are available on IKEA Place, including: the VIMLE sofa, the STRANDMON winged chair and the LISABO side table.

The app will be available in the Apple store starting in late-September; users will need iOS 11 to enjoy this app.

IKEA Place lets you envision it in your home before you buy it

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Twice Upon A Time - Synopsis

Sep. 16th, 2017 11:07 am
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Twice Upon a Time: Mark Gatiss, Peter Capaldi, David Bradley (Credit: BBC)BBC Worldwide has issued the press synopsis for the Doctor Who Christmas Episode Twice Upon A Time.

The episode will be the last story to star Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and will feature David Bradley in the role of the First Doctor.

Pearl Mackie returns as Bill Potts, alongside Lily Travers and Jared Garfield who recreate the first Doctor's companions Polly and Ben. Mark Gatiss also joins the cast as The Captain

Two Doctors stranded in a forbidding snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. And a British army captain seemingly destined to die in the First World War, but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor’s story. This is the magical last chapter in the Twelfth Doctor’s epic adventure. He must face his past to decide his future. And the Doctor will realise the resilience of humanity, discovering hope in his darkest frozen moment. It’s the end of an era. But the Doctor’s journey is only just beginning.
The information was released by the BBC Shop in the United States who have posted details of the DVD release of the story.
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The Claws of Axos (Credit: Fantom)Adventures in Time (Credit: Fantom)Fantom have released two new commentaries in their Who Talk series, providing new insights into classic episodes of Doctor Who.

The first release is called Adventures in Time, and is a collection of Hartnell themed historical stories including episodes from The Aztecs, The Romans and The Crusade. It features Maureen O'Brien, who played Vicki alongside the First Doctor, who is joined by William Russell, Julian Glover, Petra Markham, George Little, Kay Patrick, Ian Cullen, Clive Doig, Brian Hodgson, all once again under the watchful eye of Toby Hadoke.

The second release is another classic from the Pertwee era, The Claws of Axos. Producer Paul W T Ballard explained why the story was chosen.
The Claws of Axos might not have been the most obvious of choices to go for, but there were quite a few voices missing from the original commentary, recorded over a decade ago!

It was great to get the serial's director Michael Ferguson, script editor Terrance Dicks, co-writer Bob Baker and Axos himself Bernard Holley to commentate on the serial for the first time. We were also thrilled to welcome back Katy Manning and Richard Franklin.
A special edition bundle featuring both The Claws of Axos and Adventures in Time is available. Each set will come with the cover signed by an actor from each release, and Adventures in Time contains a disc featuring exclusive additional commentaries on The Crusade and The Time Meddler.

These CDs are limited and exclusively available via whotalk.co.uk

Both sets are now available, you can purchase them directly from Who Talk at a discounted price of £10.99 each (RRP £12.99) or via download priced £9.99. The special edition bundle will be available exclusively via this website priced £39.99.

Please note: These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature any audio from the episodes themselves.

Pearl Mackie back on the London Stage

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:59 pm
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Pearl Mackie, who played Bill in the most recent series of Doctor Who, is returning to the London stage in a new production of Harold Pinter's play The Birthday Party.

The production runs at the Harold Pinter Theatre from 9th January until 14th April 2018 and marks the 60th Anniversary of the play.

Also starring Toby Jones, who played the Dream Lord in Amy's Choice, and Zoë Wanamaker, the voice of Cassandra, the production is directed by Ian Rickson.
Stanley Webber (Toby Jones) is the only lodger at Meg (Zoë Wanamaker) and Petey Boles’ sleepy seaside boarding house. The unsettling arrival of enigmatic strangers Goldberg (Stephen Mangan) and McCann disrupt the humdrum lives of the inhabitants and their friend Lulu (Pearl Mackie), and mundanity soon becomes a menace when a seemingly innocent birthday party turns into a disturbing nightmare. Truth and alliances hastily shift in Pinter's brilliantly mysterious dark-comic masterpiece about the absurd terrors of the everyday.
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KRUSNING cloud to a whimsy large paper flower decoration

Hi! My name is Lola and I’d like to show you my little IKEA hack. I call it the KRUSNING flower. I used the HEMMA table lamp base and KRUSNING pendant lamp shade (the smaller size).


Photo: IKEA.com

The KRUSNING is sold as a “cloud” lamp shade. You are supposed to be able to create your own unique design by crumbling the paper layers into different shapes. The layers of paper can create a soft, cosy atmosphere and spread a diffused and decorative light.

The KRUSNING is lovely as it is but I decided to turn it up side down and give it the appearance of flower.

KRUSNING cloud to a whimsy large paper flower decoration

KRUSNING cloud to a whimsy large paper flower decoration

I alternated the layers and closed them gradually from the inside to the outside, bending a little bit the corners of the last ones so it looks like an open flower.


The hole from the lamp shade is bigger than the lamp base so I used a connector that came with other lamp shade I bought and used it to fix the difference of size between the KRUSNING shade and the base.

KRUSNING cloud to a whimsy large paper flower decoration

~ by Lola

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faux flower decor

Simple and very easy flower decoration made from Smycka faux geranium flowers and an Ersatta candle holder. Read more.

paper napkin flowers

Fantastic paper flowers from the IKEA Fantastisk napkins. Read more.

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Posted by Marcus

The First Doctor Adventures (Credit: Big Finish)Big Finish have announced that David Bradley will be reprising the role of the First Doctor in a new series of Audio plays.

Bradley will star as the First Doctor in this year’s BBC One Doctor Who Christmas Special alongside Peter Capaldi. Now Big Finish Productions, in arrangement with BBC Worldwide, are giving this reimagined First Doctor another chance to explore the cosmos.

Joining David Bradley are his co-stars from the Mark Gatiss Docu-drama on the origins of Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time. Jamie Glover (Elizabeth, Waterloo Road, Holby City) plays Ian Chesterton, Jemma Powell (Alice in Wonderland, Angel, Foyle’s War) plays Barbara Wright, and Claudia Grant (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) plays Susan – the Doctor’s granddaughter and the original ‘Unearthly Child’.

Script editor and writer Matt Fitton said
The adventures of the First Doctor are all about discovery, finding out what this infinite universe contains, and also who our fellow travelers are. As we journey with Ian, Barbara, Susan and the mysterious Doctor, we come to see what they are capable of when confronted with the strange, the unjust and the dangerous.
Executive producer Nicholas Briggs added
Having worked with David twice now on TV, it’s great to be working with him again. Matt and his team of writers have come up with such a beautifully authentic set of scripts. We forget how different Doctor Who was, back in those early days – and here it all is, painstakingly recreated. I find that rather thrilling.

What's fascinating about the cast and their performances is that they're not impersonating William Hartnell and his TARDIS crew. They're playing those parts as written in the scripts. No one can replace the brilliance of those original performances. What we're presenting here is a kind of reinvention of that era, completely in the spirit of the original. They are new but entirely faithful interpretations of these characters.
Executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery said
I’ve always been a great admirer of David Bradley’s work and thought that he was an excellent choice to play William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time. After his brilliant performance, we immediately thought about bringing David in to play the First Doctor for Big Finish – it took us a while – but we got there in the end! I’m so looking forward to seeing David in the Christmas Special and then listening to his further adventures with us.
This series of adventures pays homage to the beginning years of Doctor Who, and each of the four episodes in each story will be given an individual title. Two of the four stories are historical, focusing on tales from Earth’s history pre-1963. Back in its first few years, Doctor Who was intended to be an educational programme using time travel as a means to explore scientific ideas and famous moments in history, while still captivating the minds and imaginations of generations to come.

Not only will the Doctor be exploring our history, but he will also encounter strange new life forms – the Dalmari and the Ashtallans.

And in a Big Finish exclusive, the First Doctor will encounter his greatest foe, the first incarnation of fellow Time Lord, the Master, played by James Dreyfus.

Available in December, the stories in The First Doctor Adventures - Volume 1 consist of:
  • 1.1 The Destination Wars by Matt Fitton
  • 1.2 The Great White Hurricane by Guy Adams
And to follow in July 2018, Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures – Volume 2:
  • 2.1 The Invention of Death by John Dorney
  • 2.2 The Barbarians and the Samurai by Andrew Smith
Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures – Volume 1 is available for pre-order now at £23 on CD or £20 on download from Big Finish and will remain at this price until general release when it will be available for £35 on CD or £30 on download.
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This week sees Titan release the latest in The Lost Dimension series, with the Tenth Doctor special - featuring a meeting between Ten and Three, and also a previous Doctor who makes his Titan Comics debut.

The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: ​Mariano Laclaustra, Carlos Cabrera
Cover A: Tazio Bettin Cover B: Photo

The Tenth Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy investigate a mysterious black hole - out of which white light is spilling - and which has drawn the attention of an ancient foe of The Doctor!
The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special Cover A (Credit: Titan)The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special Cover B (Credit: Titan)The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special  (Credit: Titan)The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special  (Credit: Titan)The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special  (Credit: Titan)The Lost Dimension #3 - Tenth Doctor Special  (Credit: Titan)

STORÅ loft bed to loft office

Sep. 14th, 2017 02:19 pm
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DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

IKEA items used:

  • STORÅ loft bed
  • ALGOT shelving system
  • HELMER drawer unit on casters

Living in apartment with high ceiling gave me the thought to exploit height as useful space. Being a civil engineer gave me the idea to build it in wood. When I spotted the STORÅ loft bed my eyes were opened. The wood profiles were similar to those in my calculations, and I used load for library from EN standards.

All that resulted in what is pictured below. Modifications to original are:

The ladder is moved to the short side of the bed.

I raised the horizontal planks between the legs by a plank’s width. The reason for raising the plank is to get standing height under the loft, and that the Stockholm sofa could slide into place from the side.

Above the original slatted bed base, planks were fixed in opposite direction (instead of mattress :) ). Even the rug is from IKEA, but I can’t remember which.

Planks to form the floor of the loft office

Planks to form the floor of the loft office

ALGOT is fixed onto the wall for shelving and desk purposes. HELMER drawer unit for office accessories.

DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

In phase two, shelves were planned behind the Stockholm three seater as a stand for books and a retro FM radio, a pair of rear speakers and beverages/snacks storage. I may add some USB outlets for device charging.

DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

IKEA HACK loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

Complete STORÅ loft is fixed to wall with L profiled fixtures (Bauhaus), three by each leg (pier). This can be done instead of bracing, and one can get even better result. Only leg not beside the wall is fixed to the floor with double sided adhesive tape.

IKEA HACK loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

~ by Krisko

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