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Don't look at THIS LINK

Thanks, JB :-)
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And I have some cute dwagons. How wonderful.

Please to click muchly :-)

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I got this weird egg that I'm confused about that will be fun to hatch, so click it happily please :-) The others are just ever so damn cute.

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Let's get real now... Why would any grown adult want to play this silly dragon egg (collect the whole set) meme? Why would a grown adult click like a nitwit in order to collect eggs, then ask all their friends to click said eggs so the icon changes into a cartoon dragon? Why indeed.

Because I like them, k? It's silly, but I don't care and I like them and they have cool colors and I can name them and they're cute and they hatched and everything. Well, at least 2 hatched anyway, and I'm a Toys R Us kid who don't wanna grow up.

And I still play nethack too.

So shuddup and click :-)
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Your result for The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test...

Center Brained!

Much like Goldilocks, you have gone the middle way.

Slighlty less typical, you could consider yourself center brained.  Center brained people are neither left nor right dominant, but rather exhibit equal qualities of both.  If you are center brained, you are likely both logical and creative, excel in the maths and sciences, and also art and philosophy.

Take The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test at HelloQuizzy

By the way, I can haz eggs :-)
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I decided I wanna play silly dragon eggs too :-).

Tomorrow is a full day so I'm going to try to go to bed early. Try, says me :-)

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Adopt one today!
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I thought I'd put my previous post railing about oil into the wordie thing and see what came out....

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baaaa...stolen from [ profile] gore_whore_5

mikki (the first one was too gross to post :-))

a mouse. A nicer, cuter way to say mouse.
1. The other day when i walked by the small trash can, i looked inside and there was a mikki in it.

2. Monica: ahh i can't go to sleep mom, there is a mikki in my bed!

3. How could something so damn small be so damn smart?

4. I guarantee you, that 75% of the people that read this, have a mikki in their house watching them. Probably waiting for you to drop some food or leave your meal on the table,so it can eat it after you leave.

5. Where the fuck did half of my meal go?
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Haiku2 for recalcitranttoy
he will get his new
hard drive crashed he is not
totally pleased
Created by Grahame
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Okay, probably not the sort of question this meme is intended to attract, but I've now read conflicting opinions on this and I wondered - what's your take on how the pilot handled it? says ask ANYTHING. Crosswinds, and winds in general, are very tricky things for pilots to handle. It is likely that the pilot was given a wind direction and speed as he was coming in to land. He likely set up his approach to compensate. However, wind can change in an instant, can become stronger or weaker, or simply go away altogether. All of this happens so quickly that once you're committed to land, you try to handle it as best you can until/unless you realize that you can't, then you go around and try it again, hoping the winds are better the next time.

If the wind speed and direction change to the point where the aircraft is no longer capable of doing the compensating necessary to land under those conditions, nothing the pilot does is going to be able to change that. Once the pilot realized that this landing was not going to work, s/he went around and tried again, landing fine on the second try.

Like everything else in aviation, it's a judgement call. I try not to second guess the pilot who was there under those conditions and made the decisions that were made. They say a good landing is any landing you walk away from. A great landing is when you can use the airplane again :-).

How often do you go diving? Where? And describe your favorite place/experience diving, please!
We used to go diving a lot more, but money has become more of an issue, so we only go once a year or so. In general, our favorite place to dive is Bonaire, which is by far our favorite in the Caribbean. There are some photos here and/or search for "ooblick" on YouTube to see our videos. However, the best place I've ever been is the Solomon Islands with beautiful crystal clear warm waters and such color! Amazing place that I would love to go to again. Photos here The best experience was when we were diving in Little Cayman once and on the way to the site the captain of the boat yelled "dolphin" and stopped where we were and we all hopped off the boat to see if the dolphin would come play. He did! This was "Spot" the dolphin who had no pod who loved divers and played with them like they were also dolphins. It was a fantastic opportunity. Photos here.He let us touch him and hug him and swim with him for over an hour.

I also have to mention the most surreal time we had diving. We had a wonderful dive in Bonaire, had dolphins playing in the boat wake, and were all pumped up and excited. When we got back to the dock, however, one of the group who had stayed behind came screaming down the ramp "America is being bombed." It was 9/11/01. We were supposed to go home the next day but didn't get home for 5 days afterwards, when they started letting foreign carriers back into the US. During that time, the Bonairians were the most hospitable people on earth, taking such good care of us and only charging us cost for the rooms and giving us free diving. The manager said, "we will not profit from your misery." I'll never forget that.
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One of them gets an email answer just cuz....

What is your dog's LJ name?

[ profile] calvinthedeeple

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So if you wanna ask something go head. It'll be screened.
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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

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I errored out the typing meme

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: query() in /www/htdocs/w0081e0e/speedtest/auswertung.php on line 13

Now it won't come up again. Ooops. My bad. it is....

98 words

Learn Touch Typing

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Because [ profile] lothie did it and I always do whatever lothie does.....

No, wait...that didn't sound quite right.... anyway, here's the meme:

Go to Wikipedia and click 'Random article'; that is your band's name.
Click 'Random article' again; that is your album name.
Click 'Random article' 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

My New Band: The Secret History of 9/11
Album: Nine Black Alps (now wait a minute...why do we call them albums anymore now that they're on CDs?)


Average Margin Per User (it's just an average margin per user, baby...don't take it so personal, k?)

Mid'hat Bey Frashëri (some mornings I feel just like Mid'hat Bey Frashëri, doing the failed diplomat blues)

Un-American (don't wanna be an American wait, that one's been done)

Stereotomy (no shit! I LOVE that song... I guess we'll do a cover)

Beaufort River (Just a sailin down ole Beaufort River, shooting at some kangaroos. Cruising past the lemurs, flinging lots of pooh)

Dave Maurer (I'm just a ballplayer nobody cares about)

Biggs (the Biggs lived next to the Littles and the Middles moved away. I used to live across the street, but not on Saturday)

Birdoswald (Named my kid Birdoswald and he sued me for child abuse)

Nobuteru Maeda (Don't wanna be a Nobuteru nation controlled by.... wait now!)

Rudolf Wall (Rudolf Wall ate his chocolate, just like every other day. Then he published something naughty and they took him clean away)

Sphenomorphus (Called my baby a Sphenomorphus and she clocked me with a fying pan.)

Metius (You made a Metius in my heart, the day you drove my car into the pond)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past (I was playing my nintendo when Worf walked upon my bridge)

Percy Pennybacker (It was Percy Pennybacker, man who built my bridge)

Bakel Department (Well I found me in Senegal, no money to my name, so I went to work at Bakel, to find myself some fame. My boss done stole my desk chair, and that was quite all right, cuz I used up all the staples and we got into a fight)
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mikki --

Pure evil
'What did your name mean in ancient times?' at
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You scored as Neo, the "One", Neo is the computer hacker-turned-Messiah of the Matrix. He leads a small group of human rebels against the technology that controls them. Neo doubts his ability to lead but doesn't want to disappoint his friends. His goal is for a world where all men know the Truth and are free from the bonds of the Matrix.


Neo, the "One"


The Terminator


Lara Croft


James Bond, Agent 007


Batman, the Dark Knight


Captain Jack Sparrow




The Amazing Spider-Man


William Wallace


El Zorro


Indiana Jones


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with
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I really enjoy the questions. I used to have to ask questions all the time, so now it's a lot happier to be asked them. Anyone who feels like asking me questions is encouraged to do so. It gets me thinking :-)

From dah [ profile] kelfire

her five questions )


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