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Thanks to everyone who made my surprise "party" an absolute joy. I'm frantic at work today so may not be able to say very much, but I was very overwhelmed and quite surprised. I knew that there was a sneaky cake, but had no idea all of you would be at the Irish Inn waiting for me to finish class. Special thanks to [ profile] exsmof and [ profile] vvalkyri and Marc and Ellen of Flying Feet for the big surprise, and to everyone who took the time to get out there. It meant a lot to me, and I truly appreciate it.

And such a lovely [ profile] dogpooh for not spilling the sekret :-)
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How sweet. When I came into work this morning I saw a plastic bag on my desk filled with sea shells. A co-worker had made a nice little bag for everyone from a trip to the Outer Banks. I put them in a dish around my LED candle on my desk.

What a nice way to start a Monday, eh?


Dec. 19th, 2008 12:38 pm
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I have a Festivus pole. It is made of cardboard and stuffed in a coffee mug, but it proudly protrudes above my cubicle wall in Festivus glory, along with my purple (NOT PINK) Festivus lights.

How did I obtain such a pole? Well, I wrapped many holiday gifts today for the family we adopted. Theirs will be happy holiday I can bet. Nobody was using the inner cardboard tubes, so I cobbled them together creating an illustrious Festivus pole.

Ah the bliss!
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Just watched a bald eagle soar above the GW Parkway!!
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As I fight for the keyboard against Xander pup (he's winning) I once again find so many things I SHOULD be doing and instead am snuggled into this really comfy bed with my laptop, a diet pepsi, and a [ profile] calvinthedeeple keeping my thigh warm. [ profile] dogpooh has gone out for coffee and will bring me a muffin when he gets back. As Calvin would say, "Bliss" :-)

I don't wanna work on my shop, don't wanna clean fishie tanks, don't wanna move the stuff out of the downstairs so [ profile] dogpooh can start the tiling, don't wanna work out although I promised myself I would after being so sore at aerials class. It's just so nice here....

Ambition high. Motivation not so much.

I do have to go take care of Dummy Dog who has found himself a staph infection on his back. Vet says that pollen can irritate their skin and then bacteria sets in. Must attack the Dummy with antibiotics and steroids. And, of course, there are the stairs for the Deeple.

[ profile] dogpooh returns with the muffin (yum) and reports that it's WAY HOT and people are "driving like crazy." He says traffic is nuts, even more than usual. Yuck.

Well, we shall see what shall happen in the battle between sheer lazy sloth and that strange guilt thing. I'm not putting odds on either :-).
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[ profile] extreme_nilla brought me a vanilla FROSTY! *bliss*
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Better better, ever better. Yay! Pink Raccoon is ready to fight crime again!
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I was really feeling crappy yesterday, might have picked up a slight bug that seems to be better now after a lot of good sleep overnight. We didn't do any turkey yesterday, but today we had chicken salad to kinda satisfy the moral imperative for FOWL.

Unfortunately, the [ profile] dogpooh has control of the remote, therefore we are stuck watching some really silly "supervolcano" movie. At least it's not the Hitler Channel (all Hitler, all the time) or the Military Channel (all war all the time).

Restful is good :-)
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It was nice to have a rather relaxing day in which not very much happened. My lack of sleep prevented me from attending a staff meeting in person (though I tried to kinda be there through IMing attendees :-)), I got a new filter for a fish tank, a brief visit from friends, a longer visit by [ profile] exsmof, much yapping with [ profile] dogpooh, and next thing I knew it was Monday. Slept til 1. Oh dear :-) I think all that sleep did me good ecause I'm not in much pain. Yay!
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It's been an interesting day so far and it's not even half over..... Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad.


Had a great massage with Whittney, so today is a "no pain" day. That is REALLY wonderful.
Got my puter back from Micro Center
Went to American Bird Company and spent lots of time talking to Pat and catching up.
Got a new perch for the monster cockatoo
Did I mention no pain? :-)
Had a wonderful visit with [ profile] exsmof last night
Am going to dinner with [ profile] dukeostuff and his girlfriend.
I only needed 8 hours sleep today


Micro Center SUCKS. They replaced the keyboard, but it's bowed and kinda jammed in there. Total crap.
C2 cockatoo is totally nuts. Rolled in the crap at the bottom of her cage. I bathed her. It did not go well.
Did I mention Micro Center SUCKS? :-)
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End of the World is nigh. Recalcitrant Toy Emerges From Bed Before Noon

Great Falls, VA - November 8, 2007

A major portent signifying the End of the World occurred today, as the Recalcitrant Toy was not only awake, but posting to Live Journal at an ungodly early hour. All major religions have taken notice.

The Right Reverend Harry Beetlejuice commented, "It's just as foretold in the Book of Scary Things Meant to Frighten Hedgehogs, '...and the Toy shall rise and make herself known at an hour symbolized by a single digit.' None of us thought THAT would ever happen."

Rabbi Simon Manishevitz exclaimed, "Oy! Now that's something you don't see every day."

High Priestess Kat McMorgan said, "Get over it."

Recalcitrant Toy could not be reached for comment, as she saw her shadow and is hiding in the dishwasher.
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Just fit into a skirt I hadn't been able to wear in a long time. How cool is THAT?
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Gamera, Guardian of the Universe is on cable!

"Precisely the kind of movie that I enjoy, despite all rational reasoning."

"Check out Gamera, Guardian of the Universe in the spirit of a prologue to the tasty turtle treats to come."
-- Mike Pinsky, DAILY-REVIEWS
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I knew there was something wonderful to celebrate.
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YAAAY! A kind woman 2 streets over found her last night and took care of her and made calls today, calling our vet who had the lost report. She's found. She's home. She's fine! She's covered with burrs. She's going to get a serious grooming.

Happy happy joy joy...*PHEW*
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I am awake. I do not have a headache. I am not nauseated. May this continue :-).
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Ah, the fun of having such a cool toy. My short time playing with the iPhone has been enlightening. I have noticed the following really important attributes, pro and con.

Deters zombies. I have not seen ONE zombie since getting the iphone
Makes me a better dancer. Yes, the iPhone is definitely improving my rock steps.
Repels technophobes. The mere sight of the iPhone causes them to run.
Gives me better gas mileage. Yep, the iPhone adds at least 1/2 a mile per gallon.
Coolness factor approaching 11.
Great video renditions so I can watch fight practice and do the inside rather than outside blocks :-)
Good sound quality as an iPod. Yay.

AT&T/Cingular - still sucks.
No bluetooth file exchange. Major league piss me off factor
No user definable ringtones (yet)
No chat client (yet)
No ability to add 3rd party applications (yet)

I STILL think this is the best phone on the planet, and I am really enjoying it. I am hoping that our wonderful community of cool people will find some way to load a nice application on there to open up bluetooth file exchange in future, and Apple will get going with the rest of the stuff the phone needs soon.

And now the wessiepooh has asked me to help him mix concrete. If you don't hear from me in the next few days, inform the police :-).
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this will be short since I am still getting used to this keyboard type thing but I thought I'd say that this phone rocks.
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After a request, Calvin the Deeple now has his own LJ. He is [ profile] calvinthedeeple. Please feel free to friend him, feed him, or become his next stalking victim.


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