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Thank you all for the well wishes and offers of assistance. It will take time. He was the most special creature I've ever had the honor of taking care of, and we will mis shim tremendously for the rest of our lives. It was unexpected and shocking, which makes recovery that much more difficult. Time will help.

For those wondering, it was congestive heart failure.
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We are not ok. I'm not coming out for awhile.
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[ profile] calvinthedeeple is, unfortunately, not doing very well at all. His poor front legs are deformed to the point of looking rather grotesque. He can only balance on the wrists, the feet are useless. The orthopod called today and confirmed that there was basically nothing that could be done, as fusion of the bones might help for a time, but then another joint would give out and need to be fused, and it would be an endless cycle.

Doc wants to see him in a couple of weeks. Likely to confirm what he already said.

At least he doesn't think Deeps is in pain...unless he moves.

I'm trying to find ways to make his life easier/more comfortable/etc. It's not easy when the first answer is "gee, why not just put him down?"

Not very not happy.
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At long last it looks like [ profile] calvinthedeeple is beginning to grow some muscle in the back legs and butt. The swimming he is being forced to do ("Woe!"), the steroids, and people like the amazing [ profile] wondermojz feeding him turkey at DeepleMas have all contributed to this important achievement in the land of [ profile] calvinthedeeple. Also, the naughty [ profile] dogpooh is doing things like trying to force him to walk. Thusfar, Deeple is far more stubborn then Dogpooh. We will see how that continues.

For Free

Oct. 1st, 2009 07:05 pm
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How to label a Deeple How to label a Deeple
For [ profile] free_of_whip who missed it the first time

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We had a wonderful show last night, and a great audience too. 5 shows to go, so your chance to see Julius Caesar hasn't passed you by yet. So get going and buy your tickets now. After the show, [ profile] exsmof, [ profile] badmagic, [ profile] dcseain and yours truly went out for a few beers, which was nice and relaxing.

Although I got home relatively early, I couldn't sleep til about 4, likely due to a late email I got from the FCC saying no to me for the job I had high hopes for. *sigh* All of this seems to be pointing towards my doing my own thing without depending on someone else to hire me. I must do some more contemplation there, but not today because I am committed to the idea of having fun :-).

Hope to see as many as possible at Caesar tonight. Theater critic [ profile] calvinthedeeple says, "There was bliss and there was woe. Then some more woe. Why couldn't they just get ALONG?"

Click some Dragons, will ya?

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Where we last left off, [ profile] calvinthedeeple was recovering from his protein losing enteropathy and was gaining weight. Today, Deeps is up to a tad over 12 lbs and is much more Deeple Like than previous. He is also in less pain, and is running around pretty well, UNTIL he finds CERTAIN obstacles. Then...all howl breaks loose.

To explain further, it seems that the Deeple refuses to attempt to get up on the bed, instead looking plaintively up at whomever is on the bed, begging to be lifted up. He will also refuse to go out the doggie door, or come in via the same route, and instead comes over to you and whimpers in your ear if you're asleep, or just starts shaking at you if you are not. Then, he will stand in front of the door until you open it for him to go outside, DOWN 14 STAIRS, to the grass to do his deed. He will then deftly renavigate those same 14 stairs to stand in front of the door and howl until you let him back in.

Of course, when [ profile] calvinthedeeple howls, the canine chorus chimes in and soon there are 9 howling voices driving normal humans completely mad. Not sure how we're going to deal with this Divadom but at least he's doing much better.

Now, go click my eggs :-)
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Once upon a time, [ profile] calvinthedeeple was sleeping nestled under many covers, curled up in a cute little ball of Deeple, on his parents' bed. He was having lovely Deeple dreams, and spent much time sighing contentedly. All was bliss and none was woe until...

Calvin's mom got an email from his Auntie Valerie. Deeple's auntie was very unhappy that he refused to eat anything with the lovely MCT (Medium chain triglycerides) oil in it. Calvin's mom had asked Auntie Valerie how to transfer the orange flavored (and smelling) liquid into the gullet of the Deeple.

Auntie Valerie suggested a syringe, since [ profile] calvinthedeeple refused to eat ANYTHING with the evil orange goo on it, in it, under it, or beside it.

And so the respite of the Deeple was interrupted.

[ profile] calvinthedeeple was snatched forth from his lovely warm nest, a nasty plastic syringe into his mouth, and *squish* went the evil orange goo. *Glug glug* went the Deeple, the sudden *woe* replacing his happy slumber.

But he ate the MCT oil. Heh heh.
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[ profile] calvinthedeeple has "beautiful urine" according to the vet. I told her that, of course, depended on the point of view, as when it was on my carpet it was not quite so beautiful. In any case, the Deeple is not spilling protein, and is otherwise fine, or so they say.

So why is he losing weight? Unsure, but I've been told to try to feed him yet more. Which I shall do. Perhaps we will have a porky Deeple :-).
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[ profile] calvinthedeeple has been quite the compliant boy, despite fussing about it, and despite being shocked that I would actually stick a pan underneath his urine stream and TAKE it. He was just as shocked when [ profile] dogpooh took his dog pooh :-).

Here's the deal. His albumin is low, which I am told means he may be having trouble with protein absorption, which is something possibly to cause his weight loss. They wanted to find out for certain by taking a urine sample. This, of course, meant my following the Deeple around with a collector so I could actually get him at the right time. Thankfully, he provided for us :-).

His blood work and other results will be sent to his Auntie Valerie, DVM to try to schedule the surgery unless she thinks that the protein absorption issue is 1) actually there, and 2) would prevent surgery or recovery or 3) needs to be treated first or whatever.

So we shall see. Holding pattern for the moment. The excellent news is that the shot he got yesterday made a big difference and he walked all over the place today.
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Heh. At least that's what the lab says. So tomorrow we go back and do some blood work on the child. We must find out what is happening in his little Deeple body. *sigh*

I was hoping it would be something simple like "well gee, take this pill and that takes care of it" but no such luck.

[ profile] calvinthedeeple is far from amused.
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[ profile] calvinthedeeple has been quite spoiled this weekend, first by his dearest love the amazing [ profile] wondermojz, then by his dearest love the amazing [ profile] vvalkyri. [ profile] wondermojz noticed that our hero was getting too damn thin despite feeding him prescription high calorie high fat high everything A/D from Hills. We decided to up the quantity placed inside the Deeple. Being finicky and difficult, [ profile] calvinthedeeple turned up his brown nose at the A/D at first, until [ profile] wondermojz spoon fed him. He gobbled up every tiny morsel.

Silly silly [ profile] dogpooh, feeling that somehow [ profile] calvinthedeeple did not LIKE the A/D, went shopping and purchased many different types of dog food, set to entice [ profile] calvinthedeeple. Last night, Deeple gave him a slight reward, by actually eating some of it. This morning, however, Deeps was back to his recalcitrant ways, steadfastly refusing the A/D AND the new food.

However, [ profile] recalcitranttoy figured it out at long last. I got a spoon, a bowl, and a Deeple. Again, he gobbled every tiny morsel.

Full of A/D, [ profile] calvinthedeeple has reclined on his pillow, ready to nap away the day....until it's time to RUN STAIRS! W00t!!!
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Early phone call when I had finally fallen asleep. Carpet install not happening today. Happening tomorrow instead. Well feh. Got new schedule for Coriolanus rehearsals. Thought I had to go tonight but I don't, which is good cuz I can go see MO!!! You should go see Mo too. Austin Grill, Silver Spring! Go go go! You will love it.

I am about to take an extra long hot shower so that I can get my poor muscles on track, then chase the Deeple up and down the stairs.
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He may post something of his own, but for now let me say that Kentlands Veterinary and Dr. Handel are quite the interesting facility. I like the approach of using complimentary medicine to treat orthopedic issues. He suggested we start with low powered laser to increase circulation in the affected areas, and then e-stim to loosen the muscles that have kind of clenched themselves. He showed us how to massage his tightened muscles and his poor back which is taking some of the strain. He recommends that we continue with this type of approach, including physical therapy for a bit, and see if we can avoid surgery that way. I really like that idea.

Dr. Handel also "rated" Deeple's severity of luxation at a 2 on both knees. I wasn't aware both knees were involved, but after feeling them when they were manipulated, I believe the assessment. We've taken Deeple off of the NSAIDs for now, are supplementing with a glucosamine/condroitin/fish-oil/vitamin chew that we are keeping away from Miss Luppy and the Mongul Hoard, and are watching him for signs of distress.

One thing that the Deeple is not pleased with is the doctor's finding that my sweet little Calvin seems to have me twisted around his little paw. I'm not supposed to carry him anymore, and must make him exercise. We begin our stair regimen tomorrow :-). Seems both of us will be running stairs for a bit.

So...let's hope that we can get good ole Calvin happier without pain. And let's hope I can get to sleep with this NOISY bull frog outside the window. *ribbit ribbit*
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And it was amazing and awesome and absolutely cool and fun and boy am I tired and sore and sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow and bring a [ profile] calvinthedeeple for acupuncture and we will hope it helps the poor boy. So there :-)
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Deeple is not happy today. I have increased the dosage on his pain meds and his anti inflammatory meds. I'm still doing his "physical therapy" daily. He's eating his fish oil capsules, and today he actually decided he would chew his vitamins that include glucosamine/condroitin. But he's still in a lot of pain, still doesn't want to walk/move, and wants to spend all day curled up next to me. He wants to be carried everywhere.

I really would rather not put him through surgery, but it's looking more and more likely.

Please send happy thoughts to my poor [ profile] calvinthedeeple.
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Man, I have to say that this year's allergies are just plain super sized. I take zyrtec, and up until now it's worked great. Now I have to add nasonex (with that cool Antonio Bandera bee commercial :-)). I slept almost all day yesterday, and all last night solidly, woke up enough for body to say "you want more sleep" and woke up definitively at noon. Heh.

So I find myself looking at an interesting argument from opposing counsel today that was basically something like "it wasn't in the contract that we couldn't steal your stuff, so what are you complaining about?" I so wanted to counter that it wasn't in the contract that we couldn't set your factory on fire, sell your children into slavery or hijack your domain name either, so I guess we can do that too? Man, some lawyers are just plain silly.

And more meds arrived for the Deeple and I am trying to make him feel better. He was velcro dog the past few days, stuck to my side like a remora. Poooor Deeple.

Now to go fax a witty retort to opposing counsel.... "Dear Dimwit" sounds apropos.
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[ profile] calvinthedeeple is not a happy boy with the weather change. He seems lethargic and in pain. *sigh* I'm still hoping we can avoid surgery, but it doesn't look so good now.
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While [ profile] calvinthedeeple still claims to need carrying up and down stairs, last night he smelled the panacea of culinary delights called cat food and actually ran like a mad Deeple, beating out Luppy and Jepp to the coveted prize, snarfing it quicker than you can say "I thought your knees hurt."

Sheepishly skulking back out of the kitchen, Deeple then actually hopped onto the couch in order to attempt to stick his tongue up my nose.

Clearly, [ profile] calvinthedeeple is improving. He gets another shot today so we will see how that goes.
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I was up far too late last night, unable to sleep due to angst and [ profile] calvinthedeeple wanting attention. So when I woke up at 8 I was most unhappy. [ profile] dogpooh figured I was awake and released the hounds as I was trying to get back to sleep. Not a happy time. Anyone who has seen a Toy without enough sleep can tell you that it is NOT a pretty sight, nor very functional either. In [ profile] dogpooh's defense, he's been having a very frustrating week too.

[ profile] dogpooh's Powerbook G4 ate its hard drive. He got a new one yesterday and installed it. The machine will not even attempt to boot. It's almost as if zero power is getting to it despite happy green power light and full battery. Resetting the PMU did nothing. He's got it in pieces again, trying to figure out WTF.

[ profile] dogpooh also rented a sander to get the adhesive and waterproofing crud off the floor so the tile will stick. It did nothing but heat up the stuff, turning it to goo. This was unhelpful and [ profile] dogpooh is unhappy to say the least.

Back in my world, something or other is making me sneeze damn near 10x per hour minimum. Zyrtec is not helping. This makes getting back to sleep impossible. Recalcitrant Dogs have decided to beat the hell out of Willow again. When I rescued her this time I got the bright idea to get rid of "some of her mats" that are likely a result of being rolled by her siblings/parents. Ever started to groom a dog and find that her entire body full of fur is just one tightly connected series of mats? Dog is mostly naked.

Deeple seems most unhappy. He really isn't eating or drinking much. He just wants to be velcro dog and not leave my side at all. Having a Deeple shaped growth can be challenging.

Later on today, our ISP arrives to upgrade my servers and (oh hella joy) renumber my piece of class C. Gee, I can't wait. *ARGH* I'm still finding stray blips of IP address from the LAST renumbering probably 6 years ago.

Update: I just heard the chime of a booting mac from the desk of [ profile] dogpooh. The day is improving already. Now to find the Leopard install disk....


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