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Evil me. The Recalcitrant Child emerged from her insanity in order to spend Mother's Day with... her mother. What a concept. So she asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told her that I wanted her to come to Conservatory with me and DANCE. This seemed to strike some type of terror into the heart of the Child, as she had gone to a dance with me once before and horror of horrors, was asked to dance by a sweet boy of about 15. She TURNED HIM DOWN! I couldn't believe it. So he asked me and I happily danced with him as he kicked my sorry butt. Damned 15 year olds :-).

Anyway, despite the groaning of the Child, I gave it some dance sneakers and the [ profile] exsmof packed us into the car and off to Conservatory we went. As always, the people there were fabulous, and took Child around the floor several times in several different dances, first one-step, and by the end of the night Child was dancing tango and swing! It so helps to be coordinated. She especially enjoyed the grand march and the English country dance led by [ profile] tiguh_tiguh and [ profile] artistic_alex who were both very wonderful to Child.

As we were packing up for Plato's, Child mentioned how much fun she had, and her desire to come back.

[ profile] recalcitranttoy - assimilating the world one dancer at a time :-)
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...but I shouldn't.

I am in SO much pain right now, and it's all my fault. I should have known that doing aerials would make it worse. Yep, it sucks.
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A strange and mixed weekend of fun, frivolity, crazyness, and otherwise mirth. Continued the massage and PT on [ profile] calvinthedeeple much to his annoyance. Watched [ profile] dogpooh creating a masterpiece of a canopy for my fish tank, iced and attempted to baby my wrenched quad (which didn't work too well since I went to dance night and found that turning etc. hurts), had some amusing results with hair dye, and did a little bit more on the shop.

I also had my first experience with being led for one step by my belt. Heh.

Then the pain pill I took for my quad kept me asleep until noon today. Don't remember any dreams, although I had them. Do remember waking up to a cold Deeple nose in my ear. Thanks Deeps.
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And it was amazing and awesome and absolutely cool and fun and boy am I tired and sore and sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow and bring a [ profile] calvinthedeeple for acupuncture and we will hope it helps the poor boy. So there :-)
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I went to bed early last night so I could study for my job interview. Took some benedryl in case the itchy stuff came back I'd fight it and get some sleep anyway :-). It seems to have worked. Yay.

[ profile] exsmof helped me go through my closet and I did indeed find a suit that still fit. Yay. I actually had a choice of 2. All of the others ALMOST fit, which proves to me that with about 10 lbs more weight loss and I'll actually have a lot of stuff to wear.

This weekend was lots of fun, but I am SORE. There seem to be these two things attached to my shoulders that hurt whenever I move them. I believe this occurred when a "helpful" individual decided I was in the wrong place for a handstand on [ profile] exsmof's knees and began trying to shove me forward while already in the handstand. I pulled back so as not to crash into [ profile] exsmof and hurt both of us. [ profile] vvalkyri helped save me from further pain. Nothing major happened, just pulled muscles but it could have been much worse.

The classes were wonderful this weekend, even considering Mr. Helpful. The first class I took was basically on adding spins to everything possible. That was a lot of fun. Then Aerials 1. The aerials were more than I expected for a "beginning" aerials class. Then we went to George Gee at Glen Echo to try SOME things out (not the aerials thank goodness). Sunday was dips which were fun, then Aerials 2 which proved to me that I really used to take things for granted, like leg strength. I ought to fix some of that and try to get back into shape. What a great idea, eh? :-). Tonight the World Champs teach us how to tune up our Lindy basics at Glen Echo. Drop ins are welcome. Then there's a dance til 11. Toy iz tired NOW, will be wreck after tonight :-).

So now I shall continue to get ready for job interview at FCC. Wish me luck :-).
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Something I ate yesterday really did a number on my allergies and caused the insane itching type stuff that causes you to scratch yourself while semi conscious. I hate that. I should have just taken benedryl immediately which would have taken care of everything and helped me sleep but Noooooo....I just took more zyrtec. Not the brightest thing in the world.

Woke up this morning realizing my arms are sore. Why? Spotting and attempting to hold myself up in ariels class. Nothing like using muscles you're not used to in order to remind you that you're out of shape and really oughta work on that upper body strength. Why yes, this IS a good idea :-).

I did an experiment on myself yesterday to see if I could perhaps lessen the symptoms of my gut wrenching inability to breathe thing. I decided to try doubling up on my GERD medication and adding antacid before class. First class it didn't work so great because I kept getting dizzy (well gee, it was SPINS...heh heh). Second class was good. Dance was VERY good. I even danced many times with that massive bundle of energy [ profile] badmagic and was ONLY a bit out of breath! That was very encouraging and made me quite happy. I will try the same for today's classes, and tomorrow's classes and the dance afterwards. It may even help me for my job interview :-).

For all you swing dancers who REALLY want to learn something, Glen Echo tomorrow night. World Lindy Hop Champions teaching the class. Walk ins encouraged. Then a dance afterwards. They are fabulous teachers.

Oh my! It's JUNE already!!!!
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Went to two classes taught by the World Lindy Hop champions today and learned some seriously fun stuff. I also learned I can still spot in gymnastics style moves, but my body WILL pay for it later. Then off to a dance with George Gee and the Jump Jive and Wailers. I got to dance a LOT without too much discomfort, which was really good. Must wake up tomorrow for more dance classes if my body can hold up.
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Wow...I spent most of last night wide awake and itching everywhere. I didn't get to sleep until about 6 am and am feeling like eating brainzzzzzz. It has to be insane histamines beating the hell out of me. I swear by my Zyrtec, but it is indeed possible that I need something more, at least temporarily. Course, that would put me to sleep and I can't do that cuz there's happy fun dance class tonight. W00t!

Yesterday was quite pleasant. The amazing [ profile] dogpooh made a magnificent fish dish that I'm hoping he describes in more detail. The sauce....the fish....mouth orgasms. Then he brought amazing apple strudel with ice cream and I was a sugar mess. It was a night for that it seemed as the [ profile] exsmof brought chocolate and lemon cheesecake and orange cheesecake squares to the tango, after which Marc conjured a homemade apple pie, but by that time I was so sugared out I declined, but watching everyone's reactions indicated it was wonderful.

Oh yes, the tango.... I was in far too good a mood to pretend to be filled with the appropriate pain and angst to truly be one with the dance :-). And it was hard to keep a straight face when [ profile] exsmof and crack each other up so often, but despite being a heretic, I had a great time. The lesson was wonderful. I forget what the woman's name was who taught it, but she was appropriately dressed in black with heels, had proper angst levels, a great Argentinean accent, and taught a good class. It was great to get in the extra practice, as my one tango class beforehand had left me confused about that "cross" thing and it's really hard to just "let go" and follow your partner when everyone is just learning and your feet end up more tangled than the hank of yarn that has become modern art on my coffee table :-). However, [ profile] exsmof is a wonderful lead for the confused, and Marc gave me tips on ochos and how not to look as if I was falling over. I really enjoy tango but realize I have a LOT to learn.

Perhaps most happy was that I could dance much beginner tango without being tired, without having that stupid inability to breathe thing, and could still do cartwheels afterwards. Joy!

Today I will try to find somewhere reasonably priced that will shave 3 of the puffs for me, will continue putting out that resume, and will take it easy until dance class tonight. Maybe I'll do some knitting.
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The Recalcitrant Child rocks. She brought me a Jesus action figure for Mother's Day. You press a button and his arms go up in the air like he's blessing you. *snicker*

Went to dance night, which was great fun. I actually did much dancing.

The way home was fraught with danger, however. My road was closed likely due to trees down. There was debris everywhere, lots of ponding, and many accidents. If I had known how bad it was out there, I may have thought twice about going to dance night, despite its funness.

I called my mom and my grandma today to wish them both happys. Amazing that Grunny is still kicking.

I sleep now. Nite nite.
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My T1 went down very early Saturday morning. Although Verizon is supposed to dispatch within an hour, since they were busy installing FIOS in places OTHER than my house, we weren't back up until about 6pm, which was just enough time for me to say "gee, we're back up" before having to go to Flying Feet's Hangar Dance at Leesburg airport.

The dance was much fun, with a good band, various leads (some good, some amusing), much fun dancing with [ profile] exsmof, much talking with [ profile] la_penguinita and her mom, and best of all....airplane geeking.

I want a rotary engine when I grow up :-)

Much pilot geeking to be had, everyone having many opinions about the current airspace situation around DC. There was also photography geeking, as one person had a very old and very cool Leica rangefinder. He had snuck a digital into his pocket though to take those instant gratification pictures we all crave :-).

So today I go to more dancing, and also try to do a bit more knitting. Knit knit knit. But first I must wake up.
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Marc and Ellen are indeed amazing. If you have any desire to learn Argentine Tango or Lindy Hop, RUN to Glen Echo next Monday night. You've only missed one class of the series :-).

I have never seen or heard of anyone taking a mixed class including people with NO swing experience at all through a swing out AND Lindy circle in one class. And EVERYONE got it! And I finally learned why my swing out never felt quite right. Better still, I think I fixed it. I think I need to write a commercial:

"I used to be a Lindy Hop misfit. My swing outs had no swing. My circles were more like ovals. My partners would 'tisk tisk' and whisper to all their friends. Then I met Marc and Ellen. Now look at my confidence when I do swing outs like they were MEANT to be, and not like some kind of confabulated Lindy Whip. Gee, THANKS Marc and Ellen" [Insert big flashing smile here with sparkle effect on front tooth]

I am a happy Toy tonight.

AND...I got through TWO classes without either my knee giving out or me having to do anything more than sit for a few during lectures. Yeah, the upper stomach thing happened again with it turning into a knot and me being unable to breathe, but it was LESS, and it went away after sitting for a shorter time. The muscles are a bit sore after walking around all day Saturday, but it's a known ache and not that bad. I hope I can continue this ability to actually take classes :-).
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*Sigh* I'd become used to showing up at least once a week and learning from cool and nifty people. Now I'll have to find another place and some other cool and nifty people. Seems they stop teaching classes in December because some crazy people actually find it's too COLD to have class in the unheated ballroom. Wimps!

It's been an interesting 7 months or so trying to learn how to move those weight bearing objects wear bad shoes. Through it all, I've met some great people, had a LOT of fun, and plan to keep doing this until I physically can't anymore.

So here's to the crazy Glen Echo crew. See y'all next year.
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*sigh* It hurts a bit too much to go dance tonight. I think I'll have to build the stamina a bit more slowly. So today, [ profile] dogpooh and [ profile] exsmof and gimpy me went to MicroCenter to drop off my MacBook Pro that I stupidly poured water on. I was going to take it to the Apple Store, but I couldn't find my ProCare card, so I couldn't make an appointment as a member, so I couldn't get in until tomorrow at the earliest. Being without my MacBook child is difficult, so I brought it on over and MicroCenter is going to replace the keyboard ASAP.

Until I get my puter back, I'll be alive and well on a PowerBook G4. A bit slower but I think I can handle it :-)

Spent the rest of the day relaxing, feeding and cleaning fishies, chasing a cockatoo, annoying doggies, etc. [ profile] exsmof went off to teach class, and I am watching "The World is Not Enough" with [ profile] dogpooh and having a really nice bottle of Blue Moon. Hopefully I'll be better able to raise significant hijinx tomorrow after a good night's sleep tonight. Dat's the plan, anyway.
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Somewhere in this spinning vortex of dynamic chaos there was a time period referred to as a weekend. I will try to remember what lovely fun occurred over this period of time.....

Saturday: Went to a dance at Glen Echo sponsored by our excellent friends at Flying Feet where a strange but large band played strange but old songs with a strange but really boring announcer who interrupted the flow by babbling in a put on radio voice about the next song. Despite his prattling, we had a lovely time, and I danced a LOT for which I am paying today. Cha CHING.

As I was attempting to measure the increase in stamina hopefully achieved by all this stuff, I came up with a "unit of energy" called a "covert." A covert = one dance. There were some with whom I danced Saturday whose dancing left me with half a covert. Others, like [ profile] badmagic weighs in at two coverts. (Note this is not weight but volume). [ profile] leiacat said that [ profile] lonebear should be the two coverts and [ profile] badmagic should be two point five coverts, but I have to experiment with this to be certain of the conversion factor. Occasionally we would see a vortex spinning across the floor, much like the cartoon Tasmanian Devil. That was [ profile] vvalkyri. I think we had time to wave as it spun too rapidly for this old creature to catch.

After the dance, we assisted in tear down, which was fun despite the "evil yellow string" that took 20 minutes of work from both myself and [ profile] vvalkyri to untangle so we could get a light string down. We shall blame [ profile] exsmof as it was all his fault anyway.

Sunday: Went dancing again and noticed that after many days of dancing intensely (having achieved a string of 5 coverts the night before...w00t) that my legs don't appreciate this terribly much, so they ceased to cooperate with me during waltzes. It is quite possible that is because I am doing them wrong. [ profile] leiacat says it is likely because my shoulders aren't square to the leader, making pivoting an issue and putting more pressure on one leg than the other. Given that I am walking in circles today, that is likely so. Ouchie.

After the dance we went to Platos where there were some very strange games going on, one with a deck of zombie cards, and one with many plastic pyramid shaped objects and a die that gave directions on what to do with the pyramids. (And it is VERY FRUSTRATING to have my grammar corrected by [ profile] exsmof while writing this, so excuse me while I throttle him.....ok..back wait, now he is complaining that he wasn't throttled enough....brb....). We also witnessed a very disturbing sight of [ profile] vvalkyri sensuously slurping jelly from the little plastic containers on the table. I shudder to think of that kind of sugar rush. Upon a repeat performance, [ profile] vvalkyri decided strawberry was better than grape. Who am I to argue?

Monday: Took the puter to MicroCenter to be fixed. *sigh* Spilled water on the keyboard yesterday and now the "h" key no workie. I am sad. Hopefully they will fix it properly and cheaply, else I may have to throttle THEM too. What a day. [ profile] dogpooh asked [ profile] exsmof whether he has any shirts that are any color but white. *snicker* Good question. [ profile] exsmof claims to, but I can't recall any, being tired and all that stuff.

And so today I may or may not make dance class as just about everything below the waist hurts. That's what I get for pushing myself I guess. *waaaaa* Not sure what else is going on today..... we shall see if I am up to doing much. *yawn*
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It was Friday night, so what was there to do? DANCE! It was off to CCB with the Smokin' Polecats (really strange picture in my head from that one) who were actually pretty good unlike the last (and only) time I went to CCB with a band so marginal that more danced during the breaks than during the band :-).

[ profile] exsmof was great fun as always. I also danced with an interesting person called Moondancer who knew I was a beginner and gave me some excellent tips and led me through some different stuff I hadn't seen before. I think I did ok. He gave me several compliments in any case :-).

Then I had a really crappy time sleeping. Maybe I'll be able to catch a nap this afternoon before Marc and Ellen's dance at Glen Echo.
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Anyone got any experience doing these sorts of things? A certain [ profile] calvinthedeeple is complaining that he gets really cold during the winter not having fur and all, and his wife and girlfriend and son are also rather chilly. I figured I could make stuff for them to size, and likely cheaper than buying them, and given the abuse they put on such things perhaps do several at once to last through the winter.

Believe it or not, I can do rudimentary knit/perl patterns, and can do relatively simple crochet patterns.

If anyone has any ideas, please to let me know. [ profile] calvinthedeeple thanks you in advance.
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Now that was quite strange and fun. Last night was a rather temperature impaired night in the Bumper Car pavilion with Donna and Mike, including a 1.5 hour lesson that was obviously quite needed, as a certain Toy continued to attempt to rock step to blues. Naughty, bad, evil Toy. Anyway, the venue was a challenge, complete with [ profile] vvalkyri frozen toes, my hands that caused [ profile] badmagic to jump and make some sort of a screeching noise, and a rather cold nose to top it all off :-).

It was great fun to see [ profile] arashinomoui and [ profile] fireandearth and [ profile] elkor and tickle [ profile] exsmof mercilessly.

Oh dear, reading over my shoulder, the Deeple has noticed that [ profile] vvalkyri was at Blues. He now wishes to learn how to dance Blues, and insists that it will be much easier for him because he will not have to seek out so many rocks to step on.
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Oh dear...I didn't realize that [ profile] exsmof disliked being tickled to the extent that he would lead me into one of those "sit down" end "ta da" type things, yet NOT have a knee there for me to sit ON. You see, [ profile] exsmof expertly put out his left knee to support the buttocks of the Toy, yet sat her down on his right. *SPLAT* went the Toy. *OUCH* went the butt. *SNICKER* went a few onlookers.

Glen Echo was lots of fun, and I tried harder to deal with the coordination between dancing and breathing. At one point I actually danced THREE DANCES IN A ROW!!!! My stamina may improve greatly as more actual air reaches my lungs.

Happy fun on a Saturday night. W00t.
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Breathing is preferred to not breathing while dancing. I figured this out all by myself! Such brilliance is hard to imagine, but then it's ME. Anyway, I noticed this phenomenon when I was getting pretty annoyed with not being able to complete a full dance when dancing with crazed maniacs like [ profile] badmagic and [ profile] lonebear and just couln't figure out why. Then I noticed it..... Hmmmm.....being nervous stops me from breathing right. Hmmmm....dancing with someone much better than me makes me nervous. Hmmmm....well guess what, oh brilliant genius. Stamina is decreased when you don't BREATHE....D'oh!

Had a wonderful time dancing tonight with many fabulous people who taught me many more things than just my itsy bitsy bit of swing. Learned some waltz, some rumba, some one step, some cha cha, and had lots of fun dealing with patient people who didn't glare at me funny if I forgot which foot went where. Very nice.

And that crazy old [ profile] exsmof, dressed in a really scary priest outfit, seemed to also have fun. If he didn't, looks like me and [ profile] vvalkyri will have to get out that duct tape after all. MOO HA HA!
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Last night it was dancing at the Dulles Hilton with [ profile] exsmof knowing we'd run into my pal Margy the crazy pilot lady who works at the Air and Space museum. I was pretty happy to actually make it almost through til the end of the dance at midnight. If I had more "wind power" I'd be able to practice more and actually get a lot better, but as it is, I'm improving slowly and doing what I can. The difficulty is in my trying to feel comfortable and let my brain just "go" and follow. As usual, [ profile] exsmof threw in things I'd never seen, things I'd screwed up in class, and those damn echo kicks. *ARGH* (Yeah, ok [ profile] lonebear I know, I know :-)) But I suppose that every dance I go to I feel a bit more comfortable, so there you go. I haven't even really been dancing a year now so I should lay off the insecurity already and "shuddup and dance" but it's difficult when you're an overachieving pain in the butt.

So anyway, dancing was great fun despite my wussiness, and we danced maybe every 2nd or third one with me resting between. I will continue attempting to build my stamina. After dancing was the mandatory babbling most of the night and falling asleep at strange times of the morning.



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