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[ profile] dogpooh sweetly started my car for me so it would be warm when I was ready to go to work. I didn't even know it until I opened the door to leave and heard it running. What a sweet [ profile] dogpooh.

Then when I got to work, the nice security man said "good morning" and complimented me on my hat (thanks [ profile] lionessindc).

And, it's FRIDAY!!!! Woot!
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[ profile] dogpooh has the Rudes Caesar Crud, just MUCH LATER than the rest of us. I think it must have one really long incubation period. But since he's so dreadfully sick (despite my herbal remedies...heh) I thought it would be a nice thing to ask you guys whether or not anyone has any job leads for a cleared Program/Project Manager with over 20 years experience. If so, I can get you his resume right quick.

Also, today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Yes, that's right...I have had dogpooh for over 8 years now. Go US! Heh.
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Every year this happens with holiday cards, and every year I ask [ profile] dogpooh to tell his family that this is NOT my name, and every year he pooh poohs (pun intended) my request and says that it's "just the way they are." I am utterly exhausted with it, yet if I do something myself he'll likely be pissed. So, here's a poll. What do you think?

[Poll #1107749]

Am I missing anything?
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and happy anniversary to both of us. This is our seventh. Spending it on a very wet little island has been fun. We're told they're opening a new dive site in the parking lot, with limited wreck diving. Dive the amazing Toyotas. So much fun.
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Yep, still home with his ear infection and generally feeling cruddy. Recalcitrant Child went to school today. Recalcitrant Seahorses still being difficult. I've given them some live mysis shrimp. Recalcitrant Toy still not feeling the best in the world...suspecting an allergic reaction to too many sulfites in wine despite a great nap.

Despite this, I shall prevail upon myself to get to the theater by 3:30. Hear that, [ profile] spirit_o_fire and [ profile] gore_whore_5. I'll even wedge the booger car into some teeny tiny space in DC. My parallel parking skills are ever so much better when I'm awake.
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His ear infection isn't clearing up. He says the pain is less but it still feels congested. Meantime, the Recalcitrant Child isn't feeling well either. And neither are the remainder of the brine shrimp who are pretty much dead and smelling up the living room. [ profile] dogpooh just came walking in with his head cocked so far to the side that he looked quite funny, after putting in his ear drops.

So the [ profile] dogpooh awaits the doc's phone call, I await the opening of the brine shrimp shop, and the Recalcitrant Child snores loudly. Tra la la.
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The [ profile] dogpoohstayed home from work today cuz he felt like it, so I put him to work :-). We did water changes on the big tank, sucked up a bunch of bristle worms, acclimated the new seahorses, jawfish, mandarins and sponge, and are otherwise being useful.

Unfortunately, one little jawfish didn't make the journey. This makes me sad. I hate losing any of my critters, although I should be used to it by now.

It's nice to have the [ profile] dogpooh home :-).
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It was such a nice weekend, too. Saturday I spent pretty much lounging around, content in my couch potato like state, until making a quick trip to the fish store and then to [ profile] badmagic for a lovely dinner and off to Glen Echo for dancing, which was much fun despite icky painful thing kicking up several times. Gotta say, that [ profile] badmagic dances like a maniac :-). Also had several much more sedate dances with Covert and we spent much time yapping about techo fandom, crazy fen, and ballroom dancing :-). When I got home I just couldn't get to sleep until about 3 or 4 or so, which made waking up Sunday a chore. Then it was off to pick up new (to me) 40 gallon tank for yet MORE SEAHORSES!!! Woo hoo! Off to another fish shop for proper filtration, dumping leaky refugium into new tank to cycle, setting up sand and rocks and filters and heaters and salt and stir it all up, and it looks like a big mess of disgustingly bad water until it all settles out :-). Should be all cycled out in a week or so, having jump started it with refugium water.

Went to sleep early last night, not feeling too terribly great. Got woken up by a phone call looking for someone else that I didn't answer, but was jut annoying enough to keep me awake. Still not feeling the best :(. Just got a call from [ profile] dogpooh saying he wasn't feeling too great either and was heading home from work (which means he feels REALLY bad). I'm going to try to keep energy in reserve so I can go to rehearsal tonight and not die completely. That's the plan, anyway and I'm sticking to it.

All in all, I'd much rather have Saturday back :-).
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After rehearsal last night, [ profile] badmagic kindly walked me to my car, where we had a rather interesting conversation concerning dog pooh. Seems I brought up that I felt rather like dog pooh, a foreshadowing to the evil allergies I am suffering today. He mentioned that having 10 dogs, it is difficult to avoid dog pooh, a truism if ever there was one. So imagine my surprise when I got home and found "[ profile] dogpooh has added you as a friend" in my mailbox.

Quick calculations revealed that it would have been impossible for [ profile] badmagic to have done this, as I'm sure I was home long before he was, so I checked the profile:

My journal is about dogpooh. I have an exceptional amount of accumulation due to the ten, count them, 10 dogs that inhabit my living quarters. To some this might seem a bit abnormal but you get use to it. I share these living quarters with a few additional creatures including 3 noisy birds and 4 demanding cats. Oh, and of course my darling, lovely wife....she's the only one that doesn't leave pooh around to be cleaned up. Several years of house training has paid some dividends.

It's nice to know that he's noticed I've been housebroken, but what a strange coincidence....

Guess I will now have to replace all occurrences of "Wessiepooh" with [ profile] dogpooh
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That seizure thing has me baffled. She seems utterly fine this morning. Meantime, I am faced with a mottled nose peeking out from under the covers as Luppy refuses to get out of bed this morning. Ah, the fun with doggies.

In other news, the house is a horrendous mess and I don't care *pththththth* It does look like the Wessiepooh washed the dishes, however. Perhaps that will spur him to fix the dishwasher (evilly rubbing hands together).

Dad is recovering to the point where he's sending his really awful jokes out again. My friend in the plane crash is also recovering, and the prognosis is good for him to return to being a surgeon. I like good news. Teenager is being a teenager, my macbook pro is not yet back from the apple store, causing me angst as I look for files and applications on this machine that only exist on that one. Silly me.

All is quiet in the House of Chaos today.... may it remain so...for at least a little while :-).
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Dad is home, and a bit grumpy. I am told this is a good sign, and to be expected. He is in pain (not surprising) but is otherwise doing fine. Sadly, he's already talking about ignoring some of the dietary restrictions. Dad is no stranger to dietary restrictions, given that he has Celiac disease and can't have gluten. His line is, "it took 70 years for the arteries to get this clogged, it'll take another 70 to get them clogged again." Of course, that's bullshit. [ profile] dukeostuff explained to me that they take veins, not arteries, to do the bypass, and veins can't take the same stress that arteries can, and take time to strengthen their walls in order to be able to handle the increased flow and pressure they are now expected to handle. Because of that, they are much more prone to blockage, which is why there is a general time limit to how long a bypass is "good" for, and why the rehab is so important to strengthen those veins.

On the other hand, it's his choice what to do with his body. My only problem with it is that he should know and understand what he is doing to himself before he makes the choice to NOT give up ice cream.....
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Dad has a "discharge class" tomorrow, which means they're fixing to kick him out of the hospital. Medical science is amazing. They crack a person's chest open, mess around with his heart and carotid artery, then a few days later, cut him loose to go home. Wow!

Everyone in the unit has said that Dad is doing great and is remarkably fit and strong for his age. Quite a happy thing. Hooray!
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He's off the vent and speaking in a groggy manner. They've moved him out of ICU. Both these things are very positive. He's quite sore, and feels run down by a truck. This is also positive in that he is still around to feel. They are managing the pain as best they can.

The family is good.
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Just before walking into rehearsal I got the word that Dad made it through surgery. It was almost 8 hours long and was a quintuple bypass which we were not quite expecting, AND they found his carotid artery was 70% occluded and had to be fixed. He should be back in his room now.

When I told my daughter that her grandfather's blood flow to the brain was increased, she said, "Does this mean he'll stop his annoying arguing?" Heh heh.

After this news, and after rehearsal, my body decided it was time to crash, seriously crash, as in almost unable to drive the car crash. Still not positive whether it's an allergic reaction, or just my body's response to all the utter drama life has been for the past couple of months. I'm feeling horribly ill. I hope a little sleep will take care of it.
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Still no word. This is excruciating. I was hoping to get some kind of information before I leave for rehearsal around 6:45 or so, but not sure if we're going to get anything.

I truly wish that there was a way to keep families constantly updated on the status of their loved ones during surgeries of this type. Even knowing what stage of the surgery they are currently looking at would be helpful.
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I must totally sound like an angst driven rotary engine. This year has not been kind by way of nature beating the shit out of people I care about, especially my best friend and my dad. Dad goes under the knife at 11 today for at least a quad bypass. So why am I still here? Cuz I have a medical stuff phobia that would necessitate likely meeting the floor up close and personal if I see him after surgery with the vent in, tubes everywhere, IVs, etc. etc. Family says to stay away until at least Thursday, when I'll likely fly up to NH until Friday night.

Meantime, I don't have to worry about finding something to do this summer. I have many, many rehearsals to go to as a bit player in Coriolanus . This promises to be a lot of fun (as well as a lot of work) complete with an impressive cast of significantly cool and geeky people with lots of vision, ability and, most of all, passion. It will be a great show if we don't all get shot by angry right wing hoards.

What! Me worry?
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A good friend has been noticeably absent from where I normally find him online. I tried his cell phone and home phone a few times, couldn't raise him there either. I know he travels a lot, so I figured that maybe he'd just been jaunting around in his airplane and was too busy to get back to me. I dropped him an email and didn't worry much.

Today he popped up on AIM, so I asked him where he'd been. His answer was "burn unit." Since he's a doctor, I thought that maybe he was helping out. Uh, no. He was IN the burn unit.

Pilots can have strange reactions to crashes. Some feel it important to sift through the accident reports so that they can find blame and boldly state that they would never do something so stupid. They feel that these things would never happen to THEM because somehow they are "better than that." The reality is that it's all too easy to play Monday morning quarterback when you're not in the emergency and don't know how your mind would work under those exact conditions, or what choices you would make. I've had my share of emergencies and near emergencies in which I could have performed better or could have made different choices. Due to the luck or the draw, or the grace of the gods, I'm still here to talk about them. But it really didn't have to be that way. Each day we make choices and decisions that could directly lead to our demise, and in that split second, trust the universe not to press the "smite" key.

Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are not. Other times, the story becomes a stark reminder to us of the fleeting nature of life, and what things are truly important.
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I am looking forward to Sunday. I am NOT looking forward to Friday or Saturday when my hubby's crazy family arrives. I am also not looking forward to enforcing grounding on Recalcitrant Child. Today and tomorrow are going to be spent cleaning. Sunday will be much better. Yay :-)
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Happy mothers day to all you mothers out there. I'm going to call mine in a few, and my grandmother as well, since she's still kicking (literally) and causing as much chaos as possible. I guess I'm a chip off the ole block. Anyway, I celebrated by taking a walk to my circle in the woods and sitting there for awhile just looking at the trees and the way the light filtered through the leaves. The temperature was perfect for some contemplative thought. I sat on the stone bench that had collapsed over the winter months. I tried to put it back upright, but the slab was a bit too much for me today. I suppose I'll fix it later. The glass Witches Balls I put up years ago were still intact despite snow and rain and wind. It was great to watch the birds hopping through the dead leaves, and see how the new growth was coming to the ground. Very nice and peaceful.

And now I am waiting for poor Morgan to wake up. She lost another dog suddenly last night. Nobody's quite sure what happened yet. I came in last night at 2:30 am and Morgan was awake and watching tv, saying she was too sad to go to sleep. Poor kid. This is her second loss in such a short time. Much of this mothers day will be spent mothering. Go figure.
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It's so rare that this happens that I thought it was worth blogging. Today, April 11, 2007 was pretty much drama free. Now I kind of have the feeling that these "one day at a time" people do. Tomorrow, my dad has surgery. Hopefully that will also go drama free. I am also hoping for a drama free weekend, but we'll see how that goes when the time arrives.

Crossing fingers and toes.....


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