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Holy hell is this ever COOL! My old friend from Channel 9 who was my cameraman and pal, Ron Wyman, has put together a fantastic company called Zero Gravity Films. He's doing some really impressive work, including some quite interesting documentaries. Please have a look and pass them on to your friends who might be in need of a super fine production house. He just called after many years of hiding. Just don't tell him I had a crush on him :-). I was a teenager. It's not my fault :-).
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We had a wonderful show last night, and a great audience too. 5 shows to go, so your chance to see Julius Caesar hasn't passed you by yet. So get going and buy your tickets now. After the show, [ profile] exsmof, [ profile] badmagic, [ profile] dcseain and yours truly went out for a few beers, which was nice and relaxing.

Although I got home relatively early, I couldn't sleep til about 4, likely due to a late email I got from the FCC saying no to me for the job I had high hopes for. *sigh* All of this seems to be pointing towards my doing my own thing without depending on someone else to hire me. I must do some more contemplation there, but not today because I am committed to the idea of having fun :-).

Hope to see as many as possible at Caesar tonight. Theater critic [ profile] calvinthedeeple says, "There was bliss and there was woe. Then some more woe. Why couldn't they just get ALONG?"

Click some Dragons, will ya?

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Something happened last night that totally boggled my tiny brain. I sent a friend this link to a picture of Mars, and he didn't get it. Seems he had NEVER SEEN Marvin the Martian!!!

How can someone grow up in America, older than ME even, and NEVER seen Marvin the Martian? To have NEVER seen Haredevil Hare is a TRAVESTY! I am shocked! Shocked I tell you, that this person had such a deprived childhood. He likely hasn't even seen Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 CENTURY.

It's a wonder this friend hadn't become some kind of terrorist having not been exposed to these all important icons of our time.......
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Tonight/this morning I am being treated to a symphony of some of the loudest snoring I have ever been exposed to, as [ profile] calanish has come to visit. We picked him up at Heathrow this morning, waiting at the gate with a sign that said, "Mr. Haggis." heh. From Heathrow we went to the Tube and off to Harrods.

First thing when we got on the Tube was an announcement that it is illegal to take flash photos inside the train. Huh? No flash, but regular photos without flash are fine? Next set of announcements heralded the closings of 3 subway lines, including the famous Circle line. How do Londoners put up with that? We were told this is a usual thing, especially on weekends.

The Tube was VERY crowded, and I'm not really great with crushing crowds, so I was happy when we got to our station....or so I thought....the sidewalks were full of people, Harrods was FULL of people, there was really no where to go to get out of the sea of people. Any actual shopping at Harrods was quite difficult if not impossible.

Rather than shopping at Harrods, we went other places, got other things (including cool new shoes...w00t) and came back to the insane science fiction convention, which was very much like a US science fiction convention with people in various costumes, happy fun programming, authors and artists, and of course, the lovely dealer's room. Unlike US cons though, they had negotiated a flat rate for soft drinks and for beer here. Hooray! Made everything much more economical.

Later on, we found ourselves at a disco type event where [ profile] exsmof and I did a swing dance to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" which got much staring and was fun. Then it was off to bed, where I got maybe 1 hour sleep before the horrendous snoring began. Then I found out that my server had decided not to play nice anymore, so I had to wake up [ profile] dogpooh and get him to reboot it. Yay [ profile] dogpooh!

In a few minutes, I will wake up [ profile] calanish and make him stay awake so maybe I can get some sleep.

Wish me luck.
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Happy Birthday [profile] extreme_nilla Who really shouldn't call himself that anymore since he's been so thoroughly corrupted.
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It's been an interesting day so far and it's not even half over..... Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad.


Had a great massage with Whittney, so today is a "no pain" day. That is REALLY wonderful.
Got my puter back from Micro Center
Went to American Bird Company and spent lots of time talking to Pat and catching up.
Got a new perch for the monster cockatoo
Did I mention no pain? :-)
Had a wonderful visit with [ profile] exsmof last night
Am going to dinner with [ profile] dukeostuff and his girlfriend.
I only needed 8 hours sleep today


Micro Center SUCKS. They replaced the keyboard, but it's bowed and kinda jammed in there. Total crap.
C2 cockatoo is totally nuts. Rolled in the crap at the bottom of her cage. I bathed her. It did not go well.
Did I mention Micro Center SUCKS? :-)
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Last night was great fun! As advertised Austin Grill had a wonderful selection of tequila (yum) and [ profile] exsmof thought the food was good. Seeing [ profile] wondermojz's fan club of Rudes and others was a real treat. I think we even recruited a few more fans out of the people who were just there for a drink :-). They got too close to the vortex and got sucked in :-). And it was great meeting [ profile] magentametrix. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you much...I was really distracted but glad you came. I hope you liked Mo.

The show was great. The food was good. The tequila was yummy (though I had way too much of it...thanks to the Designated Exsmof). What more could anyone ask for. And Mo did my favorite 2 songs from her CD which everyone should buy many copies of :-)

I am so thrilled that one of the Rudes told me she thought I was about 16 on stage. Seriously cool!

And now we return to my latest hangover :-).
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Breathing is preferred to not breathing while dancing. I figured this out all by myself! Such brilliance is hard to imagine, but then it's ME. Anyway, I noticed this phenomenon when I was getting pretty annoyed with not being able to complete a full dance when dancing with crazed maniacs like [ profile] badmagic and [ profile] lonebear and just couln't figure out why. Then I noticed it..... Hmmmm.....being nervous stops me from breathing right. Hmmmm....dancing with someone much better than me makes me nervous. Hmmmm....well guess what, oh brilliant genius. Stamina is decreased when you don't BREATHE....D'oh!

Had a wonderful time dancing tonight with many fabulous people who taught me many more things than just my itsy bitsy bit of swing. Learned some waltz, some rumba, some one step, some cha cha, and had lots of fun dealing with patient people who didn't glare at me funny if I forgot which foot went where. Very nice.

And that crazy old [ profile] exsmof, dressed in a really scary priest outfit, seemed to also have fun. If he didn't, looks like me and [ profile] vvalkyri will have to get out that duct tape after all. MOO HA HA!
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Late this afternoon, a friend instant messaged me asking a rather odd question. I asked her what was wrong, and was told that her father had died suddenly and unexpectedly We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, and I'm really hoping she's feeling a bit better, but what can you say when a family member has left you so suddenly? It started me thinking about how briefly we exist upon this earth and how our lives may end at any moment.

So imagine my confusion when I was later told that a friend had passed through the veil. Phil Platt, a man who was highly animated, very opinionated, and one of the most colorful characters I had ever known left this world last Wednesday. He was a pilot, mechanic, and entrepreneur on Ocracoke Island, owning 2 bed and breakfasts with his girlfriend Nancy. He ran a charter company, a sight seeing venture, was a flight instructor, and built his bed and breakfasts with his own hands. He also left without warning.

So at dinner tonight I had several drinks to Phil's memory. No longer will Ocracoke be the refuge it once was, knowing Phil would be there to patch up the airplane if necessary, to find us a room if only on a couch, or to pick us up in his Model T. He will be sorely missed.

We also found out tonight that another friend had attempted suicide just recently. I'll be pondering what this means later. Right now I need a bit of rest.

While I'm resting..., have a look here at this wonderful video :-)

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I always feel totally crappy when I have to get up really early in the morning, so Covert suggested we stay up all night and watch Torchwood and Doctor Who. never being one who would possibly turn down the idea of such total fun, we went out to Tachibana, then proceeded to have an all night Torchwood/Doctor Who thingit with [ profile] calvinthedeeple keeping me warm.

After calling Air Jamaica and beingn told that they would hold the connecting flight for us, and them telling us to be at the airport 2 hours before our now 10:30 flight, that meant leaving the house at about 7, which really wasn't so bad. Even better was volunteering poor Covert to drive us up so we wouldn't have to pay big bucks parking fees for our 2 weeks away. We WERE going to take his car, but then realized that all the crap wouldn't fit. Luckily, the ML-430 was registered and we could load it full of cruft and get up to BWI with plenty of time. Upon reaching the front of the line, we were informed that Bonaire bound passengers would be staying overnight in Montego Bay due to our departure delay, said departure delay being due to crew rest requirements because the crew got in so late due to the fog. So rather than send up another crew, we get this nightmare scenario. We quickly attempted to figure out what kind of room we were likely to be saddled with in Montego Bay, and wondered what type of security it might or might not have. Then we tried to go through security, where my prescription shampoo set off TSA sensors, who then went through my bag and told me that most of my toiletries had more than the allocated 3 oz and were therefore evil and must be checked. I had another bag within a bag so I went and checked them. It was a very tiny bag, nonetheless I got one of those really cool "Notice of Baggage Inspection." I hope they had a good time with my toothpaste and hair conditioner.

While we were enroute, we were told that the very airplane we were one would be the one going to Bonaire. No worries about luggage not getting there. Now, this took an interesting method of pissing off all of the other passengers whose connections DID arrive on time who had to deplane another aircraft which suddenly had some sort of mechanical problems, then some on down to the other end of the airport and get on ours, after a 2 hour wait. Funny how that works out sometimes. Upon arrival in Bonaire I found that one of my cases was opened and LEFT opened, arriving on the carousel with a piece here, a piece there, etc. Course that was my video rig case. There are indeed some missing parts, and I have to go over the rest of the housing with a fine tooth comb before I can trust it in the water. *sigh*

We are here. We are at Habitat. It is nice. I am tired. So there.
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I got sleep! I got more sleep! It was glorious sleep! I had many strange dreams (none involving sun god robes or people throwing pickles). I woke refreshed and started poking at the many hours of video footage to be edited when I got a pleasantly surprising phone call from a friend I hadn't heard from in AGES. John Quarterman was in town and came to visit. It's always a blast to have friends from the days "when the net was flat" to remind me that there was once Internet life before the web.

I was going to mosey out to Glen Echo for Blues, but was entirely too lazy and instead caught a quiet night at home, going to bed WAY early for me and waking up WAY late. The batteries are slowly recharging. The wonderful thing of the morning happened when I fed the seahorses frozen food and the recalcitrant ones actually ATE SOME! HOORAY!!!! Just in time for our vacation, since I doubt our house sitter is going to want to schlep to Annandale every few days. She actually has a job with inflexible hours. How inconvenient!
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So how'd I wind up starting the night on one couch and waking up on another the next morning? As Chef said, "There is a time and place for that,'s called College." Owner of first couch didn't even know I'd left. Any thoughts of "specialness" vanished. Then I learned about morning beltway traffic. This is two days in a row that the recalcitrant one has been awake before noon. Pity me.

Nap time before getting ready for a trip to the Warehouse Theater to continue my type cast role in Coriolanus. See it once, see it twice, but see it before Saturday cuz then it be all gone. Just like my consciousness. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
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Not fair! It went by so fast. Friday night it was entirely too much alcohol at dinner with [ profile] lionessindc and her beau. [ profile] dogpooh got himself yet another cute little "lucky cat" glass for his "way overpriced but taste SO GOOD" drink collection. This led to a rather fragile Saturday morning, but not nearly as bad as [ profile] dogpooh who had developed a sudden onset ear infection that was really bad, but refused to go to the doctor, self medicating with old antibiotics. I growled at him, but there was no convincing him. He was in a LOT of pain but still refused assistance. Perhaps he should be the Recalcitrant DogPooh.

Meantime, he Recalcitrant Seahorses still refuse to eat frozen foods (which they were advertised as eating) and instead demand these live brine that aren't going to do them any good. Kinda like eating candy and that's it. So it was off to a place that claimed they had brine, but in reality did not. Waste of time noted. Luckily, [ profile] dukeostuff was going near the place that DOES have the brine on his way over for Saturday night's Torchwood marathon complete with Covert, so he picked some up for me. I put them in a fish tank, hoping they would survive for awhile, and went to sleep WAY TOO LATE expecting not to have to make another run to Annandale and the land of brine shrimp. (We WERE thinking about Glen Echo, but laziness prevailed).

Wrong again. Most of the shrimp had died by morning due to infatuation with the filter. Recalculating the plan, it was off to Annandale once again to fetch yet more brine shrimp that were this time placed in a tub with an airstone. After feeding some to the Recalcitrant Seahorses (the non recalcitrant seahorses are eating frozen just fine, thanks, and having a great time playing in their tank. They're really fun to watch) and putting the rest in the tub so I could try to feed them some kind of nutritious food that I could then feed to the seahorses. Grumble. After this, it was off to hang with [ profile] badmagic for some impromptu shopping, going to a game store (how many hit points does an employee get?) where we observed some classic BAD RPG (complete with monotone DM and players who couldn't understand the word "NO"), had a good dinner, and watched Firefly that I hadn't seen and is growing on me. We called it an early night (both being really tired) and I got to sleep way early. Bonus!

So this morning I awakened to the sounds of [ profile] dogpooh watching TV in the living room. This is not a good sign. He informed me that his ear infection had become much worse despite his antibiotics, and he had finally made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. YAY! Meantime, the shrimp in the tub are still alive. Another YAY! And yesterday was Equinox. More YAY! And I don't hurt too much this morning. Ah, things are looking good for the beginning of the week. May it continue.
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Wow.... stayed up til about 4 showing the end of Season 3 of the new Doctor Who followed by Torchwood. It was very amusing to watch poor Covert trying to stay awake. [ profile] dukeostuff had no problem with that part. Covert lasted til about 1 I think. Poor [ profile] dogpooh has an ear infection and is not feeling great. Regardless, he came with me to get yet more brine shrimp for the still Recalcitrant Seahorses. Grumble.
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I think I got run over by one. Back pain, neck pain, headache, nausea, that "leave me alone and let me die" feeling. Could have come from being woken up at 8 by a helpful but badly timed phone call from someone who saw an errant lost dog poster and thought he saw our dog. Quite nice of him to call. Must beat up Recalcitrant Child who promised to contact everyone who had posters up to take them down. Got to sleep, doorbell rang. Got to sleep, another phone call. Always when I'm not feeling great, right?

Had a wonderful time last night watching travel pix of Syria and Vienna from Covert with [ profile] dukeostuff. [ profile] calvinthedeeple very upset that his [ profile] vvalkyri bailed on us.

One good thing so far today was the arrival of one of the tone collars for attempted dog training. The dog with the most barking annoyance, Bushi, got the collar put on him. Immediately thereafter he attempted to remove it without success (Bushi has only a tiny little pea brain), then he went over to attack [ profile] calvinthedeeple. They began growling at each other: no tone. Growling escalated to barks: tone. Both dogs jumped and stopped. Hmmm..... guarded optimism. Wish it would work on a parrot. *thinking about parrot collar*

Come to think of it....the neighbor claiming she hears barking after 10:30 at night might actually be hearing the evil cockatoo.... that is if she's hearing anything at all and isn't just exaggerating. I wonder if cockatoos hate loud high frequency noises as much as dogs do.... might be worth putting a unit somewhere near the cage.

Anyway, as I will undoubtedly be quite bored staying mostly in bed today, it is up to YOU, yes YOU to entertain me with witty emails, LJ posts, happy thoughts, etc. It is a moral imperative.
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Friday night: Coriolanus performance complete with wonderful photos (by KierDuros) and much revelry afterward at Bennigans. I crawled into bed at some ungodly hour. Saturday: Complete lazy slug hanging out with [ profile] dogpooh before leaving early for yet another Coriolanus performance and fabulous cast party at [ profile] lonebear and [ profile] giraffeaholic home. Crawled into bed at ungodly hour +3 or so. Sunday: Did some fish tank maintenance including procuring macro algae to make refugium happy, lounged around like a slug again, then went to see [ profile] badmagic where Doctor Who was had, albeit on really small screen. "Blink" is still my favorite episode from Season 3. One never looks at statues the same way again.

The week to come so far...Monday: the joys of stress echocardiogram this afternoon and hopefully a Lindy class this evening. Tuesday: line reading. Wed: catching up on everything I've ignored. Thurs: catching up on what I put off Wed. Fri: Coriolanus performance Hear this, Triton of the Minnows - BE THERE! :-)
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And so it was that Margy became bored, and wished to go dancing. The Margy, the [ profile] dogpooh, the [ profile] dukeostuff and yours truly went off to the Dulles Hilton for their weekly dance thingit. The venue itself was a bit strange, being upstairs at the fitness center, and a tad bit small, but the good news was that there was a decent floor, a good sound system, and AIR CONDITIONING!!! w00t says me. Ever so happy. I think I was feeling just a little bit "off" as far as things go, so I didn't enjoy myself as much as I could have, but I did have some fun nonetheless.

One of the things I noted immediately was that most of the people who were there for the dance had obviously been gottaswing students. They all seemed to do pretty much the same style, the same Charleston variants, and had a lot of the same "feel." This makes it a bit challenging for someone who is sort of midway between beginner and intermediate, in that I have an idea but don't actually know what's going to be next... and the leading is a bit based on "well everyone in class knew this so...." This made me a bit more self conscious and insecure about what I was doing, but it seemed to work out ok anyway. I think it's a question of practice more than anything else, and it's clear I need a lot more practice :-). Not so much class practice, but dance practice. Classes are great, and I get that wonderful "ta daaaaa" moment after accomplishing each piece, but that doesn't really lend itself to a smooth flowing series of dance moves. Yes, more practice is indeed required.

For their parts, [ profile] dogpooh and [ profile] dukeostuff did marvelously. They hopped into a rather new and different situation and got themselves dancing, albeit only with us "safe" girls :-). So I pulled a typical toy and back led them and otherwise gave them grief. What's life without a few surprises.

So at this point I will freely solicit other dancers to let me know when they're going to be at various places if they don't mind dancing with someone who wishes to learn but is far from advanced. Must......have.......practice....... See ya on the dance floor
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It was such a nice weekend, too. Saturday I spent pretty much lounging around, content in my couch potato like state, until making a quick trip to the fish store and then to [ profile] badmagic for a lovely dinner and off to Glen Echo for dancing, which was much fun despite icky painful thing kicking up several times. Gotta say, that [ profile] badmagic dances like a maniac :-). Also had several much more sedate dances with Covert and we spent much time yapping about techo fandom, crazy fen, and ballroom dancing :-). When I got home I just couldn't get to sleep until about 3 or 4 or so, which made waking up Sunday a chore. Then it was off to pick up new (to me) 40 gallon tank for yet MORE SEAHORSES!!! Woo hoo! Off to another fish shop for proper filtration, dumping leaky refugium into new tank to cycle, setting up sand and rocks and filters and heaters and salt and stir it all up, and it looks like a big mess of disgustingly bad water until it all settles out :-). Should be all cycled out in a week or so, having jump started it with refugium water.

Went to sleep early last night, not feeling too terribly great. Got woken up by a phone call looking for someone else that I didn't answer, but was jut annoying enough to keep me awake. Still not feeling the best :(. Just got a call from [ profile] dogpooh saying he wasn't feeling too great either and was heading home from work (which means he feels REALLY bad). I'm going to try to keep energy in reserve so I can go to rehearsal tonight and not die completely. That's the plan, anyway and I'm sticking to it.

All in all, I'd much rather have Saturday back :-).
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My nifty fun aquacontroller jr. arrived for my seahorse tank, and I spent most of the day programming it with simple but tedious "if then else" statements, moving wires around, addressing things, and otherwise brooding over my tanks.

Then [ profile] dckermit brought me chocolate from Switzerland. Yum yum. Good froggie.

And I just got word that someone bought one of my photos off of a stock photo site. Yay!

Not sure what else to do today... maybe rest...
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So last night, I was dragged kicking and screaming to see Stardust. It's not really kicking and screaming, since I really do like to see movies, it just sounds so much more "drama queen" like :-). So [ profile] badmagic took us off to the cinema, where we found some decent seats and proceeded to watch a very "awww, that's SO romantic" movie. I'm a sucker for fantasy movies in general, and this one was all that and a bag of chips, with the added strangeness of seeing Michelle Pfieffer never looking quite so horrible, and Robert De Niro with a hilarious performance as Captain Shakespeare with feather boa.

I do have a question, however.... what could possibly be in the minds of people who bring babies and very young children to a 10:50 showing of a movie? And why should people around said noisemakers have to be the ones to tell them to shuddup? No, you can't always find a babysitter, but in those cases, why inflict your misery on everyone else? Those few times when I took Recalcitrant Child to movies, it was during a matinee generally of some Disney type movie where ALL the kids were making noise, not to movies that don't let out til 1 am, expecting my already likely tired and cranky child to stay quiet.


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