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Spent the day fighting with technology and being beaten noncon by it.  So, who would have possibly thought that the Google+ API would be read only?!?  I can't auto post from my blog on to Google+.  Really?  It can only be done from Google+ back to the blog.  Can't even do it by using Google Reader because Google Reader only lets you share the posts to your personal stream, and NOT to your business page.  

*sigh*  People have been asking for this for months from Google and stupid me thought it might be available by now.  But NOOOO.

Wes says that my playing with this caused the GMail outage today.  heh.
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I wanted flash support. I also wanted 4G capability. The dual cameras were no big deal. The form factor..well, I'd rather have had iPad form factor since I have accessories for it. However, the Xoom called to me and I had to check it out.

The Xoom is not ready for the market. It's sad because the machine has so much potential. Its specs are respectable, price point is not insane, data plan isn't so bad, but Android 3.0 is pretty much a fail at this point. And Motorola tech support is a joke reminding me of "Peggy" from the Capital One commercial. I expected someone to say "Happy Time" and ring a tin gong for the amount of help I got from them.

Major Failure Issues:

1) No root certificate import capability without rooting the machine. This means I can't get email at my house using the built in email program. So I downloaded K-9 which I used on my droid. On that I can get my home email but not my work. "Accept all certificates" does not. iPad on the other hand "just works."

2) Google writes Android. You'd expect Google's highly touted "Google Body" that says optimized for 3.0 Honeycomb would actually work. No. It crashes 100% of the time.

3) Logistics. When I bought the pad, I also bought a "portfolio case" for it also from Verizon, where I got the tablet. In order to use the portfolio case, you click it into the plastic portion, and the fold over portion doubles as a stand. That's great, but you can't plug it IN while it's acting as a stand. And taking it out is cumbersome and wears out the attachment points on the case.

4) Charging. Some total nitwit put the charge point on the bottom of the tablet, and then provided a charger that consists of a very thin pin attached to a 3/4 inch long plastic piece, attached to a wire. Guess what winds up pressing the plastic piece against the wire when you put the machine in a stand of any kind?

5) Charging 2. The same nitwit decided that attaching the tablet to your computer with the handy USB to mini USB cable would NOT also charge your tablet. No, you MUST use the flimsy thin pin approach.

6) Apps Market. A huge number of Android 2.x apps just plain do not work with Honeycomb. The Apps Market doesn't have them separated out as "optimized for 3.0" or anything like that. If you're lucky they may mention it somewhere in the description.

7) Quitting apps. Not so easy. You almost have to go to the task manager to quit the process to get the app to quit unless you reboot the tablet. Of course, the task manager is not optimized for 3.0 so you get a teeny tiny window.

*sigh* and I so wanted to like the Xoom...
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That is significantly scary. Think of the ramifications. Think of the other governments of the world who would love to emulate that behavior.

This scares me, it seriously scares me.

CDT Statement on Egypt Shutting Down Internet Access

Washington, DC -- Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology
released the following statement in response to the news that Egypt
had cut Internet access and mobile services throughout the country:

"In a stunning and highly counterproductive step backwards, Egypt has
shut down its official domain name servers and telecommunications
network, completely cutting off its people from the global
community," said CDT President Leslie Harris. "This action is
inconsistent with all international human rights norms, and is
unprecedented in Internet history. Egypt's actions will only fuel
unrest and make peaceful resolution of grievances far more

Director of CDT's Project on Global Internet Freedom Cynthia Wong
said: "Egypt's actions demonstrate how vulnerable mobile and
Internet access companies are to pressure from government to take
actions that directly harm human rights. While we appreciate that
some companies involved have acknowledged their role, events
unfolding across the region underscore how critical it is for
companies operating in these risky environments to have robust
strategies to push back on government demands inconsistent with rule
of law and respect for human rights."

- 30 -


Brock Meeks, CDT
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In the meantime, please use my gmail email if possible. Both my home server AND are busted in different and unrelated ways. You can also use my work email if you know it. Perfect timing I tell you. In the grand scheme of things, it could be worse :-)


Jun. 1st, 2010 03:16 am
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Anyone know where I can buy an iPad in the DC area (that actually has them in stock)? Alternatively, anyone know of anywhere I can order one and get it in a relatively short timeframe, unlike 7-14 business days from the Apple Store?
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Hiya. I am having significant annoyance with Thunderbird on the evil work Windows XP thingit. I USED to have a folder list nicely and happily on the left side of my window. It disappeared. I went to view->folders->all. Nada. I tried resizing the window in case I made it smaller by accident. Nada. Re-opened and closed. Nada. Went to the website and searched. No good there either. Tried different layouts. That didn't help either. Does anyone have any ideas? Please please please.

UPDATE: Solved. Between [ profile] dcseain and my wonderful friend Jon, is working. Thanks guys!
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Well, at the suggestion of some on one of the cell phone forums, I went back to Verizon and exchanged the phone. While everything looked very much like a software issue, perhaps the firm ware was to blame for at least some of the issues. The new phone runs the K-9 mail client without crashing (much) and successfully navigates self signed SSL certificates by providing a "SSL if available" option. Bluetooth behaves better, but is still not fully up to snuff, causing multiple tries to connect to things like a Jawbone headset. So far it hasn't messed up the Prius pairing of the iPhone and actually usually pairs to the Prius happily and without complaint.

There is hope...

And I have found ringtone editors....
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Over at InterCon, they used to give me all of the FCs, knowing that if anyone could break them I could. Wouldn't it be nice if Google hired me as "Destroyer of Hardware and Software?" I'd love that job :-)

So today we find that not only does the Droid not connect properly to the Prius, but it also interferes with the iPhone's connection to the Prius so I had to completely delete the Droid's profile and turn it off in order to then delete the iPhone's profile and re-pair IT and continue a connection.

It also took 5x to get the bluetooth connection to the Jawbone working this morning after the Droid and the Jawbone had both been shut off.

On the Motorola forum it said that there would be a bluetooth fix coming out in about a month. That's all good, except that you only have a month to return the phone. If these things don't work, I'm going to be doing just that. It would truly be a shame, as the technology has so much potential.
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Well, I got a nice Motorola Droid to see whether I like it better than the iPhone. I'm one of those crazy individuals who believes that technology should just advertised, which unfortunately seems to be far too high a standard in the world of shoddy stuff. The iPhone mostly does this. However, I was a bit peeved at the non inclusion of Google Voice on the iPhone, which is something I use a lot and like. And so this became a toss up with several pros and cons to both products.


Ease of sync to Macs
Ease of use
Look and feel
Apps store has lots of great stuff and is easy to use/purchase from
Can use "find my iPhone" to find where I misplace the thing
Has just about everything I like to do with a phone/PDA

Apps store can arbitrarily deny useful apps
I don't like the lack of physical keyboard
S L O W (see AT&T, plus kinda slow OS)
crappy camera

Verizon with cheaper data plan
Ease of sync to Google which syncs to Macs
Google Voice
Ease of Use
Real keyboard
MUCH faster
More open platform so no central control over apps

Possibility of malware because of no central control over apps
Bug in how they handle self signed SSL certificates
bleeding edge software/hardware

When I walked into the Verizon store and decided to buy the Droid, the guy activated it and handed it to me to enter my gmail address. Because I have Google Voice, and because I sync my mac stuff with Google for contacts and calendar and stuff, it instantaneously downloaded all of my contacts and calendar information, including the calendars I subscribe to on Google. By the time the sales weasel said "let's switch your old contacts over" it was finished. I said "no need" and showed him that it was full of all of my contacts. He boggled at that and I got to gloat. It took literally seconds. By the time I got into the car some of my email was set up (more on that later) and I was downloading apps from the "Market."

One of the apps I downloaded was for facebook, and it went out and checked my contacts against the facebook contacts, merging information and adding pictures to the phone's contacts. The iPhone also has one of those, but again, not nearly as fast. I downloaded a twitter client, a LJ client, solitaire, meebo for IMs, a bluetooth file transfer program that I haven't figured out how to work yet, a call list blocker that uses wildcards so I can block all 800, 866, 888 etc., Google Sky Map (which I'm told kinda sucks by real astronomers), My Verizon, and of course Google Voice. I want Scrabble and some of the other cute apps I have on the iPhone, but I figure those or better will come along.

Now for the possible deal breaker. Self-signed SSL certificates are not handled properly at all. You are given a choice of SSL, or SSL - accept all certificates. I tried the second one for my self-signed mail server. No good. Would not connect. So, I searched for a work around, finally enlisting help from someone far more technical, who found me an article that showed how you could upload certs to your Droid as trusted. There was no trusted list you could just add domains to unfortunately. So I tried this, uploading my cert. When I told the Droid to use it, it asked me for an extraction password. Huh? I thought that was a server side issue, not a client side one. I posted to the android code forum and one person gave me a possible password which I used but no go.

I can get to the site through the browser, which asks whether I wish to proceed anyway, but not through the mail client. I downloaded another mail client to see if that handled things better, but it blew up immediately before I could even try to configure it.

And so, that's where it is. I still haven't decided which I like better, the Droid or the iPhone, but I do know that I can't use the Droid for everything I want to do unless they fix this "enhancement" (which they named it on the forum. To me, it's a BUG, as the SSL - accept all certificates option does not work the way it is supposed, AND they're asking for an extraction password that they shouldn't.

More on how it fits into day to day life later.

EDIT: Seems that the Droid won't stay connected to my 2008 Prius. The only way to get it to work was to repair it every time I start the car. This is not acceptable.
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Finally! Finally a system where you can effectively screen callers without simply not answering. Finally, a system that rings all my phones at once when trying to find me. *ahhhh*

If I don't already have you in my contacts list, if you call me, you will likely get some sort of a "please announce your name" thing. That should only happen once, as you get added to actual contacts and put in a group that doesn't have that "feature." So, don't be surprised.

I can't wait to see how they transcribe voice mails. It could be hilarious, like some of the LJ post transcriptions I've seen.
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Someone (I will not say who in order to protect [ profile] dogpooh's anonymity), was supposed to purchase and install a lightning surpressor for the Internst stuphs. However, not having done this, and not understanding that the lighting actually checks for this before striking close to your house, the lightning of last night blew out the gateway off the cable modem, making for fail. I can still get email on my account while at work, and hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon, but as for right now...*ARGH*
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Well, not quite afternoon, and I started yesterday, so does that really count? :-) I finally had enough of the silly Facebook applications, so I wrote "Fling Monkey Pooh" so I could fling pooh at everyone who sends me silly applications. The fact that it too is a silly application is not lost on my sense of insanity. So there.

Heh heh. Yes, I do have better things to do with my time.
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Or so says Apple. Yet another attempted kick in the teeth to fair use. Sad that it's one of my favorite companies doing it...
Apple Says Jailbreaking iPhones Is Illegal, Dammit
By matt buchanan,

For the first time ever, Apple has said publicly that jailbreaking
iPhones is illegal. In comments filed with the US copyright office,
Apple says that jailbreaking is copyright infringement and a violation
of the DMCA.

Every three years, the US Copyright Office has a rulemaking session
for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, where exemption requests can
be filed. For the 2009 session, the Electronic Frontier Foundation
filed an exemption request for jailbreaking iPhones for the purposes
of interoperability with independent software—i.e., apps not in the
App Store.

Apple filed these comments (warning, PDF) in opposition, which is the
first time it's explicitly said that jailbreaking itself is illegal
('cause copyright infringement is, well, not legal). It gets pretty
nasty trashtalking the EFF in parts, and pretty masturbatory talking
about how amazing the iPhone is in others (to show how it doesn't need
to be opened to foster innovation). But the bottom line, according to
Apple, is that the act of jailbreaking itself constitutes copyright
infringement because it "involves infringing uses of the bootloader
and OS, the copyrighted works that are protected by the TPMs being

The EFF's counter-argument is that "courts have long recognized that
copying software while reverse engineering is a fair use when done for
purposes of fostering interoperability with independently created
software." Apple says, whatever, it's not fair use, you suck.

We'll let the lawyers figure it out, but as a betting man, my money's
on the Fruit. [EFF]
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Well, there goes the usefulness of YouTube for lots of home produced videos. Despite a music background being clearly fair use, they have set up automated matching between songs and their copyright holders, so you get alerts that your home videos "may be infringing copyright." They've already taken down several of mine, despite properly answering the DMCA takedown notices (which can conceivably remove their safe harbor status).

Non commercial fair use is being destroyed everywhere we look. Perhaps the new administration can do something about it.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good document scanner that will accept up to perhaps 50 to 100 sheets at once and make GOOD pdf files out of them? I need one so I can work from home. Thanks!
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My 20th Anniversary Macintosh is on the web. I am posting from it now, using..get this...Netscape Communicator version 4.7. I configured Mac/TCP to run on it, and have even sent email. WOW! This will be my geek fix for weeks! W00t! Of course, I can't see anything even vaguely resembling a Live Journal post or pages or whatever, but hey, it's a start!
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The 20th Anniversary Macintosh is ALIVE! Is is running OS 9 and TCP/Connect 4 and other ancient programs! I haven't set it up with ethernet yet, but that will be next. OH SERIOUS FUN!!!! Screen shots etc. soon!

THANK YOU [ profile] dbroida!!!
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Jan 2, and I'm already procrastinating :-). While not wanting to clean the house (still feeling just that wee bit light headed and a bit "off" (yes, more off than normal)), I decided I would waste, I mean take the time to play computer doctor. "Why now" you might ask? Well, because the downstairs large room is looking seriously great after [ profile] exsmof and the lovely [ profile] dogpooh successfully moved the bed from my shop into the spare bedroom after [ profile] peanutofdeath and his lovely took the old one out of the spare bedroom. This triggered the clearing of a list of dependencies, culminating in moving a desk out of the office and into the large room. Of course, one must put something seriously cool on a desk in open space...thus....

The Attempted Revival of the 20th Anniversary Macintosh

I purchased the 20th Anniversary Macintosh at a fire sale price, brandy new and ever so cool. It runs Mac OS 8.6. It has no bits of Unix in it. It has an ethernet card. It likely still runs MacTCP. It is seriously cool and pretty and wonderful. It also is not working.

And thus, the saga begins.

Last night, the Seastrom person (soooper genius) suggested that the issue might well be a dead PRAM battery, so that's where I began my research. Finding these batteries new is really not that simple a thing. However, I am not absolutely certain that is this machine's only issue. The green light on the BOSE power supply/subwoofer is supposed to come on. It fails to do so. I am not certain if this is dependent on the PRAM battery or not. However, since the PRAM battery is still delivering 1.5 volts (of 4.5), I would think that might be enough to at least kick things ON, if not actually allow for full boot, but there is nothing. Nada. Dead.

Taking the baby apart, there is a teeny tiny little reset switch hiding below the motherboard, but I am doubtful that doing anything to that will be of assistance if the main power supply's green light won't come on.

Thus, our saga stalls for a bit while [ profile] dogpooh attempts to figure out what is wrong with the main power supply unit. Stay tuned to this channel for updates, as it is always important to know where your 20th anniversary macintosh has been.

For my next trick...revival of a G4 CUBE! W00t!
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A cyanide shooting pink millipede. I can't think of anyone who would appreciate this more than [ profile] badmagic.
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A total waste of chemicals used one of my email addresses to spam. I have received over 300 bounce messages so far, which can only make me wonder how many spams were actually sent. And, of course, they just plugged the address into the spam in the "reply to" forging the headers. Grrrrr.

If anyone deserves a hex, it's them. Anger anger


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