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Something I ate yesterday really did a number on my allergies and caused the insane itching type stuff that causes you to scratch yourself while semi conscious. I hate that. I should have just taken benedryl immediately which would have taken care of everything and helped me sleep but Noooooo....I just took more zyrtec. Not the brightest thing in the world.

Woke up this morning realizing my arms are sore. Why? Spotting and attempting to hold myself up in ariels class. Nothing like using muscles you're not used to in order to remind you that you're out of shape and really oughta work on that upper body strength. Why yes, this IS a good idea :-).

I did an experiment on myself yesterday to see if I could perhaps lessen the symptoms of my gut wrenching inability to breathe thing. I decided to try doubling up on my GERD medication and adding antacid before class. First class it didn't work so great because I kept getting dizzy (well gee, it was SPINS...heh heh). Second class was good. Dance was VERY good. I even danced many times with that massive bundle of energy [ profile] badmagic and was ONLY a bit out of breath! That was very encouraging and made me quite happy. I will try the same for today's classes, and tomorrow's classes and the dance afterwards. It may even help me for my job interview :-).

For all you swing dancers who REALLY want to learn something, Glen Echo tomorrow night. World Lindy Hop Champions teaching the class. Walk ins encouraged. Then a dance afterwards. They are fabulous teachers.

Oh my! It's JUNE already!!!!
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For those of you living under a rock, the Rude Mechanicals are reviving the magnificent Shakespeare play, Coriolanus for DC Fringe. Much ado has been made of changing the fight sequence to be shorter and capable of actually being performed on a teeny tiny postage stamp stage. To that end, we've been working on it, and I was supposed to go to work on it more tonight, but instead I felt cruddola on the way out the door and bailed. Do I feel guilty? oh yeah. Is it better for everyone I don't sneeze all over the place on them? Definitely.

Be happy I am not there and party on, dudes :-).
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I'm on zyrtec, but it just isn't keeping me from this insane sneezing, watering eyes, sinus headache, and the rest of the nasties. Yuck! I feel like I've been hit by marauding tazmanian devil, and I didn't even enjoy it. *ack*

So what'd I do today? Not much :-). I knitted, applied for a few more jobs, made [ profile] calvinthedeeple take his pills, played with the rats nest of doom yarn, and watched really bad TV.

I am useless. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.
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This does not bode well. Not quite sure whats up with that.
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There has recently been much hoopla about Zyrtec, the lovely antihistamine that helps me to keep breathing, has gone OTC. Many have praised this as a wonderful advance and ever so progressive. Funnily enough, I'm not finding it such a panacea.

I've been on Zyrtec for several years, after Allegra and Claritin decided to stop working for me. I've suffered from chronic allergies pretty much since birth, and have found great relief through the magic of modern chemistry. However, as with Prilosec before it, changing Zyrtec to OTC has resulted in demand > supply, and difficulty finding it.

Add to this wonderous fun, the fact that I was getting my Zyrtec for a small co-payment while now I have to pay up to 1.00 per pill, and you have a mixed bag of goodness and badness.

I run out of my Zyrtec in 15 days. I can't get it as a prescription anymore, even if I were to pay for it. So I tried to go to the ever so helpful page where I found that there were several places "authorized" to sell it OTC. Interesting that many of them said that it's unavailable until the end of Feb, or even March. Heh.

This is similar to the time my insurance company swore up and down that Nexium is the same thing as Prilosec (it's not) and I should use Prilosec. Trundling down to my local CVS there was a big sign that they couldn't keep up with demand for Prilosec and so they may have it....sometime.....not sure when...... uh....try the Internet.

Gotta love it when you have to jump through hoops in order to get your meds, pay through the nose (pun intended) and yet our health care system is so great. Pass the Benedryl, will ya?
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I got a letter today from our health care insurer and could only say "WTF?!?!?"

This is the happy fun insurer who decided it was not going to pay for Nexium under any circumstances (saying it wasn't any different from Prilosec OTC despite chemical breakdowns that are different, and despite FDA approval, so either the FDA is utterly stupid and "in the pocket" of the drug industry, or the insurer is grasping at straws so as not to have to pay for expensive drugs).

So, because they won't pay for the drug I need, I've been on protonix. Imagine my surprise when I got a letter regarding my protonix:

We placed generic Protonix in Tier 3 because it is more expensive than the brand based on discounts we have with the manufacturer.

Now wait a minute... there are many things wrong with this picture. 1) Generic costs more than brand name? What's THAT about? 2) Insurance companies get huge discounts? Why don't those discounts go to my co-pay? Why can't those without insurance get those discounts? 3) Now I have to make sure the doc prescribes brand name until/unless the generic cost goes down, else I will have to pay a higher co-pay for generic than for brand. That's so strange.
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I stayed up way too late last night, not being able to get to sleep knowing I had to get up early and take [ profile] dogpooh to the doc for his epidural in the neck. *shudder* I figured I could catch a nap later in the afternoon, or perhaps even in the office. Well that was not to be.

The waiting room was way the hell too small, was totally full, and had lots of people in it with babies and kids. The kids were whining, the babies were fussing, the people were talking entirely too loudly on their cell phones, the mothers were talking entirely too loudly to their kids (you know, the "see what a "good smart mother I am" kind of talk where they try to impart morals upon a child who simply doesn't give a shit and has no intention whatsoever of ceasing his disruptive behavior absent a good swift kick in the butt).

Finally we were brought in, the procedure was explained, and I snuck out to hide while they did it. No nap for me. Stopped at Marine Scene on the way home and picked up some fishies, came home and found that C2 had once again ripped her chest open.

Definitely no sleep for me, as I bundled up the damn cockatoo and took her to the vet where I dropped her off.

She'll likely need surgery yet again.

Tending to psycho animals seems to have a tendency to make me rather psycho.
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I am lazing around here on the couch hoping that some of the crabs who have outgrown their shells will accept these new ones, since they are technically "hermit crab" shells. They might find "hermit crabs" to be too low rent for them or something, who knows? But now the bottom of the 180 gallon fishie tank is littered with shells awaiting new occupants.

In the small tank I have an infestation of bristle worms (otherwise known as fire worms cuz they burn if you touch the bastards). Just bought a cute little coral banded shrimp who is supposed to love to eat them. We shall see.

Then I went off to try to find some Prilosec to hold me over until my Canadian Nexium arrives. Wouldn't you know that CVS had a sign up apologizing for Proctor and Gamble's inability to provide enough Prilosec? THAT is just enough to be annoying. Time to go Internet shopping.... w00t.
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[ profile] dogpooh woke up this morning with lips looking like he had a serious accident with a collagen injector. It's really very frightening. He's having an allergic reaction to something (we think we know what, which would be horrible if it were true since it's the only pain medication that seems to help) and it's really not a happy one. Luckily, he is stable and there is no anaphylaxis. I talked to a doc friend who confirmed my initial thought of giving him heavy antihistamines and watching him. The antihistamines took effect about an hour ago and his lips started deflating. He's in bed now.

Man, you know... just when you think it's safe to go outside....
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My dentist tells me that I shouldn't have any problem waiting until a week from Wed. when he can see me. I'm not sure if I believe him.
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Anyone know a good emergency dentist who uses nitrous oxide who might be open Monday? I managed to bust a tooth. Grumble.
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Better better, ever better. Yay! Pink Raccoon is ready to fight crime again!
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Feeling much better, but still kinda disgusting.
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It's better. The only icky parts are the ones where the blisters turned into ick.

My voice sounds less like Stevie Nicks and more like a goat.

And now I can get back rubs again from [ profile] extreme_nilla. W00t!
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I slept until 10 this morning, then again from about 11 til 3. The toxic cruft coming out of my eyes is highly irritating to the already messed up skin around the eyes, and I put warm compresses on them about 3x per hour on average. That said, it is still much better than it was yesterday, and the ability to sleep is making a big difference in my ability to heal. The cough and chest pains are easing. The cognitive functions are returning. I actually got hungry this morning. All of these things are improvements.

Course, the universe had to decide to hit me with a really horrible day of moontime at the same time other things are improving. Thanks.

Alas, there shall be no pink raccoons on the dance floor tonight, as this one is still unable to properly function in that capacity.

Now, if anyone would like to volunteer as cabana boy/girl to fetch me steaming bowls of water 3x per day, feed me grapes (you can leave the skins on), ice cream, chicken soup and hot tea (not all at once), run to CVS when I run out of artificial tears, and rub my feet, I am accepting applications.
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The pink raccoon slept last night. This was a great thing! The state of waking was not such a great thing. Let's just say it was pretty unsavory and leave it at that. It has taken about an hour to finish cleaning up from that state, and now all I want to do is go back to sleep. And why not? Racoons are noctural anyway.

Pink Raccoon will not be much fun today. Just sayin'.
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I don't have the version of PhotoShop that works on Leopard, so I can't color correct it to show what it really looks like, but suffice it to say that that red circle around the eye with the blisters on it.... well, that's the sign of an angry pink raccoon.

Where our saga left off, doc had given us pain meds (thank the gods), hefty doses of antibiotic, and antibiotic eye ointment. I began using it all as directed as soon as I got it yesterday. While things improved markedly in the breathing category, things in the eye category got worse. The pain, itching, and general discomfort (feeling like sandpaper was being wiped across my eyes, lids, sockets, etc) became unbearable overnight and I called the doc's office first thing in the morning. I got a pretty quick call back from the nurse. I told her that I needed steroidal drops or some other kind of drops because the eye thing was getting worse and it was now impossible for me to sleep. I had been putting warm compresses on every hour with no effect. Nothing I seemed to do helped, except the artificial tears that I was quickly running out of. The skin had inflamed all around both eyes and it was utterly miserable. The nurse said she'd ask him to prescribe and she'd call right back. That was 9 am.

And so I waited.

And I waited.

Keep in mind now that I haven't had much real sleep in 3 days with my eyes weeping and mixing with the ointment and re-irritating the red spots. And I waited.

By 3 I said "bugger this" and called my optometrist who worked me in as an emergency, told me the ointment was causing contact dermatitis and I was allergic to something in it. She put in steroidal drops, antihistamine drops, and gave me more artificial tears. It felt better almost instantly, albeit the sandpaper had gone from coarse to fine, the battery acid had diluted a little bit, but the skin around my eyes was still nuts. she suggested hydrocortisone which the lovely [ profile] dogpooh picked up (along with the 100.00 drops...yeah, our insurance ran out and the company didn't send us the COBRA forms yet. Gee, thanks). I've spent the evening on weaker pain meds, and lots of water and hydrocortisone cream.

7:15 pm the phone rings. It's the nurse from the not so prompt doctor's office, calling to apologize but they'd been just ever so busy today. I told her that if I was still using the meds as prescribed, I'd likely now be dealing with serious chemical blisters and possible vision loss since I was assured that nothing in the formula was on my allergies list. (I'm still doing the research to ensure the truth of that statement). But everything was fine now that a lowly optometrist seems to have fixed the eye issue. The chest issue, thank the gods, is finished.

I bet they're very happy that a pink raccoon didn't just appear in their little offices and clear them out. Everyone knows what pink eye looks like and how contageous it is. Mine being an extra special shade of blistering pink likely would ensure a panic as people ran out of the waiting room. Tisk tisk.
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Now I have something to say back when the parrot yells, "I'm a GREEN CHICKEN." It's a bit less red today, but damn it still feels awful.

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And so I sit at CVS while [ profile] dogpooh gets my antibiotics and pain meds and eye ointment. Perhaps I'll get some sleep later once we make it home behind those ascared of the evil snow.
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Add conjunctivitis to the lovely litany of symptoms I'm having. As if an upper respiratory viral infection wasn't bad enough, eh? Someone just HAD to add disgusting thick itchy burning goo to it. Just had to. Gee, thanks.

[ profile] exsmof has been a sweetie and brought me eye drops and a NILLA FROSTY! It was even still cold. YAAAAY. He is now listening to me whine. WHINE!

If this damn thing doesn't go away real soon now, I will have no choice but to do more Madison Time on someone's butt. HIT IT!


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