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48 Hour Film Project instead. Rumor has it that I will be assisting Cyclopean Pictures again this year through the rollicking fun of creating something out of nothing in 48 hours. I truly enjoy working with this great group of smart people. Also, re: that announcement previously posted for the March of Dimes fundraiser Sat. Night at Caffe Amoure in Vienna, the lovely and fabulously talented Mo is slated to appear. She is ALWAYS fabulous.

It will be a busy busy weekend.
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Tonight. 7:30. House of Chaos. Be there!
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Much will depend on how wiped out [ profile] dogpooh is after taking a practice test that takes 4 hours. UGH!
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No House of Chaos TV Night Tonight. That is all.
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Official notice of no tv night on Friday, July 16th due to One Deeple of Verona that you should come to see at 10:30 PM at the Warehouse Theater on 7th st. NW in DC. Yes, you should be there :-)
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Anybody local want a huge rear projection TV that needs repair? You can have it free. Let me know like RIGHT NOW though cuz Wes it itching to take it to the dump. Mitsubishi rear projection 42 inch WT-46805 for you geek types who want to find parts. Then there's a Mitsubishi CRT 36 inch CS-3515R, and a JVC 26 inch AV-26BM4. The CRTs are fine so far as I know.
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And attempting to find power supplies and accessories, etc. include

Ancient Sony MD Walkman
2 Newtons
Ancient Sony Vaio
Various RIO music players (not sure if MP3 had been invented yet :-))
Creative Jukebox
Old Siemens telephone systems, etc. etc.

Many CRT monitors, some old TVs (some VERY large and need a truck)

And much of this will be recycled a week from Sunday at the new "get rid of stuff" event at Fairfax County Dump.
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Noon to 3 see the amazing [ profile] wondermojz pimping the Washington Animal Rescue League. Go go go!

TV night was fun. [ profile] easy_living brought wonderful cupcakes and she and [ profile] free_of_whip brought a white miniature goat...uh, I mean Willow :-)

Dollhouse is getting stranger :-)
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tonight. house of chaos. 8pm. Be there! Willow can come earlier if desired. Let me know if you need directions. Work is sucking my brain. See you there.
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Hee hee. So I went to sleep last night and didn't wake up until 10:30, when I was told "hey, it's time to take Luppy to the vet" so I struggled to consciousness and off we went, me grabbing Dummy Dog as well since he seems to have a skin issue. Poor Lup is not producing ANY tears out of one of her eyes still and the other is producing a FEW. So the vet has prescribed another drug that we're going to try along with the one she's still on, in hopes the combination will do something. I'm told there is a surgery possible for her, but I'd rather not obviously. The Dummy Dog got himself some medicated shampoo, and off to home we went.

Where it was time for...THE DOG BATHING FIASCO! Yes, that's right, the let's bathe 8 monsters. So I pulled out the new Mane and Tail shampoo, washed and conditioned my hair and went to work on the monsters. It's basically an assembly line process, with one washing and conditioning and the other brushing and blow drying. What a mess. It takes many towels, much shampoo, may escape attempts, some successes, much shaking water/soap/everything else onto the walls and anyone standing around, and much other mess of many and sundry kinds. However, the final result was quite nice! I used the Mane and Tail on me AND on the doggies, and it really came out wonderfully in all cases.

And now...shipping, laundry, dishes, various and sundry other cleanings, and TV NIGHT! See y'all at House of Chaos tonight or ELSE! W00 H00.
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Wanna come GROUT?!?! Oh the FUN!
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It came on about an hour ago. Hooray. Now to refill the propane tank for the next rollicking fun installment of "When Trees Go Bad."

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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[ profile] exsmof said during his trip to House of Chaos this evening that there were many trees down along the route, one of which is likely responsible for our power outage that won't be fixed until six tomorrow night. So why in the name of all that is holy don't these people bury the damn lines? Not only do they NOT, but they spend millions every year to send tree trimming services out to block the road (two lane highway), to cut ridiculous holes in trees for the wires to go through, leaving things looking like some kind of macabre thing, with a trunk and U shaped kinda branches that the wires pass between. Like that's going to work in high winds/snow/rains.

Earlier this summer, Verizon started putting in FIOS. We were hoping that they might THEN dig and bury the lines. What a nice idea, eh? Wrong. FIOS is going on the poles. But now they're spending millions to put the wires HIGHER on the poles. Huh?

The cost to society of this stuff must be huge. Road delays with the high cost of fuel, while people trim trees. Personal cost to people who have to leave their homes and go to hotels. Cost of boarding pets, replacing food, fried electronics, ruined fish tanks with all of the animals, corals, rocks, inverts, etc., and all the cleaning of carnage that goes with it.

Of course, all Dominion really cares about is ITS bottom line, as they are not held responsible for the other costs associated with their negligence. Perhaps that should change.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I can't remember a roller coaster like this in a long time (thank goodness). Happily, things are beginning to even out, and it's going to be a kinda low-key weekend at the House of Chaos. As always, people are welcome to stop by and say howdy, pet the dogs, try to entice [ profile] calvinthedeeple to put on some weight, and entice the other residents to try to take off some weight :-). You may even get to meet the Recalcitrant Sister and the Recalcitrant Brother in Law.

I'm finishing up the dark brown tank I've been lazily making for a long time. Not sure what the next project will be. After I made the tank I decided I wanted sleeves, so I'm trying to fashion some add on sleeves and kinda failing, so we'll see how that goes. Just doing the crochet around the neck to make it all spiffy now. At worst it will remain a tank, made out of gorgeous baby alpaca fiber that feels so soft and yummy.

Besides that, we're kinda full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. CHARGE!
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The multi talented and wonderful [ profile] dogpooh has created a LOVELY canopy for my Oceanic 180 gallon fish tank. He is such a fabulous carpenter/cabinet maker guy.

Course, he had to wire up all the lights, etc. He is almost finished, just has to wire up some fans and some actinic lighting but otherwise, iz done and beautiful.
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Thunder crashes, lightning flashes, rain is pouring, power is hiccuping, [ profile] calvinthedeeple is shivering, the fish tank is sending out frantic "I have no lights, my pH, my pH!!!" emails, DirecTv is looking for its signal.

In other words, a normal summer day at the House of Chaos :-).
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It's so sad to watch some of the local fish keepers who have put years into the perfect marine aquarium and brilliant displays of corals and critters, lose it all because of power outages. Most of these guys have back up systems to keep at least air flow going, but not everyone can afford a generator that powers the lights the corals need to live, the protein skimmers to keep waste from building, the heaters to keep the temperature constant, kalk stirrers, etc. to keep things healthy. When you are looking at multi day outages, which some of these people went through, the losses begin to mount. But they're not the only ones who suffered.

A cashier at the local Safeway mentioned in passing that they lost 20,000.00 in milk, and 15,000.00 in ice cream alone. I have no idea what they might have lost in other meats and refrigerated products. If you multiply that by all the shops, and all the private homes that have to throw out refrigerators full of food, you have to ask how Dominion Virginia Power can possibly say that burying the lines wouldn't be cost effective.

I either don't understand something critical here, or somebody isn't quite telling the truth. I've lived in many places around the world, and by far, I've had the most issues with power right here in Northern Virginia. When I first moved here 20+ years ago now, I complained to then Virginia Power about the number of outages we were dealing with, and they said that burying the lines wouldn't make any difference. That's rather difficult for me to believe given that it seems that just about every time we have a storm of any kind, our power at least fluctuates to the point where clocks reset, surge protectors trip, etc. Most of the issues in our area from what I could see were due to downed trees taking the lines with them. How could burying the lines NOT help?

Perhaps if electric companies were held responsible for the losses they cause, we'd see buried lines and better service....
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Because we're among the 250,000 out of power and they're saying it will be a multi day event. We have no idea when we will get power back. The generator powers only some of the AC units, etc. It's going to get pretty warm in here pretty quickly.

Remember, this is Dominion Virginia "We don't need to bury the lines" Power. Gotta love these bastards. Gouge your wallet and provide very little when the emergency happens.
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Early phone call when I had finally fallen asleep. Carpet install not happening today. Happening tomorrow instead. Well feh. Got new schedule for Coriolanus rehearsals. Thought I had to go tonight but I don't, which is good cuz I can go see MO!!! You should go see Mo too. Austin Grill, Silver Spring! Go go go! You will love it.

I am about to take an extra long hot shower so that I can get my poor muscles on track, then chase the Deeple up and down the stairs.
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It's a kind of rich mocha type color that is really pretty. We will see if the insurance company will bump up the idiot pad price of .36 per square foot that they have so generously given us (which is basically read your newspaper through "pad" that the shop doesn't even carry....) and hopefully we will get carpet sometime soon. I truly can't wait. I SO want to move things back into the shop.... I'd like to have an office at some point, and it would sure be nice to have everything back where it kinda belongs, while I simultaneously find stuff that needs to be sold and/or pitched and/or rehomed.

Glad that part is now over.

Now the wait.....


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