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I was up far too late last night, unable to sleep due to angst and [ profile] calvinthedeeple wanting attention. So when I woke up at 8 I was most unhappy. [ profile] dogpooh figured I was awake and released the hounds as I was trying to get back to sleep. Not a happy time. Anyone who has seen a Toy without enough sleep can tell you that it is NOT a pretty sight, nor very functional either. In [ profile] dogpooh's defense, he's been having a very frustrating week too.

[ profile] dogpooh's Powerbook G4 ate its hard drive. He got a new one yesterday and installed it. The machine will not even attempt to boot. It's almost as if zero power is getting to it despite happy green power light and full battery. Resetting the PMU did nothing. He's got it in pieces again, trying to figure out WTF.

[ profile] dogpooh also rented a sander to get the adhesive and waterproofing crud off the floor so the tile will stick. It did nothing but heat up the stuff, turning it to goo. This was unhelpful and [ profile] dogpooh is unhappy to say the least.

Back in my world, something or other is making me sneeze damn near 10x per hour minimum. Zyrtec is not helping. This makes getting back to sleep impossible. Recalcitrant Dogs have decided to beat the hell out of Willow again. When I rescued her this time I got the bright idea to get rid of "some of her mats" that are likely a result of being rolled by her siblings/parents. Ever started to groom a dog and find that her entire body full of fur is just one tightly connected series of mats? Dog is mostly naked.

Deeple seems most unhappy. He really isn't eating or drinking much. He just wants to be velcro dog and not leave my side at all. Having a Deeple shaped growth can be challenging.

Later on today, our ISP arrives to upgrade my servers and (oh hella joy) renumber my piece of class C. Gee, I can't wait. *ARGH* I'm still finding stray blips of IP address from the LAST renumbering probably 6 years ago.

Update: I just heard the chime of a booting mac from the desk of [ profile] dogpooh. The day is improving already. Now to find the Leopard install disk....
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It's amazing how something as relatively minor as a stuffy nose can interfere with sleep to the extent that you just can't DO it. At least I think it's the stuffy nose and not the mailing list I'm on that is supposed to be "interfaith." There was a posting there today where someone held up an article and said, "See? This is why we're 'alternative.'" The article was written by a liberal Christian who said that the Divine Feminine always existed in Judaism and Christianity, and this Goddess was the one true Goddess and all others were false and should not be capitalized but it was perfectly ok to worship this purported Judeo-Christian Goddess that he had found in the old translations of the Bible.

Uh, this isn't "alternative." This is liberal Judeo-Christianity. The idea of excluding a huge portion of the world's citizens who happen to worship other Deities besides those of the Abrahamic religions by, for example, calling Hindu Goddesses "false" is not "alternative." It's reworking something you're comfortable and familiar with to include elements that at best aren't accepted by the mainstream of your religion, or are at worst blasphemy. To me, the term "alternative" doesn't just mean recasting the mainstream until you like it. "I'm a liberal Christian" is not alternative except perhaps in the deepest part of the Bible Belt where you would be labeled a dangerous heretic. Alternative would mean something different enough to be meaningful. In the United States, "I am a Buddhist" is far more alternative than being a liberal Christian.

I still also find it amazing that on an "interfaith" list, people assume that the only religions represented are the various forms of Christianity. Please, guys....there are many followers of non Abrahamic religions who exist. It really is past the time when one can assume that none of "them" are hanging out on "our" lists or in "our" neighborhoods, or have kids who go to "our" schools.

Well, even though I typed out that early morning rant, I'm still no closer to sleep, which makes me put my money back on the stuffy nose rather than the religious tripe. Perhaps a few more games of solitaire will help.....


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