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Ragtime Restaurant
Mo - solo acoustic - 9:30 PM
1345 N. Courthouse Rd.
Arlington VA 22201
Price: Free

Yes, you must be there. Yes yes yes!
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As usual, I don't have time to post really, but I had to say that Mo kicked ass AGAIN at her fabulous CD kick off party at the Wonderland Ballroom last night. We danced, we went crazy, we had much happy. Mo with her kick ass band "The Strays" drew an audience from as far as NYC on a bus (hi kids :-)) and bum fuck Virginia via every red light between here and there, but it was worth it.

[ profile] calvinthedeeple may have a bit to say on his own about the show, but he is currently lounging and demanding his own private manicurist and some bon bons.

As for me, I need a vacation.
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Noon to 3 see the amazing [ profile] wondermojz pimping the Washington Animal Rescue League. Go go go!

TV night was fun. [ profile] easy_living brought wonderful cupcakes and she and [ profile] free_of_whip brought a white miniature goat...uh, I mean Willow :-)

Dollhouse is getting stranger :-)
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Mo Show Reminder

* Jan. 21st, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Tonight - 1/21/09 @ 9:30 PM - Arlington, VA

Bar Show - Mo solo acoustic 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM
Ragtime Restaurant
1435 N. Courthouse Rd. Arlington, VA
21+ No Cover Smoking Permitted
Kitchen open 'til 1 AM
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Spread the news as far as you can. This is a GREAT CAUSE and Mo is a GREAT performer. Support the abandoned hurt and sick animals being taken care of at the Humane Society. Wed., December 3 at 8PM at the State Theater in Falls Church. Details at The Mo Website

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I admit my bias up front, being a very longtime fan of local music and having done a bit in my time. Live performances in small venues where you can sit and eat, chat with friends, and of course have a few beers make for great nights out. My favorite local performer, the brilliant [ profile] wondermojz aka Morrigan used to play the Austin Grill in Silver Spring the first Wed. of every month. Without her, the idea of driving to Silver Spring just to go to the Austin Grill is something that we just wouldn't bother with, as we can get mediocre food and the same booze right up the road. We chose that venue every Wed. night because it was a place with atmosphere, great interactive music, and a reason for friends to gather to support and cheer on our local talent.

Austin Grill, at a corporate level, has decided to do away with live local music. This, in my humble opinion, is a huge mistake.

If you believe as I do, pick up that keyboard and write an email of support for live local music at Austin Grill. The address I was given is Don't forget to mention that you believe live local music increases your chances of going to an Austin Grill, staying longer, and spending more money.

Here's what I sent. Definitely not a masterpiece, but I have a ton to do today :-)

It was with great sadness that I heard about the decision to cancel live music at Austin Grills. For the past year, I and many of my friends have been following a performer local to the Washington DC area at your Silver Spring and Rockville Austin Grills. We looked forward to the first Wednesday of each month as a time to get together with friends and listen and interact with Morrigan. We had set aside this time to travel from as far away as Alexandria, VA and Baltimore, MD in order to see her, as well as to enjoy food and drink at the Austin Grill, often arriving for her first set around 9:30 and staying until close.

Without musicians like Morrigan, we would not bother to make the drive, nor likely even to go out on a Wednesday night. We most definitely would not stay until closing, as most of us have regular jobs. Our entertainment dollars would likely have gone elsewhere, to other establishments that provide live interactive entertainment along with their regular fare.

Is there any way you can be persuaded to override this decision and bring artists like Morrigan back to their audiences? Your support of local live music was important to us as customers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your voice and your dollars are important to businesses hurting in this recession. Let them know what you want.
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You shall go to the MO Show tonight. You shall not buy shots for the singer, however, as she is recovering from the Rudes Caesar Crud. I shall try to also go to the MO Show, but my RCC may not allow it, but I am hoping. You should likely not buy shots for me either :-).

TONIGHT, October 1st, 2008 at 9:30 PM
Mo Solo Acoustic
AUSTIN GRILL - Silver Spring
919 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, MD
All Ages, No Cover, Smoke Free

Mo shows are always dah bomb. Hear some of her stuff at the: Mo Website
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Time to go out to a GREAT show! Yes, that's right, YOU, especially YOU on the appropriate side of the Potomac, MUST get out and see the fabulous MO who sings as good as she looks, who will be appearing TOMORROW NIGHT (yep, that's Tuesday for those of you who get confused) on OUR side of the world.

You must go! I will hopefully be there, depending on how the second 1/2 of my root canal goes. But YOU, you have no such excuse, and if you claim to, it has to be at LEAST as nasty as a root canal.

It is a moral imperative.

Mo plays solo acoustic from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM
at the Bistro Europa (upstairs bar)
715 King St. Alexandria, VA
Cheap billiards and Special $1 off Mo's "Shot of the Night" alchemized by Hector, your cute bartender and evening fun director.
No Cover! 21+ Smoking Permitted. (damn!)
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Early phone call when I had finally fallen asleep. Carpet install not happening today. Happening tomorrow instead. Well feh. Got new schedule for Coriolanus rehearsals. Thought I had to go tonight but I don't, which is good cuz I can go see MO!!! You should go see Mo too. Austin Grill, Silver Spring! Go go go! You will love it.

I am about to take an extra long hot shower so that I can get my poor muscles on track, then chase the Deeple up and down the stairs.
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I cruised many more job sites, filled out yet more government forms explaining why I wasn't filling out government forms, trying to dutifully fill out every bit of paper wanted for government jobs, and attempting to return phone calls. Then, I went OCD and went through all my old postings and made sure they were in the right filters (oops, some weren't), and added tags so I can find them more easily.

Then I went onto flickr and put up some pictures and tried to organize them. Well go me.

Now I'm playing NetHack some more, watching pictures magically arrive on my phone from [ profile] exsmof at the [ profile] wondermojz show tonight at Fells Point, and am thinking about sleep :-)
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Tonight! Silver Spring. 9:30. I will be there doing much video taping until the tequila cuts in, then I will only look as if I'm taping. Heh. Unlike the singer, one may buy shots for the videographer during any set.
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Just had to make a new gig icon to remind everyone to show up at the Mo Show tonight at 9 at Austin Grill Silver Spring and pity me with my sore tooth and don't buy shots for the singer until the third set.
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Please watch and rate. Please also comment on anything I could have done better.

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
Austin Grill - SILVER SPRING
First Wednesdays with Mo - 9:30 PM
919 Ellsworth Drive
Silver Spring MD 20910
Price: Free

First Wedensdays of every month! Come hang with Mo for a night of a little rock, a little country and more than a little inappropriate humor.

See y'all there :-)
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While nobody was looking, I stole a copy of [ profile] wondermojz's next CD cover. I know she'll kill me for posting it, but the world deserves to see:

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I am VERY thrilled to have been invited to shoot [ profile] wondermojz stills and video while she did some vocal tracks for her upcoming CD whose title track is quite the amazing piece of work. Yeah, I'm sure most people are bloody tired of hearing me blather on and on about Mo and "what a voice" and "Mo rocks" and all the rest of that stuff, but really, it's all true. And I'm saying this as a former "expert" who broke Boston in the UK (BBC One jocks were in my disco when I played some of it and they freaked out and it was on their playlists the next week), and "Heart of Glass" in the US (my program director of the time took credit, but WTF. Our station got the gold record from Debbie Harry). And yeah, it's been a long time since I've been in the music business at all, but that doesn't mean I don't know good when I hear it.

I'm sure that both Mo and the lovely engineer whose name I stupidly forgot were both sick of me with eyes big as saucers, staring at all this fabulous equipment with flashing buttons and dials and colored knobs and woo woo geek stuff, and telling them how bloody old I am by blathering on about the last time I was in a real recording studio (1977) and OMG it's DIGITAL and gawking at the Mac he used to power Pro Tools and all those audio tracks and on this sounds SO GOOD and the voice in my head saying "shut up and shoot the damn video already."

Yeah, ok, I guess I had permission to be 17 with a sound equipment fetish again :-).

And now the video download....
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I spent the morning packing and shipping stuff from my webshop (unlike other years they haven't forgotten about me after the holidays), and being berated by a customer who didn't change his address on PayPal yet somehow I was supposed to know he moved and forward the package accordingly. I'm afraid my telepathy is not that specific.

Then a friend of mine from Bonaire asked me to edit a video script for him. It was pretty good, but needed just that little bit of help a native English speaker could provide for a native Belgian.

And now to finish up a few more things and get ready to go see Mo tonight. W00t! Everyone else should go too. Austin Grill SILVER SPRING (rather than Rockville so that dah Toy doesn't again become stupidly confused and lead the [ profile] exsmof otherwise known as Designated Driver astray.

So read the [ profile] wondermojz entry and get your sorry butt out to Silver Spring and see her. It's well worth it. I've heard a rumor that the Recalcitrant Child, the [ profile] dogpooh and the [ profile] exsmof may show up.
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Last night was great fun! As advertised Austin Grill had a wonderful selection of tequila (yum) and [ profile] exsmof thought the food was good. Seeing [ profile] wondermojz's fan club of Rudes and others was a real treat. I think we even recruited a few more fans out of the people who were just there for a drink :-). They got too close to the vortex and got sucked in :-). And it was great meeting [ profile] magentametrix. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you much...I was really distracted but glad you came. I hope you liked Mo.

The show was great. The food was good. The tequila was yummy (though I had way too much of it...thanks to the Designated Exsmof). What more could anyone ask for. And Mo did my favorite 2 songs from her CD which everyone should buy many copies of :-)

I am so thrilled that one of the Rudes told me she thought I was about 16 on stage. Seriously cool!

And now we return to my latest hangover :-).
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Sore throat, nausea, feeling tired and crappy, cough.... it must be something the Deeple brought me. I really want to go to [ profile] wondermojz show tonight (at Austin Grill Rockville 36 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD, 20850 starting between 9 and 9:30) but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. This would totally piss me off if I had to miss it. *ARGH*


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