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After someone else's post yesterday regarding pets and treatment of animals, etc., I received an interesting quote from another friend that I thought worth sharing.

"You can judge the progress of a society by how well they treat their animals" - Mahatmas Gandhi

I have to agree.
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The one where that guy named "Chuck Storm" or whatever is doing a TV live shot and walks smack into a pole? Well...Dummy Dog captured what Chuck Storm might have seen a split second before...

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Snow from the vantage of a Dummy Dog

Must admit I love this stupid petcam thing :-)
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A couple of photos from Kelsey's Pet Cam Gallery

The Mirror The Mirror
Kelsey sees her life reflected in a really big ass mirror
Tilted Yard Tilted Yard
My yard has become a Batman evil lair

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Yes, the photographic genius, Xander Pup, has created his first gallery, and wished you, my LJ friends, to be a part of its unveiling.

To see more pictures like the below, along with their brilliant captions by the artist himself (mostly) See this URL

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Poor Luppy. Lup's got dry eye that suddenly occurred about 4 months ago, and manifested with what I thought was conjunctivitis. Doc gave her antibiotic ointment for her eyes, but that just made things worse. So they tested and found she wasn't really producing many tears. They gave her all different meds, and things got a tiny bit better, but not much. The best thing we did was keep up with the artificial tears and all to give her some relief and make sure she didn't scratch her eyes out.

Our pals at Flying Feet recommended Dr. Smith (not the one from Lost in Space) the eye expert. [ profile] dogpooh brought her to see him today. After she decided to add some of his name to the back of his truck, [ profile] dogpooh got her up to Gaithersburg where Dr. Smith did many tests, finding that her eyes were still in really good shape, and we can certainly try to get things moving for her. He's given us all kinds of strange things to give the dog, one of which, 2 hours after you give it to her, she should start salivating and/or tearing. If we don't catch that, [ profile] dogpooh will have more to clean up.

Of course, on the way home, Luppy left [ profile] dogpooh yet more gifts, this time from the other end.

Poor poor [ profile] dogpooh But at least Luppy is going to get better.
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Well, this is what happened after shaving the completely matted dog. I think we'll name it "Dogs 10 and 11"

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Hee hee. So I went to sleep last night and didn't wake up until 10:30, when I was told "hey, it's time to take Luppy to the vet" so I struggled to consciousness and off we went, me grabbing Dummy Dog as well since he seems to have a skin issue. Poor Lup is not producing ANY tears out of one of her eyes still and the other is producing a FEW. So the vet has prescribed another drug that we're going to try along with the one she's still on, in hopes the combination will do something. I'm told there is a surgery possible for her, but I'd rather not obviously. The Dummy Dog got himself some medicated shampoo, and off to home we went.

Where it was time for...THE DOG BATHING FIASCO! Yes, that's right, the let's bathe 8 monsters. So I pulled out the new Mane and Tail shampoo, washed and conditioned my hair and went to work on the monsters. It's basically an assembly line process, with one washing and conditioning and the other brushing and blow drying. What a mess. It takes many towels, much shampoo, may escape attempts, some successes, much shaking water/soap/everything else onto the walls and anyone standing around, and much other mess of many and sundry kinds. However, the final result was quite nice! I used the Mane and Tail on me AND on the doggies, and it really came out wonderfully in all cases.

And now...shipping, laundry, dishes, various and sundry other cleanings, and TV NIGHT! See y'all at House of Chaos tonight or ELSE! W00 H00.


Nov. 20th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Our Little Luppy apparently has clean sinuses, but is not creating tears. Nobody is quite sure why. However, they're trying some medication. Hopefully all will be well.
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Luppy has had a non stop eye infection for weeks now. Yes, she's been to the vet, who has prescribed various antibiotics and such to no avail. He took a culture of the goo, and it didn't even start growing for over 48 hours, and when it finally did, he concluded that the antibiotics that she was being given should have cleared up this mess. However, it did not. So this morning she goes in for a bit of clearing out of the sinuses and tear ducts in order to try to get rid of this ick. She's going to have to have anesthesia for it, so I'm always nervous about that. Hopefully all will be well.
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Dummy Dog (aka Hobbs) got himself a skin staph infection that the vet says was likely pollen on the skin causing irritation that caused bacteria. He is an unhappy boy with topical cream getting stuck on him a couple times per day. Pooooor Dummy Dog.
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As I fight for the keyboard against Xander pup (he's winning) I once again find so many things I SHOULD be doing and instead am snuggled into this really comfy bed with my laptop, a diet pepsi, and a [ profile] calvinthedeeple keeping my thigh warm. [ profile] dogpooh has gone out for coffee and will bring me a muffin when he gets back. As Calvin would say, "Bliss" :-)

I don't wanna work on my shop, don't wanna clean fishie tanks, don't wanna move the stuff out of the downstairs so [ profile] dogpooh can start the tiling, don't wanna work out although I promised myself I would after being so sore at aerials class. It's just so nice here....

Ambition high. Motivation not so much.

I do have to go take care of Dummy Dog who has found himself a staph infection on his back. Vet says that pollen can irritate their skin and then bacteria sets in. Must attack the Dummy with antibiotics and steroids. And, of course, there are the stairs for the Deeple.

[ profile] dogpooh returns with the muffin (yum) and reports that it's WAY HOT and people are "driving like crazy." He says traffic is nuts, even more than usual. Yuck.

Well, we shall see what shall happen in the battle between sheer lazy sloth and that strange guilt thing. I'm not putting odds on either :-).
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I had a bottle of ProMotion vitamins for [ profile] calvinthedeeple with about 50 tablets in it. Calvin's beautiful wife Luppy decided to steal the whole damn bottle, drag it outside, chew open the child proof (not dog proof) cap and either eat them all, or share them with her little friends.

I just called the vet and all will be ok they think, except there will be some pretty interesting output for the next few days.

Oh joy, oh rapture.
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I decided not to shave Bushi today, as I didn't feel like the inevitable fight. And so....after shaving Buffy, Kelsey and Xander, I looked like this:

Too bad you can't see the white hair all over my shirt, but "photo booth" and the isite don't show that much resolution, and I can't find my damn card for the real

The bathroom looked like this:

I am still sneezing. Heh.
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I decided that it was incumbent upon me to shave the puffs. They seem to love to roll in whatever is blooming and bring it into the house and directly up my nose. This is a non-con act. Therefore, the less fur the less collection of botanicals...or so the theory went. Besides that, the puffs were basically one huge mat.

I had tried doing this before and the clippers did not seem to desire to do much clipping. They would find a mat and bounce off it. This was not good. So, I remembered I had purchased a new 10 blade that oughta shave their little buns clean. Step 1 = change blades. And here I was, thwarted. Re-read the manual. Nowhere did it explain how to do this. I took the old bade off, but could not for the life of me figure out how to get the new one back on. A quick google and I found actual photographs on how to do this...NOT supplied by Oster, the manufacturer of the clippers, but by very annoyed customers who also had the same problem I did. Seems you must insert a kitchen knife under a tab and muscle the tab open, THEN it will accept the new blade. Well duh...why didn't I think of that?

Anyway, the new blade was WONDERFUL! I grabbed the first puff to pass my way (poor Kelsey) and dragged her into the bathroom for the festivities. Clipping a dog without one of those magic restraining table things is rather....problematic when said dog doesn't like her tail trimmed, her tummy, inside of her legs, her face, her neck....etc. Holding dog with one hand and clipping with the other worked pretty well kinda. For her face I kinda had to do this yoga thing restraining her with my legs and one hand and shaving with the other. But hey, it worked.

The bathroom is now off white puff large matted clumps. Everywhere. It is amazing how much hair one little 25 lb dog can have. Kelsey is now naked. It hasn't helped with my sneezing. Drat! Maybe I'll post some pictures if I can get the energy up to do so....
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Photoshop has been vanquished, thanks to Hannnnnnah, lovely wife of [ profile] dmn4nr. What I don't understand is why the idiots at Adobe didn't just tell [ profile] dogpooh where to look on the machine for the file that included the install and its serial number? Hmmmmm? What a bunch of LOSER children!

I finished a music video today after long painful ass kicking nonsensical nonsense. Hooray.

The dogs broke into the bedroom and stole my knitting and carried it around the room however, they did not drop a stitch, didn't hurt it, and that is a good thing else their lives might have been shortened. I understand cats desire to play with yarn, but dogs? I am confused.

I woke up under my own power this morning and it was still before 11. Strange, that....
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I stayed up way too late last night, not being able to get to sleep knowing I had to get up early and take [ profile] dogpooh to the doc for his epidural in the neck. *shudder* I figured I could catch a nap later in the afternoon, or perhaps even in the office. Well that was not to be.

The waiting room was way the hell too small, was totally full, and had lots of people in it with babies and kids. The kids were whining, the babies were fussing, the people were talking entirely too loudly on their cell phones, the mothers were talking entirely too loudly to their kids (you know, the "see what a "good smart mother I am" kind of talk where they try to impart morals upon a child who simply doesn't give a shit and has no intention whatsoever of ceasing his disruptive behavior absent a good swift kick in the butt).

Finally we were brought in, the procedure was explained, and I snuck out to hide while they did it. No nap for me. Stopped at Marine Scene on the way home and picked up some fishies, came home and found that C2 had once again ripped her chest open.

Definitely no sleep for me, as I bundled up the damn cockatoo and took her to the vet where I dropped her off.

She'll likely need surgery yet again.

Tending to psycho animals seems to have a tendency to make me rather psycho.
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She seems to have claimed him as hers. That is all.
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I am lazing around here on the couch hoping that some of the crabs who have outgrown their shells will accept these new ones, since they are technically "hermit crab" shells. They might find "hermit crabs" to be too low rent for them or something, who knows? But now the bottom of the 180 gallon fishie tank is littered with shells awaiting new occupants.

In the small tank I have an infestation of bristle worms (otherwise known as fire worms cuz they burn if you touch the bastards). Just bought a cute little coral banded shrimp who is supposed to love to eat them. We shall see.

Then I went off to try to find some Prilosec to hold me over until my Canadian Nexium arrives. Wouldn't you know that CVS had a sign up apologizing for Proctor and Gamble's inability to provide enough Prilosec? THAT is just enough to be annoying. Time to go Internet shopping.... w00t.
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I think I'm giving up on them for awhile. *sigh*


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