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The one with Recalcitrant Child's picture in it?



Thanks to everyone who voted. She is a published photographer and going to the Washington Horse Show

Her mom is so proud *grin*
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Recalcitrant Child has a photo in a contest to try to win tickets to the Washington Horse Show. The URL is on Facebook, and is this handy link here.

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Thus is the story of Recalcitrant Child whose airborne journey was thankfully short. I should likely get her a flight logbook and record .01 flight time, and 1 landing that needs improvement.

She can't do any sports or ride a horse for at least 2 weeks. Apparently a second concussion closely after the one she has would be seriously bad. She is rather miffed that she can't "get right back on that horse" but the risk is just too great.

She's pretty grumpy at the moment, as I'd be if I was in that kind of pain. Things hurt, things are purple and green and other colored, and her skin has picked up several layers of yellow stain from the grass as she slid across it.

Life is fragile. She is learning that encounters with 1500 lbs of animal are not to be taken lightly. I am very thankful that she is ok, grumps and all.
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Apparently what happened was that the horse was spooked and threw her. She hit the ground on her left side, blacked out, got up, and went running after the horse. No, not very bright.

The Reston ER was polite, helpful, and above all, fast this time around. After a CT and several X-Rays, the RC was pronounced capable of walking (but not of having good judgment). I am frankly surprised that her elbow is "only" bruised, it having a grapefruit sized green and deepening purple lump on it. She has bruised ribs, bruised hip and a concussion. We are all very thankful it was not worse.

Thank the gods for helmets. Without one, the outcome wouldn't have been nearly as good.

RC will be quite sore for awhile. Thanks for all of the good wishes. They mean a lot and she was very happy that people are thinking of her.
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Evil me. The Recalcitrant Child emerged from her insanity in order to spend Mother's Day with... her mother. What a concept. So she asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told her that I wanted her to come to Conservatory with me and DANCE. This seemed to strike some type of terror into the heart of the Child, as she had gone to a dance with me once before and horror of horrors, was asked to dance by a sweet boy of about 15. She TURNED HIM DOWN! I couldn't believe it. So he asked me and I happily danced with him as he kicked my sorry butt. Damned 15 year olds :-).

Anyway, despite the groaning of the Child, I gave it some dance sneakers and the [ profile] exsmof packed us into the car and off to Conservatory we went. As always, the people there were fabulous, and took Child around the floor several times in several different dances, first one-step, and by the end of the night Child was dancing tango and swing! It so helps to be coordinated. She especially enjoyed the grand march and the English country dance led by [ profile] tiguh_tiguh and [ profile] artistic_alex who were both very wonderful to Child.

As we were packing up for Plato's, Child mentioned how much fun she had, and her desire to come back.

[ profile] recalcitranttoy - assimilating the world one dancer at a time :-)
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If you're thinking of buying a Nintendo DS, reserve it from the GameStop in Tyson's on Route 7 (They call it Pike 7 or something like that). If the store gets enough people to reserve them, the employees each get one. So indulge yourself and help the Recalcitrant Child, all in one swoop. That is all.
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Recalcitrant Child has driving permit. Take Metro. Run and hide. That is all.
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The Recalcitrant Child rocks. She brought me a Jesus action figure for Mother's Day. You press a button and his arms go up in the air like he's blessing you. *snicker*

Went to dance night, which was great fun. I actually did much dancing.

The way home was fraught with danger, however. My road was closed likely due to trees down. There was debris everywhere, lots of ponding, and many accidents. If I had known how bad it was out there, I may have thought twice about going to dance night, despite its funness.

I called my mom and my grandma today to wish them both happys. Amazing that Grunny is still kicking.

I sleep now. Nite nite.
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Yep, still home with his ear infection and generally feeling cruddy. Recalcitrant Child went to school today. Recalcitrant Seahorses still being difficult. I've given them some live mysis shrimp. Recalcitrant Toy still not feeling the best in the world...suspecting an allergic reaction to too many sulfites in wine despite a great nap.

Despite this, I shall prevail upon myself to get to the theater by 3:30. Hear that, [ profile] spirit_o_fire and [ profile] gore_whore_5. I'll even wedge the booger car into some teeny tiny space in DC. My parallel parking skills are ever so much better when I'm awake.
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His ear infection isn't clearing up. He says the pain is less but it still feels congested. Meantime, the Recalcitrant Child isn't feeling well either. And neither are the remainder of the brine shrimp who are pretty much dead and smelling up the living room. [ profile] dogpooh just came walking in with his head cocked so far to the side that he looked quite funny, after putting in his ear drops.

So the [ profile] dogpooh awaits the doc's phone call, I await the opening of the brine shrimp shop, and the Recalcitrant Child snores loudly. Tra la la.
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The poor Recalcitrant Child has failed the written test required for her driver's permit. Child is in a funk. Mom is not. Recalcitrant Mom sees this as a reprieve for at least a little while.
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Not sure of the details, but a half brother now exists and the Recalcitrant Child is sleeping. The most amusing part of the entire escapade was the Child's thought that it would only take an hour or so for labor because they were inducing the mother. Imagine her surprise when she found out the average labor time is between 10 and 18 hours. Ah, the innocence of youth :-).
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Time to make some more adjustments. Just as I was getting used to a nice quiet (well, as quiet as it can be with 10 dogs, 2 cats and 3 parrots) house as our housekeeper housemate has gone on vacation, the Recalcitrant child has come home to my house, as her stepmother is off to the hospital to be induced.

Time to re-adjust to a crazed almost 16 year old filled with angst :-).

All naked orgies planned for my house must now be postponed :-)
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That seizure thing has me baffled. She seems utterly fine this morning. Meantime, I am faced with a mottled nose peeking out from under the covers as Luppy refuses to get out of bed this morning. Ah, the fun with doggies.

In other news, the house is a horrendous mess and I don't care *pththththth* It does look like the Wessiepooh washed the dishes, however. Perhaps that will spur him to fix the dishwasher (evilly rubbing hands together).

Dad is recovering to the point where he's sending his really awful jokes out again. My friend in the plane crash is also recovering, and the prognosis is good for him to return to being a surgeon. I like good news. Teenager is being a teenager, my macbook pro is not yet back from the apple store, causing me angst as I look for files and applications on this machine that only exist on that one. Silly me.

All is quiet in the House of Chaos today.... may it remain so...for at least a little while :-).
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Thanks to the small child for standing in line at the AT&T store (yeah, she got paid). Thanks to her we were #9 in line. There were about 70 people in line when we finally got in. They made a huge deal out of telling us that we were not allowed to open the boxes in the store, then let people in 3 or 4 at a time. They would ask how many you wanted, what size, what accessories, then attempt to check you out. That's where things got sticky.

The AT&T servers started having serious difficulties almost immediately. At our particular terminal, it took 40 minutes to check out. Yep, that's right... 40 minutes. Things kept "breaking" and otherwise not working properly. We FINALLY got out of there with our sealed bag (yep, the bags were self sealing so you couldn't open them in the store).

As we were leaving, the announcement was made that they were now sold out of 8 gig models.

So, getting home, I plugged in the iPhone to my powerbook, it opened iTunes, it synced everything including my email accounts, found my home network and connected to it, and uses the same type interface as the iPod and AppleTV in iTunes to sync music, videos and photos.

I do NOT like the keyboard yet. It's going to take some time to get used to since I type with my thumbs when I am using teeny tiny keyboards like this. This one won't really let you. It wants your index finger. Feh. Perhaps they will fix that in the future.

Course, since I don't have SERVICE in my HOUSE, I can't say how the actual PHONE part works yet. Heh heh. Ironic, no?
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I have no idea how I was drafted into this, but we got the dress, the shoes, the accessories, FINALLY. Finally as in, if I heard "I don't LIKE that" one more time, I would have snuck off and left her there. Man... what an ordeal!
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It was great! I brought the child, who refused to dance even though there was a good looking 15 year old who could dance real well who danced with ME because she wouldn't. He was interesting to dance with as he did not lead, and didn't do "technically correct" swing like I learned. So I said screw it and did what I wanted, which he seemed quite happy with, especially as he was throwing in all kinds of weird ballet stuff. It was fun.

Then a person from Jam Cellar asked me to dance. He was much more what I'm used to, and even led. Yay! I did disclose I was a beginner so that he wouldn't do anything totally strange :-).

Third person was an education. Not only did he not lead well, he admonished me for not following his bad leading :-). He also didn't really dance. Just kinda stood there and shuffled a bit and had me turn a lot. So uh... whatever.

There were two people I had hoped to meet there.... One of you knows who you are and shall pay. The other who said he'd be there was Mike the Thursday night teacher. He will get his as well.

The good news is that it was cool enough (child claimed she was FREEZING TO DEATH....WOE!) for me to ONLY become tired. No other nasties. It was great to watch these seriously good people doing impressive things, and watch interesting variations of things. I didn't really understand all of the things they were doing, but it sure looked cool anyway. Didn't see much triple step/rock step stuff. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I had a great time. Child also said she had a very good time listening to the band and liked the music. She also said she wouldn't mind learning swing 1) if she could learn without people watching her and 2) if nobody touched her. *snicker* Yeah, right.
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Happy mothers day to all you mothers out there. I'm going to call mine in a few, and my grandmother as well, since she's still kicking (literally) and causing as much chaos as possible. I guess I'm a chip off the ole block. Anyway, I celebrated by taking a walk to my circle in the woods and sitting there for awhile just looking at the trees and the way the light filtered through the leaves. The temperature was perfect for some contemplative thought. I sat on the stone bench that had collapsed over the winter months. I tried to put it back upright, but the slab was a bit too much for me today. I suppose I'll fix it later. The glass Witches Balls I put up years ago were still intact despite snow and rain and wind. It was great to watch the birds hopping through the dead leaves, and see how the new growth was coming to the ground. Very nice and peaceful.

And now I am waiting for poor Morgan to wake up. She lost another dog suddenly last night. Nobody's quite sure what happened yet. I came in last night at 2:30 am and Morgan was awake and watching tv, saying she was too sad to go to sleep. Poor kid. This is her second loss in such a short time. Much of this mothers day will be spent mothering. Go figure.
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Ah, it's been a mostly lazy day, doing not very much of import besides dealing with my Calvin baby. He's such a spoiled little love dog that just snuggles right up to you and acts like there is nothing better in the whole world than being sprawled out on your chest with his nose in your face. He is such a slut that he will act this way to just about anyone who so much as says "hi, Calvin." They don't even have to buy him dinner or bring him gifts or anything. Sheesh.

Anyway, I'm really worried about his eye. It looks truly icky. I'm really hoping that the drops work and he doesn't lose his sight or his eye. The drops should help him a bit with the pain at least, and we'll see how much better things are when he sees the opthamologist.

We spent a few hours cleaning the marine tank today, including Wes doing the lovely job of taking apart and cleaning the protein skimmer. I have too much hair algae and cyanobacteria. Hate that stuff. Preparing to do a big ole water change... woo hoo.

I'm feeling well enough to go to the hangar dance, if not to dance much, to hang around and watch, which could be a lot of fun. And to think... my almost 16 year old didn't want to go. "I don't DANCE. I don't EVER dance. I won't WANT to dance." Well all righty then kiddo. She wants to move back in with me. Hopefully that will turn out well. One never knows with teen ANGST, however.
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I had such a good time with a friend last night that I woke up with that happy glow thing (you know the one) and thought life was just a beeg bowl of cherries when....

I saw the had a name. The 15 year old evil daughter had come home for a "visit" and transformed the almost tranquil living room into....well, my friend the bomb expert would have been proud.

Now I know from mess. I have 10 dogs, 2 cats, 3 parrots, and a marine fish tank, but this was "unique."

I am adding to my "to do" list: wait at door for school bus. Take child by scruff of neck. Find rolled up newspaper. Use it to light bonfire.

Or perhaps I'll just lock the 10 dogs in her room for the day.... MOO HA HA.


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