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Deborah Palfrey appeared in DC court this morning. Deborah is up on a series of criminal charges that stem from her escort business in DC which she claims did not involve intercourse. She claims to have been providing "fantasies" to her clients, and a higher up in the State Department resigned, admitting he used her services for massages. She has asked for a public defender because she now can't afford legal counsel because the government seized her assets as proceeds of the crimes.

So here's my multi faceted confusion:

1) Where is NCSF? Where is Woodhull? Why aren't the advocacy groups stepping forward to help defend this woman? Wouldn't this be a wonderful test case to establish our right to BDSM and/or other related activities?

2) What does this tell advocates of sexual activity in the dungeon at the BR event? The argument that "the law is never enforced" kind of melts in the wake of this case. BR wouldn't even be able to defend itself as its assets would be seized in a millisecond. They went after this woman despite her claims of "no sex." How quickly would they pounce on a policy that allows sex?

3) How can the government get off seizing your assets then expecting you to defend yourself against prison time? They don't even have to PROVE that your assets were ALL accumulated through the alleged criminal actions. Yes, I know the legal mechanism by which they do this, but why do we, the people, allow this type of thing in cases of victimless crime? Where are the advocacy groups for that one?

Anyone got ideas?
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"Fine, I admit it. It was ME on the grassy knoll!" - never mind the context.


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