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Pericles was great fun, although very tiring.  Lysistrata is great fun, although very tiring :-)  Come see it.  Work = GREAT!  Love my job.  Pool  is good.  Love my pool.  Luppy has massive grass/tree allergies.  Allergy meds to begin soon.  Everyone else is fine.  The end.
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Feral Cat: MEOW!!!!!!
Wes: mutters something
Feral Cat: ME-OWWWWWW!!!
Wes: Here's your food now SHUDDUP!

Gotta love Mondays :-)
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This is a seriously great house. If there is anyone you know looking for a lovely Great Falls house under the 2010 assessment, and want to help one of my best friends in the process, please check out this handy link. It truly is a beautiful home. And when the listing says "media room" it's a state of the art theater that is utterly wonderful.

It is worth a lot more than 799k but the market is so pathetic in that price range that it hasn't moved. Please pass it on.
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Yes, your pants. If you're a size 12 petite of course. Not for me, mind you, but a friend had a ridiculous series of events resulting in her pants departing the area in a mobile dryer that could be in a Doctor Who episode. In any case, finances will not allow for replacement of the pants. While it IS summer, and summer is a great time to go bottomless, she may get arrested, and this would be bad.

So...we need YOU if:

1) You have size 12 petite pants you wish to get rid of
2) You wouldn't mind hemming size 12 regular pants to make them petite
3) You frequent thrift stores and wouldn't mind looking for size 12 petite if we can find some one willing to be do the above
4) You know someone who is any of 1-3

Yes, this seems really strange, however it is real. So, please help. It would be very appreciated.
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Is eating my brain :-)

But I think it will be worth it. It's coming together :-)
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So..last week I got my tax assessment. It was ridiculously high given the current state of the economy. And so, I figured that I really ought to appeal it. Thanks to [ profile] lionessindc (the most delicious) and a couple of clicks, I was at the assessment page where I dutifully filled in some comps (thanks to [ profile] bluejai the most helpful) and went to prove to them that their assessment was all kaflooey because my house is in "needs serious help" state, the land is in "please stop the trees from falling down and destroying what's left of the house" shape, and all that stuffs.

So I filled in all the appropriate blocks, and got to the end page, where they showed me where they had found information to calculate the assessment from. Did you know I have a summer house, an elevator and an indoor pool? Wow! I didn't either! Seems I have an extra bedroom too! I have a second kitchen, and it looks like a second garage too (one attached, one detached...who knew?). Don't forget the carport and the tool shed.

Are they on CRACK?

Just noticed they have it down as a 1 story home. I wonder where that elevator goes to? Is it my direct elevator to HELL?

"Dear Fairfax County. I have paid the tax. Please provide my new bedroom, summer house, indoor pool, second kitchen, second garage, carport, tool shed, and indoor hot tub. Thanks"
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that you can't find the chargers you thought you'd left "right there." *ack* Glad the flight isn't til this evening.
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The days are now sposed to get longer. That'd be a good thing, especially if the sun came out and melted this white icky stuff off the roads.
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I found plenty of stuff for ME, however :-).
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The show was wonderful. Deeple was great! People seemed to like it. I had much fun. Then I got home and slept 12 hours. I had wanted to go to a friend's BBQ really badly, but when I woke up, I found that breathing was really rather difficult. I think it may have something to do with pollen or ragweed or something else utterly annoying because my eyes are all icky and yucko. Walking across the house left me winded. And there's another show tonight, so the choice was push self and go to BBQ and possibly wind up a big FAIL for the show, or try to rest and get over some of this and be relatively fresh for the show. Show it is.

Therefore, you MUST SHOW UP and see it :-). See how I suffer for my craft. Or was that wait! This left shoe.... Never mind :-)

[ profile] calvinthedeeple says YOU MUST GO.

Greenbelt Arts Center. Go early to get parking due to festival going on. Better yet, go to festival and then go to the play. Is wonderful and fun, so GO! Get you hence.
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Heh...after driving a Prius for so long, it's now quite an interesting event to drive a different car. The Prius is out of inspection, and I didn't notice, so rather than drive it like a nitwit and risk a ticket, I took my "baby" 97 Jag. First, I looked for the power button. Oh dear, it doesn't have one. How will I ever start the car? Oh, a KEY! How quaint. Upon starting the car up and putting it in reverse, I notice a strange thing.....several choices of gears. Whatever shall I do NOW? I chose the "R" to back out of the driveway and looked at the dash for the back up camera and....well there just wasn't any! I had to...get this...TURN AROUND in order to back out. Well, after I figured that part out, perhaps I should program the GPS since I don't know where I'm going. But's not where I thought it would be. It was this strange little doo dad with an Australian accent that kept saying "recalculating" when I didn't go where he thought I should.

Ok, got that part sussed... now it was time to make a phone call. But wait...there was no hands free I could discern. Not wanting to actually put the handset to my EAR while driving (horrors), I figured out that the GPS has a hands free feature. The good part about that (unlike the Prius) is that once you pair the two, the Nuvi grabbed the phone book directly off of the phone. How lovely is THAT? So I called [ profile] exsmof who was still awake. But, he couldn't hear me very well, and I couldn't hear him very well. I couldn't seem to find that little thing called volume control.

Ah the fun. The CDs had different music on them (win). And it had this other button I was confused by. It said "Roof." Good thing I had my baseball hat and glasses, eh? Much stronger air conditioning fan than the Prius. W00t!
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You can see ours on this YouTube link

Go... you know you want to.
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Quarter close is over and I can't say it was much fun, but I'm really glad it's over. I'm told that the next one will be much worse. Joy. And now we have this lovely gray day and likely much more snow on the way. I checked our supplies of bread milk and toilet paper, so we are good. Meantime, I got some actual sleep last night, having pretty boring run of the mill dreams about Boston and school and gee, it's the end of the semester and I haven't taken any classes again, and where can I find an apartment and all that stuff.

I've run into a truckload of old friends on Facebook. It's really quite interesting to see where people have wound up over the years, and to note that many of them are still the same as they were when I knew them, some from 25 years ago or more. Wow does time ever fly.

Got a cheap ass "pet cam" that you clip onto your pet's collar to see what pictures it takes :-). Right now it's on Xander, who is running outside to see the snow. I wonder what kind of pictures THAT is going to take. If any come out relatively good I'll post them. Given the price of the camera, I'm not very optimistic. I'm also hoping that the other dogs don't decide it's a great chew toy. We shall see :-).

I'm taking today as a bored and lazy one. Maybe I'll do some laundry. Maybe not. Maybe I'll play with Xander Cam, maybe not. Or maybe just more SLEEP!
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If you have a spare few minutes (ok, 1/2 hour) take a look at this clip from Larry Lessig, one of the public interest lawyers I most admire, and was lucky enough to work with (a teeny tiny bit) in an amicus for his Supreme Court case which attempted to put the brakes on ever expansive copyright protections. Larry knew Barack Obama when they were both teaching in Chicago, and tells an interesting story of just how extraordinary the man is and was even then. His theory (Obama's) of "transformational presidency" is discussed in a rather uplifting way.

Gods know we need all the uplifting we can get these days, and Larry's enthusiasm for our new president is definitely refreshing, well reasoned, and well delivered.
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Random and not so random thoughts. [ profile] la_penguinita gave me the biggest calculator I've ever seen for xmas. It measures about 12" by 8" and is an amusement to all who see it on my desk. [ profile] calanish pointed me to the correct site to get magnetic "L" plates, one of which now adorns my cube and should alert all that I am a "Learner" (if not "LAME") contracts person and to give me wide berth. [ profile] la_penguinita makes lovely and wonderful cookies. I was, then wasn't, then was again now am not going to Arisia. I am very sad about this. I would like to spend all of tomorrow in bed. I doubt that will be allowed. Commute to work was only 15 minutes because hardly anyone was on the road. How lovely. I think I am going to go home soon because there is nothing for me to do here and I must somehow post the pictures of the calculator and "L" plate that are on my iPhone but plugging said iPhone into windoze box causes mouse to stop working. I like my blinking lights. I love my friends, especially the ones who have no qualms with telling me things like "you deserve better than this" and "stop being stupid." It's nice to be ABLE to stop being stupid rather than living teh stupid with no way out because you ARE teh stupid. Dear Goddess, thank you for not making me a box of rocks. Boss gave us lottery tickets for xmas. I wonder if they will score anything. Boss also gave us some really nice desk calendars. Between that and the lovely one [ profile] la_penguinita gave me for the wall, I will never be asking "what's the date" in a loud and clueless voice to all and sundry. Why are sales critters in the conference room today? SHOO!

Do I have ADD? *ponder* Oh wait, the lights are blinking again. COOL!
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Not positive if I mentioned this before, but when I went to law school, at a Jesuit but quite progressive school, I took a class called Religion and the Law. It was an excellent class, with much of the history of America's struggle with the separation of church and state since the negotiation of the amendments to the constitution. It explained many of the "tests" that the Supreme Court went through when deciding whether a given action was proper under the First Amendment separation or establishment clauses.

At this time, I thought that it would be much more simple if we used what I called the "Satan Test." If we replace the religion in question with Satanism, would it be allowed in the same way as whatever other religion is being argued about. So I wondered, with all of this "War on Christmas" stuff, how the Satan test would work here.

First, imagine a holiday called Satanmas that the government recognized as a national holiday. How would this sit to non Satanists? How bout wishing them a Merry Satanmas? Would non Satanists say "thank you?" Would they explain that they don't celebrate Satanmas? Would they tell their employers that they didn't want Satanmas off but they wanted their own holiday instead? How would that be seen by the majority, if one assumes that the majority is Satanist? How would non-Satanists feel about being requested to make donations, adopt a family, feed the homeless, etc. ONLY during the time around Satanmas, and be painted as uncaring or morally bankrupt if they do not. How would non-Satanists feel if their children asked why they weren't receiving gifts when most of the other kids did during Satanmas. After all, everyone else is celebrating so why shouldn't we?

Yeah, there is a significant argument that Satanmas has become secular because it's become so commercialized as to totally obscure the reason for the holiday, and yeah, Satan wasn't really born at this time anyway, the early Satanists decided this was a good time to celebrate because some of the other religions were celebrating other stuff anyway so it might be easier to keep up the party, while just renaming it, but many non-Satanists are still a bit uneasy. They see symbols of Satanmas put up everywhere, oftentimes with taxpayer money, and while not mentioning Satan himself, they mention other things that everyone associates with Satanmas. And gee, why aren't you jolly about that and just let them have their fun and shut up about it if you aren't going to celebrate and stop bringing the rest of the Satanists down by complaining. And don't DARE question why your company gives you Satanmas off and not Yom Kippur or Halloween.

Yes, the vast majority of non-Satanists don't complain. They are the "good" ones who get into the holiday spirit as they should without rocking the boat. Those others are godless heathen scrooges.

But wait! MY religion teaches that Satanism is wrong! Why should I sit still for that? How do I fight this thing that is so entrenched in our country's society? Good luck with that.

So, would you celebrate Satanmas? Would you go to work? Would you sing Satanmas carols? Would you donate to needy families during Satanmas? Would you say that Satanmas celebrations were a violation of the separation of church and state? Would you get to the end of this and say "[ profile] recalcitranttoy is a godless heathen grinch and I won't invite her to my Satanmas party?

Maybe I need to come up with a Hare Krishna test :-)
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Yes, I'm bored at work...:-)

hey it's time to
take luppy to the vet so
i may see something

had to pay 1 for
backup assistant before
i lost my cell phone

support of local
music at austin grills i
admit my bias

i get a new one
which i'm hoping to run the

of the goo and it
didn't even start growing
for over 48 hour

until 10 when i
was told hey it's time to
get me on my hat

Now what's for lunch in this place?
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incoming call on
my hat thanks lionessindc and
it's friday woot

Heh heh...didn't know my hat was so talented :-)
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And so it was that most of yesterday was spent sleeping blissfully, and upon waking finding my brain had been scrambled by others running in tight little circles, not unlike the Tazmanian Devil of Warner Brothers fame, to which my "zen-like" response was: "Whatever." The day was then punctuated with lovely BBQ'd burgers a la [ profile] dogpooh.

Later that evening, the [ profile] exsmof called to inform us of his transformation into a decapod crustacean of the family Homaridae in its cooked form. I am hoping to cast my eyes upon this amazing sight when I go to dance class this evening. For those who missed it, more followers are needed so get thee hence.

The rest of the day shall be spent watching the Dow plummet as investors run in tight little circles, more job hunting/product shipping/loose end nipping/etc. with a nice early bedtime planned after dance. Rehearsal tomorrow night, A visit to the doctor and then [ profile] badmagic Wed., (I wonder if the two have anything in common :-)), NOTHING Thurs. night (what a concept) then more rollicking tragic fun with Julius Caesar on Friday and Saturday nights and then Mabon on Sunday to round off the week. *phew* I get tired just looking at it :-)

[ profile] disc_sophist where are those PICTURES you spoke of? I just MUST see if my stoga is on straight. Heh.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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