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I've had Cox business Internet service for years now, and when I was working and not using it 24/7 (since I never sleep), the intermittent drastic drops in throughput weren't a terrible problem.  But now that I'm home, connecting to bunches of servers to fill out job applications and the like, not to mention web hosting and the other things I do with Internet service, it's really getting to be a pain. Some users have complained about speed issues, I've been disconnected from servers because the speed was too slow for them to handle, etc. etc.  And so I tried to deal with Cox Tech Support.  Except that navigating to the business site gives you a link to support that goes to RESIDENTIAL support, which I didn't know when I started up a chat session.  After being told that the residential people can't possibly help me since they don't have access to business accounts, I actually had to ask for a supervisor to finally get an email address for tech support.  "You have to CALL them."  No amount of "I do not use the telephone" stopped them from telling me I had to CALL them.  Or, they offered, fill out the web form.  Well, I had filled out the web form at least 20 times over the years and had never, EVER received a response.  I may have found out why...but that will come later.  I persisted in asking for an email address where perhaps a person would be able to answer, and asked whether they could possibly see the irony of not being able to use the INTERNET to deal with INTERNET service for business, when if I called it a home account, I could use the very chat feature I was on.  

After a very, very long time on chat, the supervisor gave me two email addresses, one for a supposed tech support person, and one for my account manager.  I wrote to both.  I provided graphs over time, an breakdown of all of the little bits involved showing nothing was wrong on my end yet throughput still sucked, and asking them to get hold of me ASAP.  The account manager (whose name was the same as mine without an "a" and lastname,firstname...found that amusing)  wrote back to say he sent it to tech support.  So I got an email from Brandon giving me PHONE NUMBERS again.  I wrote back that I don't use the telephone, I wanted to do this online. A bit later on, I got a PHONE CALL from Brandon, on my cell where he insisted that we do this by telephone.  At the time, I could hardly croak and was having trouble being on the phone, yet Brandon persisted.  I told him once again I do not use the phone, pony express, telegraph, or fax machines.  It's 2012 and I buy Internet service from Cox, so why can't I use it to contact Cox.  

Later that afternoon, I was at a job interview when the phone rang AGAIN.  Yep, it was Cox.  The voicemail that was left included "I understand you don't want to be contacted by phone."  GAK!  I mean total GAK!  This was Craig, not Brandon, who also again gave me a phone number to call, but also said that now that they had my email they would use that.  Uh, really?  But wait, there's more.  Craig told me that business support has no web portal where anyone could send information, so he was confused by my statement that I had sent at least 20 messages through there that had been ignored.  And where could I possibly be seeing this?  

It's right HERE:

o WTF.  Tech support doesn't know about its own web portal?  Craig said that he hadn't found any messages from me.  Wonder where that portal goes to then.  It's got a nifty little "support" button on top but apparently goes to /dev/null or something.  They are "investigating."  I, on the other hand, am checking out FiOS.  

Teh Stupid

Jun. 13th, 2011 09:41 am
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Verizon wireless will not let you put in bad coverage information without using a land line to contact them. In other words, if you don't have access to a land line during non work time, you can't report that their cell coverage sucks.

How lame is that? Even when the person on my cell phone was explaining this to me and I told her that every single day in the exact same spot I lose coverage, and asked her why couldn't she report the intersection where this was happening? Her only response was "because you have to use a land line." Huh?

And I thought AT&T was bad....
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Greetings. If you look out of your windows today, you will see a phenomenon known as "snow." If you didn't already know that, or need a refresher as to what it is, KEEP YOUR SORRY ASS OFF THE ROADS!

The danger of driving in this white stuff is not the snow itself, it's IDIOTS LIKE YOU who think they know how to drive in it.

Looking at the incident map at WTOP I can see that many of you are not listening to this message. Do I have to send the flying monkeys? At least they can get where they're going without having to deal with you nitwits who have wrapped yourselves around trees or phone poles, or have found new ways to off-road.

And what's with this infatuation with bread, milk and toilet paper? Do you think you're going to be stranded in the wilds of the metropolitan DC area without access to food supplies for days? Are you really that silly? If you feel a driving need to rush to the supermarket or the Home Depot for emergency supplies, you KNOW you shouldn't be on the road because you are STUPID! Nobody has yet died due to a lack of toilet paper in a snow storm in metro DC.

So turn on your TV and watch some MMA or Cops or something, just get the hell off the roads. Thank you for your kind attention.
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It touted a new ability for PEPCO users to access their electric consumption online and to compare it with the consumption rates of their neighbors. It even implied that it was possible to tell what things were actively consuming electricity at the time. And so I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to track what kinds of cool stuff your neighbors might have and even whether they're home in case you wanted to happen to go by and maybe "borrow" something of theirs. And what a lovely way to determine whether your neighbors have huge numbers of servers so you can turn them into the homeowners association for running a business in their home. Or, better still, turn in that pot growing lab in their basement with all of those gro-lights.

What WILL they think of next?
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Legal Technology - iPhone Train App Stopped in Its Tracks:
The idea was born out of necessity.

Greenwich, Conn., software developer Chris Schoenfeld was working irregular hours in New York City and needed access to updated Metro-North commuter train schedules for Grand Central Station. He couldn't access those schedules as he rode the subway to the train station because of lack of Internet access.

So he developed a software program for Apple's iPhone, which allows people to access train information without an Internet connection. "I developed the application for myself, and I knew others would appreciate it," Schoenfeld said.

Last October, Apple launched the application as, which is tied to Schoenfeld's blog of the same name. That's when the quasi-public Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which owns the Metro-North Railroad, came calling.

Several months of discussions about licensing agreements followed with no resolution, and MTA's in-house legal team claimed that Schoenfeld was infringing "upon MTA's statutory and common law intellectual property rights," according to cease-and-desist letters sent to Schoenfeld and Apple.

Apple disabled the application in late August.

The main disagreement is over how much money Schoenfeld should pay to MTA in royalties on sales of the application. Schoenfeld hesitated on signing a licensing agreement with MTA that called for a $5,000 payment up-front plus 10 percent of Schoenfeld's profits.

More of Teh Stupid )
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Everyone who has been to the House of Chaos has seen the large crystal ball on the living room table. Apparently, even an experienced practitioner can fall to appreciate how absolutely dangerous these obviously evil devices can be.

Mine seems to have magical powers.

And it's not just ME. [ profile] dukeostuff asked "Do you smell something burning?" I looked over and saw smoke rising from the table. The sun had hit the crystal ball and magnified it to ignite the remote control holder.

When I told [ profile] dogpooh he said "but I thought that it was my computer on fire." Oh dear.
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The one where that guy named "Chuck Storm" or whatever is doing a TV live shot and walks smack into a pole? Well...Dummy Dog captured what Chuck Storm might have seen a split second before...

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See above icon and have a lovely day.
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So there I was, switching over from a T1 to Cox Cable Business Service to save some money, and to get something faster in the process. We are making a gradual transition in order to make sure things function properly, as I surely need my email, etc. for client contact. And so it begins.

The same wonderful people who handled my T1, ClueTrust were helping with the initial set-up and all. As always, they went beyond expectations and got things up and running, then told me that I needed to get Cox to reset some pointers so my servers could be properly seen outside the firewall they were setting up for me. "Gee, this should be cake," thinks a moronic me. *bzzzzzt*

Now, I have a lot of friends in tech support. Hell, I managed the managers for tech support. Nobody I know and nobody I managed would "skim for a key word" in customer email and send back a canned response without so much as reading what the customer wants.

My first email said basically "Hi, could you reset two pointers to [IP Address] [machine name] please. And gee, I see you have these Internet Tools. I haven't got a log on for those. Could you set one up for me please so maybe I can do these things myself next time?" I got back a "so you want to set up a primary email address with us. You need to give us this information so we can verify your account and pick 5 possible email addresses" Hmmm. Well, I sent them the information to verify the account, but corrected them and said I wanted them to change the pointers, and if I had to have a new email address to use their tools, that's fine.

This morning, I got the same stock form email again, saying "So you want to set up your primary email account. Pick 5 names and verify your information." The email I'd already sent was neatly appended to it.

Any guesses for when my pointers will be fixed? *ARGH*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Today I ran off to the DMV, where I was to have my license re-issued. Why re-issued? Well, it seems that once they suspend it, it isn't really suspended, it kind of disappears. What they told me was that even when the suspension is cleared, the license is invalid. That makes no sense, and seems more like revocation than suspension, and since my license was suspended because THEY lost my proof of insurance, I shouldn't have had to go through any of this at all.

However, I did get a new license. It took about 40 minutes. I am now completely and totally legal. Oh joy :-)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Beware the stray Ninja! Who will protect the CHILDREN?

BARNEGAT, N.J. (AP) - It's the case of the nonexistent ninja. Public schools in Barnegat were locked down briefly after someone reported seeing a ninja running through the woods behind an elementary school.

Turns out the ninja was actually a camp counselor dressed in black karate garb and carrying a plastic sword.

Police tell the Asbury Park Press the man was late to a costume-themed day at a nearby middle school.

The lockdown began shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday and lasted until 9:30.
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The perpetrator (hereinafter referred to as "TP") slithered over to my house today to sorta kinda a little bit beg forgiveness, and provided me with MUCH chocolate.

I am considering calling back the Mongul Hoards and the flurry of hexes.
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He and some accomplices thought it would be amusing, didn't realize it was Solstice, and figured I'd be amused. As retribution can be a bitch, I hope he is also amused.
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"No international shipping." Says so right in the listings. "How much to ship to Thailand?" is the first question on one item. Next question on the same item a day later was "How much to ship to Canada?"

There has to be a better way. I have maybe 100 more decks to sell and at this rate, I'm not going to get enough for the 22 I have up on ebay. Not sure if it's the economy, or because the audience is too stoooopid to know what great decks they are.

Anyway, it's a bit frustrating.
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I thought I'd put my previous post railing about oil into the wordie thing and see what came out....

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It's so sad to watch some of the local fish keepers who have put years into the perfect marine aquarium and brilliant displays of corals and critters, lose it all because of power outages. Most of these guys have back up systems to keep at least air flow going, but not everyone can afford a generator that powers the lights the corals need to live, the protein skimmers to keep waste from building, the heaters to keep the temperature constant, kalk stirrers, etc. to keep things healthy. When you are looking at multi day outages, which some of these people went through, the losses begin to mount. But they're not the only ones who suffered.

A cashier at the local Safeway mentioned in passing that they lost 20,000.00 in milk, and 15,000.00 in ice cream alone. I have no idea what they might have lost in other meats and refrigerated products. If you multiply that by all the shops, and all the private homes that have to throw out refrigerators full of food, you have to ask how Dominion Virginia Power can possibly say that burying the lines wouldn't be cost effective.

I either don't understand something critical here, or somebody isn't quite telling the truth. I've lived in many places around the world, and by far, I've had the most issues with power right here in Northern Virginia. When I first moved here 20+ years ago now, I complained to then Virginia Power about the number of outages we were dealing with, and they said that burying the lines wouldn't make any difference. That's rather difficult for me to believe given that it seems that just about every time we have a storm of any kind, our power at least fluctuates to the point where clocks reset, surge protectors trip, etc. Most of the issues in our area from what I could see were due to downed trees taking the lines with them. How could burying the lines NOT help?

Perhaps if electric companies were held responsible for the losses they cause, we'd see buried lines and better service....
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They STILL have no straightened out our script mess, causing us to pay out of pocket 300.00 per month until they fix it. Then they woke me up at 9:30 and hung up when I answered. Heh. Don't they realize people have caller ID in the 21st century? [ profile] dogpooh has only been trying to fix these bastards for over a month now.

Singing: "If I only had a job...."
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[ profile] exsmof: Do you have any idea what you're allergic to?
[ profile] recalcitranttoy: It's outside and it's having SEX!
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Man admits telling CIA officers: 'I have a bomb':
WASHINGTON - A man who used a snow plow attached to his pickup truck to ram a gate outside CIA headquarters pleaded guilty to making a bomb threat.
After CIA Security Protective Service officers surrounded Antoine Lowery, 30, of D.C., at the Virginia headquarters on Feb. 22, 2008, he told them at least three times that the trruck would explode.

According to a statement of facts filed with his plea agreement, he used phrases that included "the truck is going to blow up" and "I have a bomb." He also counted down from five to zero several times.

Lowery faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, 3 years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine when he's sentenced Aug. 8.


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