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Say it ain't so! Wired is saying that both Torchwood and Doctor Who will be reduced to "not really a season" status. Why do they DO these things to great shows while leaving really crappy TV shows to run incessantly and bore us to tears? ARGH!

Barrowman to Return to Torchwood Mini-Series | The Underwire from
Following up on a report here earlier this week, Torchwood will indeed be returning for a third, but very brief, season with series star John Barrowman (pictured) in command.
But, executive producer Julie Gardner announced that the third season will include just five episodes -- most likely to air all in one week as an event mini-series. In keeping with that event label, Torchwood will graduate up to flagship network BBC1.
Gardner claims the move was made in an attempt to make a huge media splash with the show's third season. The decision to cut down production to just this special event echoes what Torchwood's original inspiration, Doctor Who, is doing on BBC1 in 2009. Who will be taking a partial hiatus, producing a set of specials to air sporadically during the year, before returning for a full series under new showrunner Steven Moffatt in 2010.
Season three of Torchwood will start filming in August, but there is still no set word if show creator Russell T. Davies will be back, since he already announced his departure as Doctor Who executive producer.
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Today's bout of ADD includes:
  • 15:14 Just finished moving most of the shop out of its little room in preparation for rug replacement #
  • 18:22 *sigh* twitterrific posting slowly for some reason...must hate me #
  • 18:23 Tonight! Sarah Jane Adventures - Doctor Who - BSG. My House. 7:30. All invited. Bring chocolate #
  • 21:15 chocolate! YUMMMM! #
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Thanks [ profile] calanish for feeding my addiction. No spoilers, but it was a powerful episode. Can't wait til next week's edition. I must say, however, that downloading this show and putting it on AppleTV was the ONLY technology related thing that worked correctly today. The number of hoops I have been attempting to jump through in order to download HD content from my no longer loved Sony HC7 to Final Cut Pro is absolutely ridiculous. ANd I'm STILL no where near having it done. If someone doesn't come up with an easier way pronto I'm going to press Sony for a refund and seek another camera for underwater fun. Highly disappointing.

The other lovely technological mishap occurred with Photoshop 7.0. When we upgraded to Leopard, Photoshop would no longer launch, necessitating an upgrade. But you can't USE the upgrade without the serial number for the old Photoshop that you can no longer open and try to get the serial number from. The number they flash on the opening splash screen guessed it... NOT the full code, and as [ profile] dogpooh so eloquently posted already, their tech support is less than useless and refuses to give you the last 4 digits despite having the entire rest of the code.

They claim I didn't register. Well that's funny.... they have my email address and personal information enough to SPAM ME at least 2x per week despite being asked to stop. And yes, I DID register the product when I bought it.

Adobe, you really should treat your customers better than this.
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I always feel totally crappy when I have to get up really early in the morning, so Covert suggested we stay up all night and watch Torchwood and Doctor Who. never being one who would possibly turn down the idea of such total fun, we went out to Tachibana, then proceeded to have an all night Torchwood/Doctor Who thingit with [ profile] calvinthedeeple keeping me warm.

After calling Air Jamaica and beingn told that they would hold the connecting flight for us, and them telling us to be at the airport 2 hours before our now 10:30 flight, that meant leaving the house at about 7, which really wasn't so bad. Even better was volunteering poor Covert to drive us up so we wouldn't have to pay big bucks parking fees for our 2 weeks away. We WERE going to take his car, but then realized that all the crap wouldn't fit. Luckily, the ML-430 was registered and we could load it full of cruft and get up to BWI with plenty of time. Upon reaching the front of the line, we were informed that Bonaire bound passengers would be staying overnight in Montego Bay due to our departure delay, said departure delay being due to crew rest requirements because the crew got in so late due to the fog. So rather than send up another crew, we get this nightmare scenario. We quickly attempted to figure out what kind of room we were likely to be saddled with in Montego Bay, and wondered what type of security it might or might not have. Then we tried to go through security, where my prescription shampoo set off TSA sensors, who then went through my bag and told me that most of my toiletries had more than the allocated 3 oz and were therefore evil and must be checked. I had another bag within a bag so I went and checked them. It was a very tiny bag, nonetheless I got one of those really cool "Notice of Baggage Inspection." I hope they had a good time with my toothpaste and hair conditioner.

While we were enroute, we were told that the very airplane we were one would be the one going to Bonaire. No worries about luggage not getting there. Now, this took an interesting method of pissing off all of the other passengers whose connections DID arrive on time who had to deplane another aircraft which suddenly had some sort of mechanical problems, then some on down to the other end of the airport and get on ours, after a 2 hour wait. Funny how that works out sometimes. Upon arrival in Bonaire I found that one of my cases was opened and LEFT opened, arriving on the carousel with a piece here, a piece there, etc. Course that was my video rig case. There are indeed some missing parts, and I have to go over the rest of the housing with a fine tooth comb before I can trust it in the water. *sigh*

We are here. We are at Habitat. It is nice. I am tired. So there.
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Wow.... stayed up til about 4 showing the end of Season 3 of the new Doctor Who followed by Torchwood. It was very amusing to watch poor Covert trying to stay awake. [ profile] dukeostuff had no problem with that part. Covert lasted til about 1 I think. Poor [ profile] dogpooh has an ear infection and is not feeling great. Regardless, he came with me to get yet more brine shrimp for the still Recalcitrant Seahorses. Grumble.
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Spike in Doctor Who and Torchwood? If this story is true, yeppers. Too bad it isn't going to happen til 2008.
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Doctor Who festival will ensue at my house around 2, starting with the new Season 3 off of my AppleTV. If you know where I live, you are invited. If you want stuff, bring it cuz the fire dept. doesn't allow me to cook, and shopping frightens me.

See ya there.
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Saturday was really nice and laid back, as the monster child deigned to hang out with her mom. We had a few visitors ([ profile] lionessindc, her lovely SO, and later on my friend Larry), and the child found oodles of fun in bragging to her friends that she was among the first US people to see the first episode of the third season of Doctor Who as her geek mother obtained it (thank you [ profile] calanish and put it on AppleTV. Hooray for fair use. Sunday I hung out most of the morning, decadently watching TV (including a horribly bad documentary on the Loch Ness Monster complete with inaccurate and misleading dive terminology), did my 30 minutes on the bike, and went to visit [ profile] badmagic to indoctrinate him to Torchwood, eat his wonderful leek and asparagus soup (although one should never eat anything's against the laws of nature) and meet one of his friends who was a lot of fun. When I got home, I stayed up way too late attempting to diagnose a bad DVD burning issue, figuring I could sleep in.

HA! I stupidly forgot to reset my whitelist interceptor after a power hit (all too common living out here in the woods) and I was rudely awakened at 8 by some kind of telemarketer type that I didn't answer, but damn was I awake anyway. I had spent most of the night tossing and turning as a result of being unable to breathe because of trees wantonly having sex in my nose. I very much doubt I'll be able to do my exercise bike today due to inability to breathe. I've also banished any ideas of doing an audition this evening, as they are not in need of an Elmer Fudd type character for this particular play. Disappointing, but for the best given that my next few weeks are going to be quite busy, and it's not likely I would have time to do anything outside the norm. Child is on spring break, Mom has surgery in 2 days, DO this weekend, a mandatory class next week, a gastro appointment, plus finding time in there somewhere to clue bat clients and ship products. None of this is really getting done when my nose is so damn stuffy.

Herbalist, heal thyself echoes in the back of my brain (the non stuffy part) so I am going to make an evil herbal concoction, steam the sinuses, and seek out local honey, although I know that bees eat flower pollen and not evil tree sex pollen. Can't take those crazy meds with pseudoephedrine in them cuz my heart rate goes to 11 and I turn funny colors. That rules out most decongestants. Bah, humbug.

I know this week will get better. It's April, my favorite month of the year with all the cool flowers and spring stuff and bunnies and easter eggs, and nice weather mostly, and all that stuff. I just have to get a little better air flow and I'll be peachy keen. And I'll be using my wonderful automatic tea maker (looks like a coffee maker only much cooler and makes really great noises like a rocket launching and makes great tea too) And I'll be taking it easy today for the most part. Foo!
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I am so utterly thrilled that I can relatively painlessly (albeit time consuming, but thank the gods it's a background process) burn DVDs from .avi files using only VisualHub. Granted, you don't get any super cool menus or anything like that, but damn, it's a lot easier than loading everything into DVD Studio Pro and watching it kerchunk its way through authoring, then give you some silly bit rate error at the end of an already long and painful process, then go through and formulate menus and program buttons and all the rest of it.

These you put in the player, you press start. They play. Want the next episode? Press the chapter button. Voila. Tis finished. As the Guinness guys would say, "Brilliant!"

And so, as I wind down to go to sleep, I am almost finished burning a season of Torchwood, transferring many pictures, and have almost completely organized my self-generated content. I just luv technology! Tomorrow I will likely be digging through old drives for content I have forgotten. While most of it SHOULD be forgotten, I'm sure there are some good things in there somewhere, like maybe some old scanned photos or something else peachy keen.

So for tonight, with the torrent happily slurping and the drives happily copying, and the husband's new C-PAP machine mask making it eerily quiet in here, I will slip off and dream about something hopefully less scary than last night, when I had visions of most of Southern California and Baja sliding into the ocean from earthquakes. That just wasn't fun at all.


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