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And so it was that most of yesterday was spent sleeping blissfully, and upon waking finding my brain had been scrambled by others running in tight little circles, not unlike the Tazmanian Devil of Warner Brothers fame, to which my "zen-like" response was: "Whatever." The day was then punctuated with lovely BBQ'd burgers a la [ profile] dogpooh.

Later that evening, the [ profile] exsmof called to inform us of his transformation into a decapod crustacean of the family Homaridae in its cooked form. I am hoping to cast my eyes upon this amazing sight when I go to dance class this evening. For those who missed it, more followers are needed so get thee hence.

The rest of the day shall be spent watching the Dow plummet as investors run in tight little circles, more job hunting/product shipping/loose end nipping/etc. with a nice early bedtime planned after dance. Rehearsal tomorrow night, A visit to the doctor and then [ profile] badmagic Wed., (I wonder if the two have anything in common :-)), NOTHING Thurs. night (what a concept) then more rollicking tragic fun with Julius Caesar on Friday and Saturday nights and then Mabon on Sunday to round off the week. *phew* I get tired just looking at it :-)

[ profile] disc_sophist where are those PICTURES you spoke of? I just MUST see if my stoga is on straight. Heh.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! ! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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*POOF* the week went by. And what a week it was. There were some high points, including a WONDERFUL Rude bringing me BRANSTON PICKLE from a trip to England. I lived off that stuff (the rest of the food was really pretty bad :-)) and still love it to pieces. Yay Richard and yay PICKLE!

Recalcitrant Child is back in school in her senior year. I find myself wondering about the world she will graduate into. The good news for her is that she has two relatively stable jobs that will hopefully continue. Her grades aren't really good enough for a great college, but she can always go to NoVA (where the "N" stands for Knowledge..yeah, it works better when it's not written) and then to a VA state school if that's what she decides on, WHEN she decides to actually toe the line and get work done well and on time, which is basically her only current school problem.

I've applied for yet more jobs, tried to come up with yet more marketing strategies for a small law firm, and have even accomplished some house cleaning. I've also had fun with rehearsals for Julius Caesar with our ever so brilliant director [ profile] chickenhat and a fabulous cast, wonderful crew, amazing costumers and everything :-). It's nice to be a part of something so cool.

No weekend plans thusfar. Had some but they changed and now either inertia or flexibility will win :-) Not quite sure which.
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A strange and mixed weekend of fun, frivolity, crazyness, and otherwise mirth. Continued the massage and PT on [ profile] calvinthedeeple much to his annoyance. Watched [ profile] dogpooh creating a masterpiece of a canopy for my fish tank, iced and attempted to baby my wrenched quad (which didn't work too well since I went to dance night and found that turning etc. hurts), had some amusing results with hair dye, and did a little bit more on the shop.

I also had my first experience with being led for one step by my belt. Heh.

Then the pain pill I took for my quad kept me asleep until noon today. Don't remember any dreams, although I had them. Do remember waking up to a cold Deeple nose in my ear. Thanks Deeps.
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I went to bed early last night so I could study for my job interview. Took some benedryl in case the itchy stuff came back I'd fight it and get some sleep anyway :-). It seems to have worked. Yay.

[ profile] exsmof helped me go through my closet and I did indeed find a suit that still fit. Yay. I actually had a choice of 2. All of the others ALMOST fit, which proves to me that with about 10 lbs more weight loss and I'll actually have a lot of stuff to wear.

This weekend was lots of fun, but I am SORE. There seem to be these two things attached to my shoulders that hurt whenever I move them. I believe this occurred when a "helpful" individual decided I was in the wrong place for a handstand on [ profile] exsmof's knees and began trying to shove me forward while already in the handstand. I pulled back so as not to crash into [ profile] exsmof and hurt both of us. [ profile] vvalkyri helped save me from further pain. Nothing major happened, just pulled muscles but it could have been much worse.

The classes were wonderful this weekend, even considering Mr. Helpful. The first class I took was basically on adding spins to everything possible. That was a lot of fun. Then Aerials 1. The aerials were more than I expected for a "beginning" aerials class. Then we went to George Gee at Glen Echo to try SOME things out (not the aerials thank goodness). Sunday was dips which were fun, then Aerials 2 which proved to me that I really used to take things for granted, like leg strength. I ought to fix some of that and try to get back into shape. What a great idea, eh? :-). Tonight the World Champs teach us how to tune up our Lindy basics at Glen Echo. Drop ins are welcome. Then there's a dance til 11. Toy iz tired NOW, will be wreck after tonight :-).

So now I shall continue to get ready for job interview at FCC. Wish me luck :-).
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My T1 went down very early Saturday morning. Although Verizon is supposed to dispatch within an hour, since they were busy installing FIOS in places OTHER than my house, we weren't back up until about 6pm, which was just enough time for me to say "gee, we're back up" before having to go to Flying Feet's Hangar Dance at Leesburg airport.

The dance was much fun, with a good band, various leads (some good, some amusing), much fun dancing with [ profile] exsmof, much talking with [ profile] la_penguinita and her mom, and best of all....airplane geeking.

I want a rotary engine when I grow up :-)

Much pilot geeking to be had, everyone having many opinions about the current airspace situation around DC. There was also photography geeking, as one person had a very old and very cool Leica rangefinder. He had snuck a digital into his pocket though to take those instant gratification pictures we all crave :-).

So today I go to more dancing, and also try to do a bit more knitting. Knit knit knit. But first I must wake up.
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The Good: I had a great weekend. Yesterday was spent relaxing and knitting. I did not feel like going anywhere, and so did not, despite missing a Mo show (I had zero energy). Also did not make dancing. I am sad about both, but you know, sometimes the body has to rest. My ADD kicked into high drive and I started 2 more knitting projects. Heh. Almost done the vampire sticks one.

The Bad: Apple store called to inform me that the problem is not the inverter. It is something else, which will, of course, cost more money and even worse take more time. Also [ profile] calvinthedeeple is limping. After checking him over carefully and finding nothing, we may be taking him to the vet when I can get a time to pick up the crazed cockatoo who is now ready to come home.

The Ugly: Trying to configure this powerbook to be useful while I'm waiting for my machine to come back. I can't find most of the proper preference files. They seem nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This is going to be very painful, I can tell.
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First I need to learn how to create and destroy souls - [ profile] badmagic
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Friday night involved a nice bottle of wine, a laptop hot water bottle, and some quality cuddle time with the [ profile] dogpooh. Saturday I spent pretending I know what I'm doing while pretending to be paparazzi following [ profile] wondermojz around including seeing Sligo Creek Park (twas purty) and dog owners who were nice enough to pick up after dah doggies, and all that fun stuff. Coolness.

When I got home late Saturday afternoon, the [ profile] exsmof had arrived home and still CLAIMED to have enough horsepower left to come visit and watch Torchwood, as he had missed episodes 2 and 3. Upon his arrival, he showered me and [ profile] dogpooh and Recalcitrant Child In Abstentia with gifts. Far too generous that [ profile] exsmof but who am I to complain as much was CHOCOLATE and there was WINE and Stroh. Opening a bottle of said wine, we watched much Torchwood ([ profile] exsmof not partaking of course, as alcohol makes him ill or so he says) during which I found it necessary to continually poke [ profile] exsmof with the blunt end of a knitting needle many times to wake him up. Yeah, right...he had horsepower left after flying home... sure :-).

Sunday we fiddled with cleaning the house a bit, but did not extend to cleaning up the actual dogpooh which we had just cleaned up not so long ago but now must do again. 10 dogs create a lot of it. *ugh* [ profile] wondermojz told us about a company called Doody Calls who may be helpful. Gotta call them :-). After tuning my badly in need of it guitar, me and dah [ profile] wondermojz played with video editing fun after she put me to shame with guitar fun. Then, yet another bottle of wine (they SAY it's good for digestion :-)) during the Stupid Bowl where the Pats went down in stunning defeat.

Upcoming fun this week includes hopefully going to the workshop [ profile] vvalkyri pointed me at if I'm up to it tonight (hope so cuz it looks great), then wake up really damn early tomorrow and HOPEFULLY this time get the beginning of the insane upcoming dental work done, then hopefully be alive enough to do Jam Cellar's Building on Basics class which I really want to do. Wednesday night is, of course a [ profile] wondermojz gig so BE THERE. This is shaping up to be quite a busy month. Guess it's time to dive on in...
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Somewhere in this spinning vortex of dynamic chaos there was a time period referred to as a weekend. I will try to remember what lovely fun occurred over this period of time.....

Saturday: Went to a dance at Glen Echo sponsored by our excellent friends at Flying Feet where a strange but large band played strange but old songs with a strange but really boring announcer who interrupted the flow by babbling in a put on radio voice about the next song. Despite his prattling, we had a lovely time, and I danced a LOT for which I am paying today. Cha CHING.

As I was attempting to measure the increase in stamina hopefully achieved by all this stuff, I came up with a "unit of energy" called a "covert." A covert = one dance. There were some with whom I danced Saturday whose dancing left me with half a covert. Others, like [ profile] badmagic weighs in at two coverts. (Note this is not weight but volume). [ profile] leiacat said that [ profile] lonebear should be the two coverts and [ profile] badmagic should be two point five coverts, but I have to experiment with this to be certain of the conversion factor. Occasionally we would see a vortex spinning across the floor, much like the cartoon Tasmanian Devil. That was [ profile] vvalkyri. I think we had time to wave as it spun too rapidly for this old creature to catch.

After the dance, we assisted in tear down, which was fun despite the "evil yellow string" that took 20 minutes of work from both myself and [ profile] vvalkyri to untangle so we could get a light string down. We shall blame [ profile] exsmof as it was all his fault anyway.

Sunday: Went dancing again and noticed that after many days of dancing intensely (having achieved a string of 5 coverts the night before...w00t) that my legs don't appreciate this terribly much, so they ceased to cooperate with me during waltzes. It is quite possible that is because I am doing them wrong. [ profile] leiacat says it is likely because my shoulders aren't square to the leader, making pivoting an issue and putting more pressure on one leg than the other. Given that I am walking in circles today, that is likely so. Ouchie.

After the dance we went to Platos where there were some very strange games going on, one with a deck of zombie cards, and one with many plastic pyramid shaped objects and a die that gave directions on what to do with the pyramids. (And it is VERY FRUSTRATING to have my grammar corrected by [ profile] exsmof while writing this, so excuse me while I throttle him.....ok..back wait, now he is complaining that he wasn't throttled enough....brb....). We also witnessed a very disturbing sight of [ profile] vvalkyri sensuously slurping jelly from the little plastic containers on the table. I shudder to think of that kind of sugar rush. Upon a repeat performance, [ profile] vvalkyri decided strawberry was better than grape. Who am I to argue?

Monday: Took the puter to MicroCenter to be fixed. *sigh* Spilled water on the keyboard yesterday and now the "h" key no workie. I am sad. Hopefully they will fix it properly and cheaply, else I may have to throttle THEM too. What a day. [ profile] dogpooh asked [ profile] exsmof whether he has any shirts that are any color but white. *snicker* Good question. [ profile] exsmof claims to, but I can't recall any, being tired and all that stuff.

And so today I may or may not make dance class as just about everything below the waist hurts. That's what I get for pushing myself I guess. *waaaaa* Not sure what else is going on today..... we shall see if I am up to doing much. *yawn*
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It was such a nice weekend, too. Saturday I spent pretty much lounging around, content in my couch potato like state, until making a quick trip to the fish store and then to [ profile] badmagic for a lovely dinner and off to Glen Echo for dancing, which was much fun despite icky painful thing kicking up several times. Gotta say, that [ profile] badmagic dances like a maniac :-). Also had several much more sedate dances with Covert and we spent much time yapping about techo fandom, crazy fen, and ballroom dancing :-). When I got home I just couldn't get to sleep until about 3 or 4 or so, which made waking up Sunday a chore. Then it was off to pick up new (to me) 40 gallon tank for yet MORE SEAHORSES!!! Woo hoo! Off to another fish shop for proper filtration, dumping leaky refugium into new tank to cycle, setting up sand and rocks and filters and heaters and salt and stir it all up, and it looks like a big mess of disgustingly bad water until it all settles out :-). Should be all cycled out in a week or so, having jump started it with refugium water.

Went to sleep early last night, not feeling too terribly great. Got woken up by a phone call looking for someone else that I didn't answer, but was jut annoying enough to keep me awake. Still not feeling the best :(. Just got a call from [ profile] dogpooh saying he wasn't feeling too great either and was heading home from work (which means he feels REALLY bad). I'm going to try to keep energy in reserve so I can go to rehearsal tonight and not die completely. That's the plan, anyway and I'm sticking to it.

All in all, I'd much rather have Saturday back :-).
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"Did you lose your car again?"

"No! It's in one of three places......"

Video of the weekend

Bavarian Fire Brigade Recruitment Video - 1976

Store of the weekend

Sears. And nobody saw me there.

Food of the weekend

Chocolate (isn't it always?)

Failed Attempt of the weekend

Fixing a computer with a light stick

Sight of the weekend

Hubby covered in pink flowering crab tree petals


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