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BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Vandals in attack at Stonehenge:
Vandals in attack at Stonehenge

Suspected souvenir hunters broke into Stonehenge and vandalised the ancient monument, English Heritage said.
A small chip the size of a 10p piece was taken from the side of the Heel Stone with a screwdriver and hammer.
English Heritage said further damage was prevented by security guards who spotted the two men at the 5,000-year-old site in Wiltshire.
Police believe the men could be the same two people caught on CCTV acting suspiciously a few days earlier.
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We made it to another Summer Solstice. Make it a good one.
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have a happy fun beautiful day
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The pentacle has finally been approved as a symbol that our military may choose for their grave markers, should they pass on. The fight has been a long and dusty one, with proven bias on the part of several administrations, which finally caused the Veterans Administration to settle with a coalition of Pagan traditions and families including CNCI, ATC, and Circle Sanctuary.

The not so secret behind the scenes but not really publicized part is that the bias was proven by a Freedom of Information Act request that I filed in May of 2005 :-). By their own words did they hang themselves. It proved that they kept putting the pentacle on hold with the excuse that they were re-evaluating the rules, while at the very same time approving other requested symbols. Couldn't have proved that without the VA's own records. Thanks guys :-).

And so, at long last, Pagans who serve their country may choose at least the pentacle for their grave markers. Hopefully this will open the door to other groups who desire other symbols.

Blessed Be.
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It's amazing how something as relatively minor as a stuffy nose can interfere with sleep to the extent that you just can't DO it. At least I think it's the stuffy nose and not the mailing list I'm on that is supposed to be "interfaith." There was a posting there today where someone held up an article and said, "See? This is why we're 'alternative.'" The article was written by a liberal Christian who said that the Divine Feminine always existed in Judaism and Christianity, and this Goddess was the one true Goddess and all others were false and should not be capitalized but it was perfectly ok to worship this purported Judeo-Christian Goddess that he had found in the old translations of the Bible.

Uh, this isn't "alternative." This is liberal Judeo-Christianity. The idea of excluding a huge portion of the world's citizens who happen to worship other Deities besides those of the Abrahamic religions by, for example, calling Hindu Goddesses "false" is not "alternative." It's reworking something you're comfortable and familiar with to include elements that at best aren't accepted by the mainstream of your religion, or are at worst blasphemy. To me, the term "alternative" doesn't just mean recasting the mainstream until you like it. "I'm a liberal Christian" is not alternative except perhaps in the deepest part of the Bible Belt where you would be labeled a dangerous heretic. Alternative would mean something different enough to be meaningful. In the United States, "I am a Buddhist" is far more alternative than being a liberal Christian.

I still also find it amazing that on an "interfaith" list, people assume that the only religions represented are the various forms of Christianity. Please, guys....there are many followers of non Abrahamic religions who exist. It really is past the time when one can assume that none of "them" are hanging out on "our" lists or in "our" neighborhoods, or have kids who go to "our" schools.

Well, even though I typed out that early morning rant, I'm still no closer to sleep, which makes me put my money back on the stuffy nose rather than the religious tripe. Perhaps a few more games of solitaire will help.....
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Happy happy. It's spring. It's time for flowers and bunnies and eggs and all that other wonderful happy stuff. Have a good one.


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