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After a power outage again, finding I had much more ammo than there were zombies, and doing everything I had to do today, I find I am TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FUCKING BORED!!!!!

Dulles Hilton dance is off because of some thing at the Carlyle Club (eugh), CCB is likely the same, so what fun is there to DO tonight? Do I have to have yet another Torchwood/Doctor Who/Battlestar night?


Well, tomorrow is going to be totally busy, so I have that to look forward to. A cool swing class then a night at the club. And another nada on Sunday. Maybe a quite lazy weekend cept for Sat. up ahead.
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...but I shouldn't.

I am in SO much pain right now, and it's all my fault. I should have known that doing aerials would make it worse. Yep, it sucks.
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I took all those lovely dance classes, did flips, did aerials, had a great time, only a couple random bruises. Today, cleaning a fish tank, I wrenched my right quad. It bloody well hurts. *argh*
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But I haven't had anything to drink. Now that's just not fair! Didn't even get the fun of a good drunk. I have the headache, nausea, and some of the rest that goes along with hangover, but not a drop of alcohol yesterday. Not even one beer. I wish to register a complaint!
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I'm on zyrtec, but it just isn't keeping me from this insane sneezing, watering eyes, sinus headache, and the rest of the nasties. Yuck! I feel like I've been hit by marauding tazmanian devil, and I didn't even enjoy it. *ack*

So what'd I do today? Not much :-). I knitted, applied for a few more jobs, made [ profile] calvinthedeeple take his pills, played with the rats nest of doom yarn, and watched really bad TV.

I am useless. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.
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The cold is just soooooo.... well, COLD. The cold just about drains all my batteries and makes me so tired and so lazy and all of that. Especially since me and the [ profile] dogpooh had entirely too much fun at [ profile] leiacat and lovely spouse birthday party.

This afternoon I got a very nice surprise phone call from [ profile] exsmof in Amsterdam waiting for his flight. After that, I got out the ole L.L. Bean double thick double insulated double green jacket of doom (which only sees the light of day when the temp drops below 20) and steeled myself to the cold, as me and the [ profile] dogpooh went to Burke to try to pick up a set of lights for a small fish tank so as to make the fishies very happy. I say try because the person I had the appointment with had to go to work and tried to get hold of me, but we were already on the way. Waste of time. Waste of spoons. Grumble.

[ profile] dogpooh is making brats and homemade sauerkraut for dinner tonight. I may just stay in for that and hopefully to recharge myself.
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This morning I woke up after a very strange dream and found that my hair had become really dry, likely as a result of my recent perm, and it was kinda all tangled up and unhappy. So I figured that the best thing would be to deep condition it for about 1/2 an hour, which I did. Then I noticed that I was out of mysis shrimp, which would really annoy the seahorses. Ick...had to go to Marine Scene and get some mysis shrimp. On the way, I noticed that my stomach was being unhappy. I have no idea why. While there, I found a really awfully cute Jewel Crab that just had to come home with me, so I took him home. He's floating in the big tank now, in preparation for letting him into the big 180 gallon tank. Marine Scene had candy, so I had a really cool Milky Way bar. Unfortunately, it made my tummy even worse. I am now laying down on the couch in the living room, watching Voyager and hoping I feel better for ritual tonight. *UGH*

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Woke up with a headache this morning, and have spent most of the day trying to get rid of it. The dishwasher decided to somehow futz itself into a strange configuration, running with the door open and ignoring its "stop" button. Recalcitrance extended to the Roomba that seems to be confused as to how to function in a straight line, instead making many right 360s and getting itself dizzy and stopping. Taking it apart didn't help either. I forgot that this isn't my usual laptop and synched my iPhone to it, wiping out everything on it that resides on the usual laptop that is in the shop for fan replacement. Woe. Perhaps I shouldn't touch anything electronic.

Meantime, after trying a concoction of various NSAIDs and herbal tinctures, the headache is down to a dull roar enough to think about going to Laurel for rehearsal. I'm a really rotten person to be around when I'm sick, and if I wasn't 99% certain this is not contagious I wouldn't be going anywhere. So there.

I will try to not maul my fellow actors, mangle the director, or set the stage on fire. If, on the way to the car, or on the way from here to Laurel, I have to pull over to be ill, I'll go back home. If I pass out from heat issues, just pour cold water on me. I'll survive. The show must go on, and my oh so very important character (well, important to ME at least :-)) MUST be there to say such important lines as "let us KILL HIM" MOO HA HA!
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Have you ever had a day when you're just so totally BORED regardless of how many things you get done? I got so many things done today, but I'm still feeling all antsy and BORED. Thank the gods for 5 hours of Charmed on Monday nights. (Yes, I like Charmed. I am a Charmed addict. I was totally upset when they cancelled it. However, unlike SOME, I don't think it's "real." Some wannabe witches have actually asked me when they're going to get "their powers." Feh).

Anyway, today I finished all of my "real work" by noon and had NOTHING else mandatory or on a deadline. So I went clothes shopping online. That didn't take long enough, so I spent time obsessing. So I cleaned and dusted, while trying to get things slightly ready for the DirecTV guy who is coming on Friday to change our satellite dish from 3LNB to 5LNB so we can use fabu MPEG-4 instead of MPEG-2 (if only I could get a better compression algorithm for my brain). So THEN I whittled down my inbox from 3600 messages to 700 (hooray!), wrote some nothing important, was vanquished by some clippers and a dog, and spent some more time obsessing over a titanium ring around my neck and the person who has the key. Obsess obsess obsess.

And now I'll watch the last Charmed for tonight and find something to do until sleepy time. Hopefully I'll have some more real work tomorrow.


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