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Yeah, enough is enough. YEE HA! Into the cowboy blogging world
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Hiya folks. We've made it ok through the storm. Power out, but if you sneeze too hard our power goes out. The generator is working pretty well. FIOS is up. Cox Cable is not. 4G LTE is up. Given the hell along the coast, and NYC...we're considering ourselves very lucky. Raw sewage is pouring into the Pautuxent River. I'm still able to work, as work from home is a fabulous benefit. Very sorry for the folks who are flooded.

We haven't seen the feral black kitty for a bit. She demanded to go out. I thought she was going to go out and come right back in, but she disappeared. Hopefully she's fine. Recalcitrant Child couldn't get home last night as Georgetown Pike was closed with down trees, so her father put her up in a hotel for the night. She is emergency personnel for private ambulance dispatch, and they are a backup for 911 so she's doing work for the greater good. Go RC. The dogs are fine. The parrots are fine. The fish are fine. We don't know if we can get out yet, but there's no need at the moment. We have ample food, water, generator power for part of the house, trees down but luckily not hitting the house as yet. VERY pleased that we have redundant Internet access today. The cable went down at the same time the power did. We're hearing reports of lines down at Old Dominion and Georgetown Pike so that could have taken the cable. Thank goodness for FIOS and generator backup.

The only real mess I'm going to have (so far) is that the power went out in the middle of a wash cycle on a front load washer. When I can finally get that door open, it's going to be...uh....rather disgusting likely. But it's just pillow and I can trash them and get new ones.

Today will be check in to make sure everyone else is ok. A small amount of work (not much coming in right now), and maybe some more cleaning and organizing.

Hope everyone else is also ok.
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Pericles was great fun, although very tiring.  Lysistrata is great fun, although very tiring :-)  Come see it.  Work = GREAT!  Love my job.  Pool  is good.  Love my pool.  Luppy has massive grass/tree allergies.  Allergy meds to begin soon.  Everyone else is fine.  The end.
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Spent the day fighting with technology and being beaten noncon by it.  So, who would have possibly thought that the Google+ API would be read only?!?  I can't auto post from my blog on to Google+.  Really?  It can only be done from Google+ back to the blog.  Can't even do it by using Google Reader because Google Reader only lets you share the posts to your personal stream, and NOT to your business page.  

*sigh*  People have been asking for this for months from Google and stupid me thought it might be available by now.  But NOOOO.

Wes says that my playing with this caused the GMail outage today.  heh.
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And here I sit waiting for the first of two job interviews of the day. They are late as has become customary for many of these places. At least the waiting room is nice.

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I've had Cox business Internet service for years now, and when I was working and not using it 24/7 (since I never sleep), the intermittent drastic drops in throughput weren't a terrible problem.  But now that I'm home, connecting to bunches of servers to fill out job applications and the like, not to mention web hosting and the other things I do with Internet service, it's really getting to be a pain. Some users have complained about speed issues, I've been disconnected from servers because the speed was too slow for them to handle, etc. etc.  And so I tried to deal with Cox Tech Support.  Except that navigating to the business site gives you a link to support that goes to RESIDENTIAL support, which I didn't know when I started up a chat session.  After being told that the residential people can't possibly help me since they don't have access to business accounts, I actually had to ask for a supervisor to finally get an email address for tech support.  "You have to CALL them."  No amount of "I do not use the telephone" stopped them from telling me I had to CALL them.  Or, they offered, fill out the web form.  Well, I had filled out the web form at least 20 times over the years and had never, EVER received a response.  I may have found out why...but that will come later.  I persisted in asking for an email address where perhaps a person would be able to answer, and asked whether they could possibly see the irony of not being able to use the INTERNET to deal with INTERNET service for business, when if I called it a home account, I could use the very chat feature I was on.  

After a very, very long time on chat, the supervisor gave me two email addresses, one for a supposed tech support person, and one for my account manager.  I wrote to both.  I provided graphs over time, an breakdown of all of the little bits involved showing nothing was wrong on my end yet throughput still sucked, and asking them to get hold of me ASAP.  The account manager (whose name was the same as mine without an "a" and lastname,firstname...found that amusing)  wrote back to say he sent it to tech support.  So I got an email from Brandon giving me PHONE NUMBERS again.  I wrote back that I don't use the telephone, I wanted to do this online. A bit later on, I got a PHONE CALL from Brandon, on my cell where he insisted that we do this by telephone.  At the time, I could hardly croak and was having trouble being on the phone, yet Brandon persisted.  I told him once again I do not use the phone, pony express, telegraph, or fax machines.  It's 2012 and I buy Internet service from Cox, so why can't I use it to contact Cox.  

Later that afternoon, I was at a job interview when the phone rang AGAIN.  Yep, it was Cox.  The voicemail that was left included "I understand you don't want to be contacted by phone."  GAK!  I mean total GAK!  This was Craig, not Brandon, who also again gave me a phone number to call, but also said that now that they had my email they would use that.  Uh, really?  But wait, there's more.  Craig told me that business support has no web portal where anyone could send information, so he was confused by my statement that I had sent at least 20 messages through there that had been ignored.  And where could I possibly be seeing this?  

It's right HERE:

o WTF.  Tech support doesn't know about its own web portal?  Craig said that he hadn't found any messages from me.  Wonder where that portal goes to then.  It's got a nifty little "support" button on top but apparently goes to /dev/null or something.  They are "investigating."  I, on the other hand, am checking out FiOS.  
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I thought I'd be ever so brilliant and set up my pay by phone account this morning so I could easily park in the jungle that is DC. Imagine me surprise when I found an actual space near the job interview site with plenty of time to spare. So I fired up the app, typed in the meter number and...FAIL. No such location. What a lame error message.

Eventually I got around to calling the silly number on the meter to find I hadn't really registered online after all. Ummmm huh? I'll have to check that out later. Much later cuz here comes interview man.

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Scheduled for next week instead.  RATS!  The show is SO much fun, I was really looking forward to doing it again tonight. 
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Rude Mechanicals.  <a href=""> Pericles</a>.  It is going to be a great show, even though it IS in Ellicott City.  See you here!!

And I'll post more later.
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Well, the Hobbes seems to be doing quite well after his surgery, despite being blind. He's slowly learning how to navigate more and more, but the prednisone he's still on (though tapering off) seems to be causing a rather "interesting" side effect of continuing ravenous behavior, despite how much he's already eaten.

Cue pizza. [ profile] dogpooh ordered pizza last night since we were both tired and hungry. Hobbes was on the floor in the bedroom. Now most of the cresteds have difficulty getting onto the bed, so they usually hop onto the loveseat at the foot of the bed, then hop over the footboard to get to the bed itself. This is a trick when you can see, never mind when you're blind, but the power of pizza is not to be discounted.

*Sniff* went the nose...and the next thing we knew, Hobbes had scaled the loveseat, hopped nimbly over the footboard, knocked Wes over and STOLE his pizza. Not just a bit, but the WHOLE PIZZA. *nom nom* and two slices had disappeared down the gullet of the now smiling Hobbes. "He stole my PIZZA" was about all that [ profile] dogpooh could say, as the smiling Hobbes seemingly asked "whose pizza?"

The rest of the night we were treated to doggie pizza farts.
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This is pretty cool actually. Supposedly this app will post the same thing to several different places. So, I'm testing things out now to see if this actually works the way I hope it works. Wheee.

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Teh Stupid

Jun. 13th, 2011 09:41 am
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Verizon wireless will not let you put in bad coverage information without using a land line to contact them. In other words, if you don't have access to a land line during non work time, you can't report that their cell coverage sucks.

How lame is that? Even when the person on my cell phone was explaining this to me and I told her that every single day in the exact same spot I lose coverage, and asked her why couldn't she report the intersection where this was happening? Her only response was "because you have to use a land line." Huh?

And I thought AT&T was bad....
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The tornado watches and warnings aren't a joke. Please don't take stupid the guys insisting on working on our pool today. ARGH!
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48 Hour Film Project instead. Rumor has it that I will be assisting Cyclopean Pictures again this year through the rollicking fun of creating something out of nothing in 48 hours. I truly enjoy working with this great group of smart people. Also, re: that announcement previously posted for the March of Dimes fundraiser Sat. Night at Caffe Amoure in Vienna, the lovely and fabulously talented Mo is slated to appear. She is ALWAYS fabulous.

It will be a busy busy weekend.
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It would be great if you could go and support Team SNVC
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Yesterday, my friend Bandy told me about an app on Apple's app store ® (and don't you forget it) that was basically propaganda from a hate group focused on "fixing" broken gays. I couldn't believe that Apple would clear something so ridiculous for its ever so proper and non offensive app store ® so I went over and downloaded the app. Yep, he was right. It was all that and more. Jesus can save your gayness. Didn't matter that these same people also believed that Jesus MADE them that way in the first place, but who am I to argue religion with lunatics?

Of course, I immediately signed on to the petition to get Apple to remove the horrible piece of crap.

Today I got this email, which made me happy:

Dear PsychoSensei,

Amazing! After more than 150,000 petition signatures from members and saturation media coverage, news outlets worldwide are reporting that Apple has pulled an iPhone application launched by Exodus International that claimed to help "cure" gay and lesbian people.

This is a huge, public victory against the dangerous myth that gay young people can and should be "turned straight" -- a falsehood that contributes to the plague of depression and suicide afflicting these kids and young adults. Our friends at Truth Wins Out, the organization that started the petition on, are absolutely thrilled.

Apple did the right thing because an incredible 151,125 members -- including you -- stood together to demand it. We spread the word on Facebook more than 55,000 times. And together we attracted the attention of media around the globe, including CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and hundreds of newspapers and blogs.

It's simply amazing. Thank you for making this victory possible.

- Eden and the team

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Interesting. On the quest to simulcast certain blog posts that might be important to someone, like let's say the dogs. Being dogs, you can't expect them to run all over the net looking for my words of wisdom, so instead now with just a few clicks, I can blather my stuff all over the net. Oh the wonders of technology.
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When I was having major server crashes last year due to using ancient hardware and all of that, I lost track of my blogs while shifting things over and bringing up the new server. Of course, when I tried to restart the blogs, MovableType began complaining that it needed many more modules of Perl stuff before it would actually function. I looked through Blogger and found that lame, then Wordpress which wasn't bad, so I thought I would import my stuff over there and let them host for awhile. Great plan, except that I needed to export the blogs first. Of course, that would take resurrecting MT.

I used to have a lot more geekability than I do now, likely through beginning to lose patience in my old age ("you damn kids get off my Internet..."). The whole idea became daunting. I mused and fussed and tried to find something that would magically grab stuff from an MT blog and stuff it into the right places everywhere else and well, kinda failed. Fail fail fail.

Then I remembered CPAN. Hee hee. Useful little thing, which even works on Mac OS X server. And so off I went, installing module after module. I gleefully tried to bring up the control page for the blogs when.... FAIL again. This time due to an unhappy MySQL. Ok, now I'm out of my league, plus if I tinker around too much the evil Gaigemeister, keeper of the server, will have a small melt down, refuse to fix it because I was told not to muck around with it, and then my webstore and CUEW lessons and other websites and all of that would just go *poof* and it would be ALL MY FAULT.

So I asked Gaige WTF. He found TF and used the correct incantation and voila! Blogs. And yes, Kermit, yours is there too it seems. Oh hooray says me. Things are good. I'm running about 3 incarnations of MT old, but it's running, I can export if need be, and things are not so bad. I would like to find something that will simulcast new postings to multiple places, like LJ and one or more of my blogs, but I can continue looking for that later.

For those interested, the major blogs are:

Non Fluffy Wicca

Maybe some more when I'm up for dealing with them....
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I wanted flash support. I also wanted 4G capability. The dual cameras were no big deal. The form factor..well, I'd rather have had iPad form factor since I have accessories for it. However, the Xoom called to me and I had to check it out.

The Xoom is not ready for the market. It's sad because the machine has so much potential. Its specs are respectable, price point is not insane, data plan isn't so bad, but Android 3.0 is pretty much a fail at this point. And Motorola tech support is a joke reminding me of "Peggy" from the Capital One commercial. I expected someone to say "Happy Time" and ring a tin gong for the amount of help I got from them.

Major Failure Issues:

1) No root certificate import capability without rooting the machine. This means I can't get email at my house using the built in email program. So I downloaded K-9 which I used on my droid. On that I can get my home email but not my work. "Accept all certificates" does not. iPad on the other hand "just works."

2) Google writes Android. You'd expect Google's highly touted "Google Body" that says optimized for 3.0 Honeycomb would actually work. No. It crashes 100% of the time.

3) Logistics. When I bought the pad, I also bought a "portfolio case" for it also from Verizon, where I got the tablet. In order to use the portfolio case, you click it into the plastic portion, and the fold over portion doubles as a stand. That's great, but you can't plug it IN while it's acting as a stand. And taking it out is cumbersome and wears out the attachment points on the case.

4) Charging. Some total nitwit put the charge point on the bottom of the tablet, and then provided a charger that consists of a very thin pin attached to a 3/4 inch long plastic piece, attached to a wire. Guess what winds up pressing the plastic piece against the wire when you put the machine in a stand of any kind?

5) Charging 2. The same nitwit decided that attaching the tablet to your computer with the handy USB to mini USB cable would NOT also charge your tablet. No, you MUST use the flimsy thin pin approach.

6) Apps Market. A huge number of Android 2.x apps just plain do not work with Honeycomb. The Apps Market doesn't have them separated out as "optimized for 3.0" or anything like that. If you're lucky they may mention it somewhere in the description.

7) Quitting apps. Not so easy. You almost have to go to the task manager to quit the process to get the app to quit unless you reboot the tablet. Of course, the task manager is not optimized for 3.0 so you get a teeny tiny window.

*sigh* and I so wanted to like the Xoom...


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