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One of the hassles of being a newbie knitter is trying to find patterns that balance newness with just a tiny bit of a challenge so that I keep learning. My first sweater pattern was really easy, used bulky yarn and large needles, had no shaping really, and didn't come out half bad. Complexity went up a bit from there, often vanquishing my best intentions, and items turning out not quite what I expected, like a green tank top where I had to rip the bottom out and crochet it in because the pattern was made of fail.

So I'd been trying to find a tank top pattern that would work with what yarn I had, what skills (or lack thereof) I could muster, and that wouldn't drive me completely insane. So I tried one that I swear was written for someone who curves in really weird ways, with a big butt, big bust, and like NO WAIST. Pity I didn't find that out before I was mostly done the back half. So, rather than try to fiddle with making the waist bigger, and after consulting several knitting people and rejecting the idea of gussets, I ripped it out and began another pattern that looked really cool and seemed relatively easy. Cept for one thing....I couldn't seem to get the lace bottom part right. I tried and tried, but it was just not going to happen. So I ripped that out and found yet another pattern, this one claiming to be "easy." I followed the pattern exactly, stitch count was correct, technique was correct (after double checking this as well), it just didn't LOOK like the pattern in the picture. BAH!

So I ripped that one out too, modified the pattern to be just ribbing, and am doing that for a tank top. Perhaps I will actually get through it this time :-).


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